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E-mail appeals: Thailand

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USEFUL THAI WEB SITES Covers Krabi, Trang Pang-nga, Satoon, Phuket, Ranong areasexternal link
Thai Government Web site (N.B: very slow connection); User name: User, Password: Passwordexternal link
Phuket International Hospital: Has a list of patients, in Englishexternal link
Information about the affected areas, includes contact telephone numbersexternal link
• Search for  missing persons on a database, set up following the tsunamisexternal link
List  of victims in Thailand, plus embassy phone numbersexternal link
Search for tidal wave victimsexternal link has information and resources about the disasterexternal link
Bangkok Nursing Home (BNH)  has a list of patients who have been moved to this hospitalexternal link

(CNN) -- We received thousands of e-mails in the days after December's tsunamis from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the disaster.

The e-mails are alphabetized by the missing person's last name. E-mails received before December 29 are not sorted.

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E-mails received before December 29

My boyfriend Jonathan Lawrence a Canadian together with his friends are having a vacation in Thailand...I havent heard from him since then...I need to know about where I could find him. Family's name is Kinmon. Keith Kinmon, Shawnta Kinmon, and Elijah, originally living in Japan. United States citizens stationed in Japan with the Airforce, vacationing in Thailand.

I am looking for information on my uncle. His name is Robert Sumrall. He was in Phuket Thailand.

** We are looking for any information on our neighbors who were vacationing in Thailand, they are a family of four from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, and their last name is Harris. Please contact me on any information. Thank you so much.
Update: My neighbours, the Harris', have been in touch with their family and as far as I'm been told, are all doing fine. Thank you soo much for all the support and responses, we appreaciated soo much.

Karen Vanhee, 18 yrs old, 5' 10, blond hair, brown eyes. French citizen, was residing at the Hotel Sofitel Magic Lagoon Khao Lak, north of Phuket (Thaïland) at the time of the disaster. Her mother and her sister are fine. Her sister is flying back to her France. Her mother is searching for her locally. Thank for your help. God bless you.

I am looking for a friend of mine. His name is Jerome Harris. He is an African American; a singer in a band, was staying at a 5-star-hotel I believe in Bangkok. He is about 42 years old, about 5'6" , bald head. His date of birth is 06-03-62. I have an emailed him but have not heard back from him. Thank you for any assistance.

I am looking for a friend of mine, his name is Michael Thiel. He lives in Phang Nga, near Khao Lak and had a bakery. Has anybody seen him, he has brown hair and is about 34 years old, his parents also don´t know about him...please contact me if you saw him, thanx.

Our friends, the Fullmans from Los Angeles, California, were vacationing in Thailand with their 2 young sons. We are praying for their safety and would like to know their whereabouts.

My friend Mike Alvanos and his friend from Florida, her name is Pia. I am wondering if they are safe. They have been traveling in Thailand for the last four weeks visting Pia's family.

I am looking for a 15 year old girl named Abi Crowder. She is with her parents and a 12 year old brother. They were in Bangkok. Please e-mail any information you can find. Thank you.

I'm looking for a number of co-workers who may have been in Thailand when the disaster struck. They had plans to be there for New Years Eve and I'm not sure if they had gotten there yet. Their names are Amy Newman-Kaplan, Pete Kaplan, Aric Webb & Doug Turner...all New Youk City based American citizens. If you have any knowledge of their whereabouts, please e-mail me. Thank you.

I am hoping to get information on my brother. His name is Fred Valdez. He live in the South Sathorn area of Bangkok and works in and around Thailand. He is employed in the health and fitness club business. He is 53 years old, dark hair and eyes around 5'9". He may have been on holiday at one of the resorts. I last received a voice mail from him on 12/23/04. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Last known employer was Çal Fitness in Singapore? Thank you.

We are desperately looking for Sophia Kampfmann-Stürmer, 13 years old, about 1,5 meter tall, brown hair and eyes, fair complexion, of Frankfurt, Germany, last seen at the beach in Kao Lak. Her parents are in the hospital, but will recover.

A group of us are concerned about a friend, his name is Jose Rene Saligumba. He mentioned he was going to Thailand for 3 weeks for the holidays. Please send us info on his whereabouts. Thank You.

