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Document in casket tells of pope's life


VATICAN CITY (CNN) -- A document buried along with Pope John Paul II provides biographical details about him. The Latin document, called "Il Roggito," was placed in a lead tube inside his casket.

It was prepared and notarized by the Office of Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff.

Vatican officials released an Italian translation.

Below is CNN's English translation, from the Italian:

Death, Deposition and Burial of Giovanni Paolo II of Holy Memory

In the light of Christ risen from the dead, on April 2 in the year of the father 2005, at 21:37 in the evening, when Saturday was coming to a close, and we were already entered into the day of the Father, the Eighth day of Easter and the Sunday of Divine Mercy, the loved Pastor of the Church, John Paul II, passed from this world to the world of the Father.

All of the church accompanied his transition in prayer, especially the youth. John Paul II was the 264th Pope. His memory remains in the heart of the Church and the entirety of humanity.

Karol Wojtyla, elected Pope 16 October, 1978 was born in Wadowice, a city 50 kilometers from Krakow, on 18 May 1920 and was baptized two days later in the parochial Church of the priest Francesco Zak.

At nine years of age he received the first communion and at 18 years of age the sacrament of confirmation. His studies interrupted, because occupying Nazi forces had closed the university, he worked in a quarry and, then, in a chemical factory in Solvay.

From 1942, feeling the call of priesthood, he frequented training courses in the clandestine seminary of Krakow.

On the first of November 1946 he was ordained to priest in the hands of Cardinal Adam Sapieha. Then he was sent to Rome, where he took a license and a doctorate in Theology, his thesis was entitled "Doctrina de fide apud Sanctum Ioannem a Cruce."

He returned to Poland where he had pastoral assignments and taught the sacred disciplines.

July 4, 1958, Pope Pio XII nominated him auxiliary Bishop of Krakow. And from Paul VI in 1964 he was destined to (to stay in) the same seat as Archbishop. As such he participated in the Vatican II Council.

Paolo VI made him Cardinal June 26, 1967. In the Conclave he was elected Pope by Cardinals October 16, 1978 and took the name of Giovanni Paolo II (John Paul II).

On October 22, the day of the Father, he solemnly began his Petrine ministry. The pontificate of John Paul II was one of the longest in the history of the Church.

In that period, under various aspects, many changes were seen. The falling of many regimes took place, to which he himself contributed. With the goal of announcing the Gospel he made many trips in various nations.

John Paul II exercised the Petrine ministry with a tireless missionary spirit, dedicating every ounce of his energy to the "sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum" and of the charity open to all of humanity. More than any predecessor he met the People of God and the Head of Nations, in celebrations, in general audiences and in the special pastoral visits.

His love for youth led him to begin the "International Youth Days" convoking millions of young in various parts of the world.

He successfully promoted dialogue with Jews and representatives of other religions, bringing them together to pray for peace, especially in Assisi.

He notably enlarged the College of Cardinals, creating 231 (plus one in pectore).

He convened 15 Sinod Assemblies, 7 ordinary general ones and 1 special.

He erected numerous Diocese and districts especially in Eastern Europe.

He reformed the Codici di Diritto Canonico Occidentale ed Orientale (Western and Oriental Cannon laws), he created new institutions and reorganized the Roman curia.

As "sacer manngnus" he exercised the liturgical ministry in the Roman diocese and in the entire world, in complete faith with Vatican II council.

He promoted in an exemplary mode the life and spiritual liturgy and contemplative prayer, especially the Eucharistic adoration and the prayer of the holy Rosary (cfr Lett. ap. Rosarium Virginis Mariae).

Under his guidance the Church has moved towards the third millennium and celebrated the Great Jubilee of 2000, according to the lines indicated in the apostolic Letter "Novo millennio ineunte," in which he showed the faithful the walk towards the future.

With the Year of Redemption, The Marian Year and the Eucharist Year, he promoted the spiritual renovation of the Church.

He gave extraordinary impulse to the canonization and beatifications, to show innumerable examples of the saintliness of today that motivated the men of our times.

He proclaimed Saint Teresa of Baby Jesus the Doctor of the Church.

The doctrinal majesty of John Paul II is very rich. Custodian of the faith, he acted with knowledge and courage to promote the catholic doctrine, theology, moral and spiritual, and to contrast, during all of his Pontificate tendencies contrary to the genuine tradition of the Church.

Among principal documents: 14 encyclopedias 15 Apostolic Exhortations 11 Apolostic Constitutions 45 Apolostic letters In addition to the Catechisms proposed during the general Audiences and to the allocations pronounced in every part of the world.

With his teaching, John Paul II confirmed and illuminated the Population of God on the theological doctrine, above all in the three great Encyclopedias -- "Redemptor hominis", "Dives in misericordia, Dominum e vivificantem), anthropological and social (Laborem exercens Encyclopedias, Sollicitudo rei socialis, Centesimus annus), morale (Encicliche Veritas splendor, Evangelium vitae), ecumenical (Enciclica Ut unum sint), missionary, (Enciiclica Redemptoris missio), Marian teachings (Enciclica Redemptoris Mater).

He promulgated the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in the light of tradition, authoritatively interpreted by he Vatican II Council. He also published volumes privately. His body of work culminated in the Elastic Encyclopedia of the Eucharist.

John Paul II left to all a testimony of mercy, of the holy life and universal paternity.

Translation by CNN Producer Sheri Jennings

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