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Read what mourners around the world have to say about the late Pope John Paul II 
John Paul II

(CNN) -- asked its readers to share their views on the death of Pope John Paul II, who died Saturday. Here is a sampling from thousands of responses, some of which have been edited:

As a person that was raised in the Muslim faith and lived my life across the Middle East, Europe and the USA, I believe that the death of Pope John Paul II is a sad occasion to any and all persons that appreciated a good, honest, faithful man. A man that worked so diligently for interfaith peace and for the world's needy. John Paul II was a great communicator, a resourceful adversary to communism, a tireless worker for the poor and a person that touched so many lives. He was a leader of all ages, to all ages and especially the young. We all have something to learn from him whether we are Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, other or nonbelievers. He was a humble, wise, giving and an unwavering man in his determination to better the lives of others. My wish is that the life of John Paul II touched some of us. I hope his endurance, tireless selflessness, forgiveness will touch us in a way that makes us treat each other better with some of his kindness, humility and grace.
Amer Abu Khadra; Amman, Jordan

I miss him so much and I'm longing to have the same pope that can warm my heart and bring peace to my life and the life of others. Though I'm not a Catholic myself, I just can't stop the tears whenever I see his picture and realize that he can't be with us any longer. I just can't imagine the world without him, without the one who really cares with others whoever they are. I do believe our Lord Jesus Christ has given this special person a special place in heaven because I know Jesus loves him so much for he has done a lot for Him.
Liauw Yin Yin; Jakarta, Indonesia

The Holy Father truly embodied a faithful and courageous servant of God till the end. He showed great love, humility, courage and fought for justice and peace throughout his life so that the world would know of God's love. May God grant eternal peace to this beautiful soul.
J.M.S. Kong; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pope John Paul II was indeed a spiritual leader. I had a glimpse of him during his stay here in the [Philippines in] 1995 for the World Youth Day. Just the image of him brought tears in my eyes. He inspired millions of people to be closer to God. It's sad that he passed away, but we know that he's much closer to God. And that he'll continue to bless us.
Trisha del Rosario; Manila, Philippines

From the time I have heard the word pope -- it was only John Paul II. I admire his simplicity and humility, which he has shown by example. Today, his death has touched the heart of millions all over the world. He was a great inspiration for me toward devotion to Mother Mary. I am sure he is with Christ now praying for all of us, and by his prayers we will have a new pope who will guide us.
Asumptha; Bangalore, India

The greatness of Pope John Paul II was precisely in his capacity and ability to celebrate the fullness of life as God's greatest gift to him. And he shared this wonderful celebration with every nation and race he visited. He powerfully radiated intense enthusiasm and boundless optimism based on his profound living faith and hope in and boundless love for God. Those who shook hands with him, those who saw him at close range, and even those who saw him from afar are one in affirming that they are intensely overwhelmed by the experience and more so, transformed for the better by some kind of power from above. Indeed, we can honestly and confidently call him, Pope John Paul the Great. He is fully alive in our hearts.
Raymundo T. Sabio; Incheon, South Korea

In life and even in death, Pope John Paul II created so much goodwill that no living person can lay claim to. That he was God-sent is unmistakable. He tirelessly gave glory to God and strove to bring the church closer to his flock. My only regret is that I should have paid closer attention to his message. Now that he has passed on and because of his testimony, I have become even more resolute in my faith.
Tata P. Mayo; Manila, Philippines

Only a great soul can ask forgiveness for centuries-old wrongs done to humanity. John Paul II did just that. How can we ordinary mortals not follow such a gesture towards people we have wronged... The world was indeed a much better place with this man.
Aveen Acuna-Gulo; Cotabato, Philippines

John Paul II did what he knew was best, and the sincerity and purposes are undoubtedly divine in nature. He may not be able to erase 100 percent of the human errors in some of his works but the effects of his legacy are all positive. He did his job very, very well. Personally, he is the greatest pope and a must-be saint. In the simplest sense, to be extremely and sincerely compassionate to everybody including non-Catholics is more than enough to teach and spread God's words. And he showed us that what every human being is supposed to be. He anchored and inspired my faith [in] God. I love Pope John Paul II very much from the bottom of my heart!
Sanny Sison; Philippines

We must be so thankful to God for sending the world a brave and courageous messenger of His words. The man born to be a pope, a humble leader by example, the man who lived his life to spread the will of God. The greatest man the world has ever had and a true warrior.
Ralph Villamero; Cebu City, Philippines