Looking for my 23 year old daughter, Alicia Elowe and her traveling companion, a young man named Shane. If you met them or know there whereabouts please contact me.

Please contact me if anyone knows the whereabouts of Joseph James Savage. He is an American from Simsbury, Connecticut. He is 27 years old, about 5'7", light blond hair.

Looking for Elizabeth (Betty) Barrett and Robert (Bob)Welch known to be vacationing in Thailand. Please contact me with any information.

My family has not heard from Jim Hopkins in Thailand. Last we heard he was teaching english there. Family is starting to get a little worried.

Looking for information on our German friends, Christine and Michael Buchholz who were vacationing in southern Thailand.

Lorna Rockey, of Indian descent is an American woman, age 39. She arrived in Bangkok on December 21 or 22. Lorna is a global photographer and master scuba diver. She described the hotel she was staying at as a humble packpacker's haven with movies showing at night in the outdoor courtyard.

Her name is Kelli West she was traveling with her father, brother,and step-mother (a Thai native). She left the states Thursday the 23rd. She is about 5'4 small build, blonde hair with black tips at the end. Blue eyes.

We are looking for Tony Booty. 6"4 slim, ginger hair. He's been in Thailand for about 6 months.We would appreciate any news.

His name is Shane O'Sullivan.He is 40 years old, he was born in Ireland and has been living in New York City for decades. He frequents the island of Phuket, but could have been anywhere. He is about 5'8". skinny, like 135 lbs. Shaved light brown/blond hair. caucasion.

Looking to find the status of Ed (Eduardo) Bernazzani, who was to be visiting Thailand and Vietnam over the Christmas Holiday. His co-workers are eager to know if he is ok.

I'm seeking info regarding my friend Barbara deZalduondo and her mother who were planning to spend part of their holiday in Thailand. I believe that they were travelling from London--not sure exactly when. Hope to hear from her or from anyone in touch with her. Thanks.

We are searching for E. Richard Sorenson, an American Anthropologist living on Phuket. He is in his early 70's and has been living full time in a hotel there.

Ron Bombiger from Los Angeles California. He was born in Israel and was vacationing in Thailand. We haven't been able to reach him.

Looking for info on Steven Rogers and his girlfriend Anna. Steven is American and in his mid-30s (but had been living in Stockholm), and Anna is Swedish in her late-20s. They had plans to spend the holidays on the Thai islands.

Looking for Aaron Nice and Catherine Bartz, two American travelers. Last heard from visiting beach resorts in Thailand. Aaron is 5'9", curly brown hair. Catherine is 5'6", Blonde hair. Please contact me regarding ANY information. Thank you

I am looking for my Thai friend named Yai. He is the lead guitar player at the Rolling Stoned Bar on Phi Phi island Thailand.

Looking for Boonhai Pamdaja worker at Phi Phi Island Village Resort. Also looking for Pat and Na of the View Point Restaurant on Phi Phi Island. Any info would be greatful.

Looking for SANDY REA. Climbing in Thailand. She is 30 yr. old Korean-American, long brown hair, indominable spirit. Sandy--we want to hear from you!!!

My friends Dawn S. Hammer(27) and Alec Lazore(40) are on vacation in Thailand both Americans. If you you have any information please e-mail .

We are looking for our friends, Scott Carroll and Brenda Pahl, who were travelling through Christmas. Last heard from them from the Bangkok train station, on their way to Chiang Mai. They are both teachers from Indonesia travelling through the holidays.

Looking for Morgan Lake (aka Mark Coleman), taught at English school in Phuket.

Our friend's daughter Barbara McTaggart is missing from Phi Phi Island. Please let me know if you have any news.

Last received e-mail from husband on Sunday stating he was sitting on the floor of the Ambassador Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand and felt the hotel swaying. I have not communicated with him since the e-mail. His name is Rodney Young and he is in Bangkok for R&R away from his job in Baghdad. Rodney was supposed to check out of the Ambassador Hotel and relocate but did not tell me where. If anyone knows anything about his whereabouts please notify me. Update: Rodney Young contacted his wife and is safe.

