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List of Iraqi Cabinet members approved

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BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- After three months of a political stalemate, Iraq's National Assembly approved a list of Cabinet members Thursday to form a new government.

Five positions have been filled temporarily after talks failed to produce a compromise.

The government has a prime ministership and 36 other posts. Women fill six of those positions.

The Shiite-led United Iraqi Alliance attracted the most votes in the January 30 election to the 275-member transitional assembly.

The Shiites represent an estimated 60 percent of the population and were persecuted under Saddam Hussein's regime.

The Kurdish bloc placed second.

Powerful under Saddam's rule, Sunni Arabs largely stayed away from the polls, and the low turnout is reflected in the small number of Sunni officials in the new government.

Following are the officials named to positions and their ethnic affiliations (they are male unless otherwise indicated):

Top jobs

  • Prime minister: Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Shiite Arab
  • Deputy prime minister: Rowsch Shaways, Kurd
  • Deputy prime minister: Ahmed Chalabi, Shiite Arab
  • Two deputy prime minister posts: unfilled.
  • Shiites

  • Interior minister: Baqir Jabbur
  • Construction and housing minister: Jassim Jaafar
  • Finance minister: Ali Allawi
  • Education minister: Abdul Falah Hassan
  • Higher education minister: Sami al-Mudhaffar
  • Health minister: Abdul Mottalib Ali
  • Agriculture minister: Ali al-Bahadli
  • Justice minister: Abdul Hussein Shandal
  • Minister of transport: Salam al-Maliki
  • Migration and displacement minister: Suhaila Jaafar, female
  • Minister of state for national security affairs: Abdul Karim al-Inizy
  • Minister of state for civil community affairs: Alaa Kadhim
  • Minister of state for tourism and archaeology affairs: Hashim al-Hashimi
  • Minister of state for national assembly affairs: Safa al-Din al-Safi
  • Kurds

  • Foreign minister: Hoshyar Zebari
  • Planning and development cooperation minister: Barham Salih
  • Communications minister: Jwan Maasoum, female
  • Labor and social affairs minister: Idris Hadi
  • Water resources minister: Abdul Latif Rashid
  • Municipalities and public works minister: Nasreen Berwari, female
  • Environmental minister, Narmin Othman, female
  • Sunni Arabs

  • Trade minister: Abdul Bassit Mawloud
  • Culture minister: Nouri Farhan al-Rawi
  • Minister of state for women affairs: Azhar al-Sheikhli, female
  • Minister of state for provinces affairs: Saad al-Hardan
  • Christian

  • Science and technology minister: Bassima Boutros, female
  • Turkmen

  • Youth and sports minister: Talib Aziz Zayni
  • Temporary positions

  • Acting defense minister: al-Jaafari (expected to go to a Sunni)
  • Acting electricity minister: Shaways (expected to go to a Shiite)
  • Acting oil minister: Chalabi (expected to go to a Shiite)
  • Acting human rights minister: Othman
  • Acting industry and minerals minister: Muslih al-Jubburi, a Sunni
  • CNN's Kevin Flower contributed to this report.

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