John Paul II ... will always remain in the hearts of all people -- especially the youth, whom he loved dearly. When I saw him at World Youth Day in 1997 it changed the way I understood life. He told us of the immense responsibility we had for the future of the world as the generation of tomorrow. The experience of listening to his message of love for all people, peace, righteousness, and especially prayer, has been life-changing for many of us.
Shereen Miranda; Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Pope John Paul is a great personality who has shown the value of being loving and caring. Even though he had a disturbed childhood, he showed how a man can mature to be a good priest of all communities and religions, irrespective of caste and creed. He is not only liked by... Christians, but also by all people in the world. He has shown the world how to become a ideal human being. May his soul rest in peace. Come back to Earth with rebirth in India, for all Indians to be proud, like Poland.
Krishnamoorthi T.; Bangalore, India

I could not help but cry when I saw Pope John Paul II's last public appearance. As seen from CNN's coverage, he has suffered terribly from his illness. The will of God prevails. Our good pope is now united with God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. He has accomplished his missions; now, he will reaped his rewards. The Mass that I attended in his honor at the Manila Cathedral this morning (April 6) proved that the pope is indeed well-loved by the Filipinos.
Myrna Javate; Navotas, Philippines

I am a Roman Catholic and you may think my comments are biased, but I really want to say that after seeing, hearing and listening to comments made by people from the complete spectrum of faiths, beliefs and cultures, I realized that this one man was truly a man who people recognized as a human being who genuinely believed in the real value of a person. His unique ability to integrate and harmonize the conflicting views and ideas of this complex world and its people was what really convinced even hardliners to believe in him.
Eugene Vaz; Mumbai, India

I'm saddened by the loss of a leader who was courageous and forthright in expressing his views on international issues. As a Muslim, I feel that he stood up against the powers of the world in opposing wrong against the Muslims more than some of the puppet leaders of Muslim societies. He stood up against all wrongs regardless of religion, caste, creed or nationality. I hope his replacement will follow his footsteps. Pope John Paul II certainly made an impression on the minds of many.
Fazlun Haris; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I am a Tanzanian Catholic currently working in Tokyo. Pope John Paul II visited Tanzania in 1990. What I saw that day, the crowd from all walks of life, different faiths flocked to see and meet him. Everyone wanted to shake [his] hand. It was not possible, but when he raised his right hand to bless us, I felt an electric shock in my body, my faith strengthened and tears went down our eyes. He was a man of God who wanted to see no one in pain. The way he died in pain, I think he wanted to take all the pain people face in the world today. He has died for us, and as a Catholic, I believe we have to carry on what he lived for. Though he died, I also believe he is somewhere watching and guiding us. There is no way for anyone to shake my faith ever since I saw this man of God in September 1990 in Tanzania. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.
Assumpta Massoi; Tokyo, Japan

Pope John Paul II was the epitome of a real servant of God. He was endowed with such a great humility and compassion which is manifested by how he reached out to people, especially to youngsters like me. The Holy Father was a great leader of the church, comparable to and even better than his predecessors.
Presco A. Evardone Jr.; Manila, Philippines

The 26-year papacy of Pope John Paul II is God's continuing cure for the ills of the world. Now that he has "finished" his term, I am sure the next pope will be tasked not only to continue what John Paul II has been doing but more importantly, unify the Catholic Church and set stricter rules for the priests and Catholics alike. There is really no shortcut to holiness. I believe this is what is needed at these times.
Jun Latay; Lipa, Philippines

Pope John Paul II was a great leader, a great man, a great father for us Catholics, and most of all a great servant of God. He inspired all of us not to lose hope despite life's adversities, not to be afraid but strive to deepen our faith and relationship with God. I will definitely miss him, and I will continually pray for him.
Rhia; Cavite, Philippines

Great men lead, and he was one of them. You only wish other state leaders in the world could or would follow such a noble man. The world needs men like Pope John Paul. He was good for mankind.
Baird; Hong Kong, China

Pope John Paul II will be missed by the youth. He was our champion, our hero. He recognized the young people as the hope of the church and has planted seeds of faith in each one of us.
Candice Zosa; Cebu, Philippines

Pope John Paul II is the reason of my strong return to faith. I am sure that he represents the same for many others. He is the only international figure to have cared for my country, Lebanon, throughout his pontificate. May he rest in peace and may God grant us a pope of his stature, if possible.
Cesar Wazen; Lebanon

I have my deepest respect for Pope John Paul II. I feel that not only should Christians, but also people of all faiths, including Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims like myself and others, realize that the man was a person of compassion and principles. In these days of change and hypocrisy, I feel this should be expected out of each and every one of us. May his soul rest in peace. The world was a better place with him alive.
Mohammed Adil; Karachi, Pakistan

I'm extremely sad to see our papa leaving us for good, but I am also happy to know that he will be with our Lord Jesus Christ. In his 26 years of papacy, papa has shown us the way to the Lord, and now it's our duty to carry his legacy and to love the Lord with our heart and soul. Let's not let him down.
Michael Lobo; India

Pope John Paul II is a symbol of unity. Unity is his legacy, and this is what he should be remembered for. He lived his life bridging the disparities brought about [by] religion, race, socioeconomic status, etc. And now, we have come to witness the fruits of his labors. From all walks of life, from all the corners of the world, we have come to remember this great and holy man who has brought us all together at this particular moment. Pope John Paul II made us realize that, in the end, despite all our differences, we all share the same humanity.
Charleen Ho; Manila, Philippines

I will indeed miss him. He loved, lived and led us by example. Home sweet home, dear papa.