I'm looking for my friends, they were on Phi Phi island. Male: Jakub Dosoudil, 27 a.,long blond hair and blue eyes. Female: Michaela Berankova, 25 a., blond hair and blue eyes. Please HELP

Seeking the whereabouts or other information about Scott and Bronwen Pence. Scott Pence is a US Army tank commander stationed in Korea. He and his wife Bronwen were vacationing in Phuket, Thailand over the Chrismas holidays.

Looking for Richard and Gill (Gillian) Healey from Nuneaton, Warks , United Kingdom. They are both 50 years old but look younger. In Thailand for Christmas destination unknown at this time. Rich is 6'2" with a slim build, has a receeding hairline and mostly bald hair colour grey. Bushy eyebrows and a long face with blue eyes. He has size 14 feet. Gill (Gillian) is also tall at around 5'10" , slim build, her hair is just above shoulders and is dark brown reddish blonde highlighted, she wears bangs. She has blue eyes and freckles and would be wearing gold earrings and wedding bands. If they were out and about Gill possibly would of been wearing a black Kickers backpack.Prayers for all, Sue Dufton
Richard and Gill (Gillian) Healey made contact from Bangkok. They are now home safe and sound in the UK.

I wrote a e-mail yesterday looking for my brother Steven Gill and I was so blessed to be answered by a girl named Stephanie who saw his name on a Injured list at Phuket Hospital. We are now trying to reach this hospital with no luck. If anyone has any other phone numbers for this hospital or knows of another way to contact the hospital, or a Goverment site We could get information about his condition in Thailand please let us know. If anyone from that hospital reads this e-mail my brother's name is Steven Gill.
We have had contact from our brother Steven Gill an American from California yesterday. He will be back with us shortly and is OK. Thank you CNN for helping spread the news of our missing loved one and for all of those hundreds of people who responded to help our family Through this very difficult week. We are Praying for all of those who still have not had contact from their Loved ones and we will continue that prayer till you find them.

I am looking for my friend Fred Wymore. He moved to Thailand in September 04 to start a production company. I would like to know if he is OK. I have not been able to contact him by his old e-mail address. Thank you
Update: I have received an e-mail from Fred Wymore. His nephew saw my request for information on him. He is safe and sound. Thank you for your web site and help.

I am looking for Alan Taylor 63-yo 5-8inch tall gray hair pulled back in short pony tail, last known destination Phuket Thailand to go snorkeling.

I am trying to find out if my friend Leah Poulin is alright. She is from the United States, but has been teaching English in Japan. She was in Thailand vacationing for 3 weeks.

My brother, Lawrence (Larry) Olson, and his wife, Resha Putzrath, both Americans in their 50s, are vacationing on the beaches in Thailand. We have not heard from them and are very worried. We would greatly appreciate any information.

We are looking for our friend Bernard (Berni) Davis. He arrived in Phuket on Wednesday 21 December. We haven't heard from him since. Berni is British (Liverpool) but is living in Schiedam in the Netherlands for a long time.

Seeking info on Susie Myers traveling in Thailand with friends.

We are looking for news of our friends Tam & Salee Goodman. They may have been in Phuket working on their sailboat and it may have been in drydock.

Avadya BERMAN (age 31) and Nikola (Nikki) Jane LIEBOWITZ. Last seen on Koh Phi Phi by Phi Phi Princess Resort 26/12/04.

Looking for my friends Marina Surous, age 38, and her husband Mikhail Surous, 30, from Moscow, Russia. They've been holidaying in Phuket.

I am looking for two young Canadians, Christopher Thompson, my cousin, and his fiance Ashley. She is short with shoulder length dark-brown hair. He is tall with very short light brown hair.

I am looking for my cousin, Leonel Rodrigues, aged 52 and is Portuguese.

I am looking for my ex-husband and his family. Their names are Rhon-napa Kanjanayothee, Kanjana Kanjanayothee (grandparents) and Krisada Kanjanayothee (father). We spoke to them on Christmas Day and they were on Patong Beach in Phuket. They have several businesses there.

I am looking for my sister, Laura Ayers, 27 years old. She was in Northern Thailand a few days before Christmas but was planning on traveling but I am not sure where.

Seeking any information about my brother, Mike, and his wife, Suzanne Pruitt and Suzanne's father, Frank Parker. All were traveling together in Thailand. Update: Wonderful News! The family of Michael and Suzanne Pruitt, and Frank Parker have received emails and a phone call confirmation that all are alive and well. They were way North of Bangkok and safe from harms way. Thank you so much to CNN and all the resources made available for us to receive should wonderful news on New Year's Day! God bless all the victim's, families, and those who are continuing the search. You are in our prayers.

Looking for news of Sue Rowe, Dexter and Ian.

I am looking for my brother, his name is Luster A. Walker.

Looking for my best friend Deborah Maximo Ribas and her husband Pablo Ribas. She has a round tattoo on the back part of her shoulder saying: "Republica Federativa do Brasil". They were backpacking in Thailand since 24 December.

Does anyone have any information on my friend Montana "Nancy" Uthai? She works for a boutique beside the beach in Khao Lak.

I'm anxiously waiting for news of Michael Henderson, a New Zealander aged 32 who is based in Busan, South Korea, and his Korean friend Seong-Wook, aged approximately 29. Both men were due to travel from Bangkok to Phuket on December 25, and have not been heard from since.

I'm trying to locate my cousin and very close friend Bernard Dawson from London. Bernard was staying with friends in a village on the Coast around the Phuket area. No answer from his cellphone. I am very worried.

Missing: Three Swedes: Mona (57 yrs), Clara (26yrs) and Theodor (17yrs) Fredén-Klenfeldt. Last known whereabouts is Seaview Resort in Khao Lak.

Dorothy Moulton traveling in Thailand on vacation.

I am looking for my friends Déborah Maximo Ribas and Pablo Fernando Moura Ribas. She is a 25-year-old Brazilian girl, has green eyes and dark hair; he is 29, has brown hair and is a Brazilian man.

Brian and Gay Cluer from Whistler in Canada were holidaying in Phuket.
Update: Our friends, Gay and Brian Cluer, have returned, unharmed, from Phuket to their home in Canada and have made contact. Thanks to all who sent emails offering advice.

I'm looking for John Bonell and family: Cynthia, Anna, Sian, Luke and Simon. They were in Phuket or Pattaya in the past 10 days.

Searching for family member Lennart Hjemgård, 43 years. His wife, Hanne, is in the intensive care unit at Phuket International Hospital. His son, Patrik, is found and is OK. They are all Norwegian. They were all at the beach on Phi Phi Island when the tsunami hit.

I am looking for Sandra HEIDRICH (age 23, green eyes, tattoo on her neck) and Christian EISENSCHENK (age unknown, red hair). Both were backpacking in Phuket.

I am looking for my friend Kathie Hill. She is a New Zealand citizen. She called me on December 24 from Koh Phi Phi. Please let me know if she is OK.

Looking for Gill and John Gray, holidaying in Phi Phi Island. Both 50 yrs old - she has a back condition and he, a heart condition.

My brother Lito Dalindin worked in Khao Lak Sea View Resort Hotel And Spa. He worked there as a keyboardist (musician). We haven't heard anything from him.

Has anyone seen Elvira Hosp and her friend Peter from Switzerland? They were in Phuket.

I am desperately searching for information on my friend Richard Shuback and his companion HaoMing. They were traveling in Thailand for the Christmas holidays.

Desperately in search of the Kanjanayothee family. Patong Beach, Phuket or even Bangkok. Krisda, Rhon-Napa, Nakradee, Bullokon, Ravivan, Kanjana, and others.

We are looking for Persephone Dawn Rizzuto, Zoie Omega Rizzuto and Gary Grossman. They are Americans from Renton, Washington.

We are very worried about our friend, Naomi Guerrero Flores, American, late 20s, black hair, brown eyes, approximately 5'6" (170cm), weight approximately 140 pounds. Last known location was Phi Phi Island.

My best friend, Khemaphom "Paul" Khoom-Ngern lives in Phuket, Thailand and I haven't been able to contact him since the tsunami earlier in the week.