Jessica Peter; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pope John Paul II's great charisma was that he was able to talk to people in a very personal and intimate level. He had an audience of millions, but it is, as if, he was able to talk to each one in the crowd. I was only 19 when Pope John Paul came to Manila for World Youth Day, and I was but one among the millions of youth who attended the event. I was one among the millions who shouted to the heavens, "Pope Paul II, we love you!" And when Pope John Paul replied with an earnest, "Pope Paul II, he loves you," I honestly felt, he meant it for me, and that he truly loved me. That he meant the message to be heard by me, as much as for all of us who were there present. All 5 million of us.
Mildred A. Solis; Manila, Philippines

Our Holy Father is the most kind person, so humble. ... God must [have] loved him very much. I remember the day when he came to Indonesia. I was just 9 years old (now 28), the stadium full of people who worshipped him so much. We prayed in Indonesian language, and I remember the way he smiled ... and I thought, "Oh my ... the hand of the Lord was upon him." May he rest in peace. Jesus took him to heaven.
Josie; Jakarta, Indonesia

Pope John Paul II was a man of great honor. His clear and unbiased soul is a great loss to mankind at this stage of evolution where it is hard to find a man with such virtues that Pope John Paul possessed. We all are going to miss his unchallenged spiritual authority for the cause of social justice and for the betterment of mankind, regardless of any religion or ethnic group.
Hassaan Ahmed; Kuwait

When Pope John Paul II came here to celebrate the 10th World Youth Day, it was the day I saw the pope in his "popemobile" for the first and last time. It was a great feeling; it's just unexplainable, and up to now I can clearly remember him -- his rosy cheeks and his hands waving at the crowd as he passed by. Pope John Paul II is the epitome of a great man and a good servant of God.
Myla; Philippines

If the world had but another 100 men or women like him leading 100 countries, can you imagine how wonderful this world would be?
Gerry Javellana; Bacolod City, Philippines

I would like to express my grief, gratitude and sorrow for the pope. May God bless him as he did for the people of all religions for 26 years. He was a great man.
Bhavin Pradhan; Kathmandu, Nepal

Pope John Paul II, healer, teacher and provider of hope in our dark hours. We will certainly miss his fatherly smile and prayers for Lebanon and the world.
Paul Nader; Lebanon

I feel that Pope John Paul II was a pope who really played his part well according to the will of God. My family, Indian friends and I were broken down with intense grief. We all will miss him. I have had the opportunity to encounter his holiness personally. May his soul rest in peace.
Mackenzie; Mumbai (Bombay), India

First, I am a Buddhist. Pope John Paul II was very exceptional in that he was from outside Italy, had the third longest reign as the pope, traveled to many corners of the world, brought dignity and vigor to the papacy and, most importantly, made a significant contribution to world peace by helping to expose communism and end the Cold War.
Lionel Rajapakse; Kandy, Sri Lanka

Irrespective of religion, we could not help but feel the great loss at the passing away of this great pope. His dedication and love for all creeds is an inspiration to all.
Tavorn Jaijarat; Bangkok, Thailand

In the context of a 2,000-year-old bureaucracy burdened by dogma, John Paul II managed to address historical offenses, acknowledge the present scientific and technological vexations -- balancing these, while being true to his vision of a true Catholic Church.
Bernie Hanlon; Beijing, China

I think Pope John Paul II was a great legend; his way of dealing with world peace is a unique way. His fame was not because he was a Catholic leader but a man with great principles ... who influenced people to have faith. He has laid the path of serenity.
Shyju Lonappan; Bangalore, India

Though not bearing much knowledge about his religious teachings, as expected from a person of a different religion, I still have the feeling that he was among the greatest saints of all times. With my limited knowledge, I can only conclude that it's really a big, irreparable loss to the whole world. May God give corresponding peace and rewards to his soul for all rendered services on his part.
Yahya Vana; Karachi, Pakistan

He is truly the man of two centuries and deserves to be called Pope John Paul the Great, as we unlikely are going to see another pope like him in centuries. His teachings, achievements and ethics are going to live with humanity for centuries to come. God bless his soul.
Tony Alam; Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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