I'm looking for Rick Smith from America. My mum and I met Rick on Dec. 22 at the Koh Hai resort. Last time we spoke to Rick he said that he might hit Phi Phi or Raily beach over the Christmas period. Rick's e-mail address disappeared with a lot of other things from our bungalow on Koh Lanta so if anyone knows if Rick is ok an e-mail would be much appreciated.

My friend Tim Aye (also known as Tim Hardy) was on vacation in Thailand and Burma. I think his last know location was Phuket. Tim is a US citizen (lives in San Diego), native from Burma. He is: 5'7", 170m, brown skin, straight black hair.

Luke Scully and Angela Foust from the USA were last heard of at the Orchard Hotel, Khao Lak, Thailand. If anyone has any news of them please contact us.

I am looking for my friend Kenth Solem and his family who are Norwegian and were vacationing off an island in southern Thailand, I am not sure which one. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please contact me.

Looking for Sam and Sheryl Crosbie, from Melbourne Australia. Any information will be such a help.

Searching for Finn Donsrud and his wife Vibeke Donsrud from Denmark. Staying at hotel at Patong Beach, Thailand.

Bill Reeves, traveling with a group of friends from the Five Ways pub in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Primo, Liliana
I´m looking for Liliana Primo, aged 43 and her daughter Valentina Tatiana Terraciano, aged 15. They are Italian citizens who were in holiday in Thailand. Update: The 2 people I was looking for were found. Liliana Primo and Valentina Tatiana Terraciano are OK. I want to thank all the people who e-mailed me giving information.

Looking for Asaf Karta (31) from Israel. He used to be a dive instructor in Koh Phi Phi but left to go to Cambodia. We do not know where he is now. If you know anything about him please let us know.

We are looking for our German colleague, Mr. Norbert Michl, aged 46 years, and his German wife, Mrs. Edeltraud Alsdorf-Michl, aged 50 years. They are missing since the tsunami. They were staying at Bhandari Resort & Spa in Khao Lak. Their daughter, Sophia Michl is safe and has already been taken back to Germany. Please contact in case you have any information.

We are still trying to find our friend James Hsu who was on Phi Phi island at the PP Charlie Resort. The last we saw of him, he was in bungalow 52 when the tsunami hit -- everyone else in our group was safe but James was nowhere to be found. We still have heard no word and we are desperate to get him home. James is American and is of Taiwanese descent -- he's 5'9" and is 25 years old. Please e-mail if you have any information!

Mr.Werner Hantsch, Mrs.Ildiko Hantsch and their son Daniel Hantsch. They were in Puket, Thailand with an Austrian Travel Agency.

I'm looking for my friends Percy Aylward and Daya Ganes. They were on holiday in Phuket.

I'd like to know what's happened on Phi_Phi island with Barakuda Diving Center. Does somebody know about Steve Goff, the owner, and his diving team? I suppose at 10 o'clock in the morning they were already diving. Anyone who has news please contact me.

Looking for Jacobo Hassan Casab.

My friend a German national, Dr.Dieter Steingruber, lives in the holiday resorts in Thailand. Since tsunamis no news from him. Anybody knows his whereabouts?

I am looking for a good friend. She is know as Dang Dang. She has a great bar on Koh Phi Phi called Dang Dang's Bar, It is (was) just next to the Phi Phi Princess Resort. The last time I heard from her she was on Koh Phi Phi. I only want to know if she is alive. My wishes to all in finding your loved ones and friends.

I am looking for Werner Wondra, a middle aged backpacking tourist who booked a hotel near the district of Phuket. Ten days ago he rented a motorcycle and planned to drive inwards across the island.

I am looking for my best friend, Stacey Chako, and her family, Mike, Halle, Matt & Quiton Brady. Last I heard from her she was heading from either Thailand or Indonesia to meet her family in Sri Lanka for the holidays. I can't get in touch with any of her family members here in the United States. Jimmy Brady, George Brady or her uncle Kody who lives in San Jose, California. Stacey, we miss and love you and hope you are OK.

Andria Kurychak, brunette Canadian, Caucasian, about 100 pounds, 5'7". Last known whereabouts is Thailand. Friends and family are searching for her.

Kirstin Uhrmann; 26; height. 1m. 68 cm; blond hair, shoulder length. Last heard from Monday, December 27 via SMS around 6 p.m. Thailand time requesting help and money but did not give info on location. No word since then.

We are looking for Nicolas Brewster and Tina Bulow, an engaged couple who were staying in a beach hut at Khao Lak on Christmas night. Please contact us if you have any information whatsoever.

We are trying to find our cousin Raymond L. Sullenberger. We think he was at the Patong Beach Bungaloos in Phuket when the waves hit. Any information about him would be greatly appreciated.

My son's special needs teacher Michael Williams, he was on a Christmas holiday in Thailand. Just want to know if he is ok please.

Looking for Seda Yasemin Teköz and Justin Ledingham. They were staying at Princess Resort in Phi Phi Island, Thailand. They were planning to scuba dive on Sunday.

I would like to thank everyone who replied to my e-mail re: my search for my friend's family missing in Thailand, Jonni Arnold and family. Happy to say they are all safe. Jonni has one very happy father. God bless you all and hope you find your loved ones.

My friend is looking for his family. They are: daughter Jonni Arnold, her husband, mother Audrey Gillespie and two young children holidaying on the coast of Thailand. Have had no contact for four days.

I'm trying to get in touch with my friend Jeremy Hodora of French nationality. He left from Kuala Lumpur to travel to Phuket on Christmas Day morning and told me that he was going diving. If anyone has found him, please let me know.

I am looking for my friend Stephen Collinson and his wife, Na, and child Becky who are living in Phuket.

We are missing Mrs. Christine Sintelar from Austria. As far as we know, she stayed in a hotel in Khao Lak.

Please let me know if you have heard or seen Called Maura Schnitger from Amsterdam, who was traveling with her best friend.

Looking to hear from Don and Inge living on Kamala Beach, Phuket.

If anyone has seen Charles Strobino and Catherine Glans, (Charlie and Kat) please contact us. We have not heard from them. There plans were to have spent Christmas in Thailand, traveling in Cambodia also possible.

We are searching for our friends Dane Venable and Drew Koh. They were vacationing in Thailand for Christmas, and were scheduled to visit Phuket at some point.

My friend Tim Aye (also known as Tim Hardy) was on vacation in Thailand and Burma. I think his last know location was Phuket. Tim is a U.S. citizen (lives in San Diego), native from Burma.

We are looking for our German friends Patrik and Angela Brosnan, from Bad Durkheim, who have been vacationing in Thailand since late November. All attempts to ascertain their safety have produced no results. Mr. Brosnan hold a British passport and his wife, Angela, holds a German passport.

Russell Eihhorn from Hollywood, CA was on holiday in Phuket and has not contacted his friends to say if he is OK.

Looking for Aya Shapira and Uzi Sagie, 27, from Israel. Known to be at Khao Lak on the earthquake. Desription: Aya has short brown hair, Uzi is very tall and has blond hair.

We are searching for our friends Dane Venable and Drew Koh. They were vacationing in Thailand for Christmas.

We are looking for our colleague, Charles Mensch, who is from Luxembourg. He is slim, tall and has grey/white hair.

I am looking for my friend Scott Warriston Sanderson, who was holidaying in South East Asia.

Does anyone know where Mr. Allan Leibow of Los Angeles is? He left to stay in Phuket on the 23rd of December and is due back on the 30th.

Mrs Kathy Rice was on holiday with her husband Mr Daragh Rice in Phuket. Not sure where they were staying.

Looking for Shaun Krom from London (originally from South Africa) vacationing in Thailand, am not sure where.

Does anyone know of any information about Simon Price? He lives in Patong Beach. I'm very worried.

We have lost the following three people in the tsunami in Phuket: Adrian Lester, 37, Keith Lester, 62, Amanda Lester, 40. The rest of the family is safe in hospital.

Argentian Sol Viegas, female, and her partner José, who is Portuguese are missing.

Looking for my brother Matt Hartman. He is 31, about 6 ft., brown hair, hazel eyes.

We are looking for Thomas Olsen. He is 61 years of age. An American citizen who for the last eight years has travelled and lived in Thailand between the months of November through June. He is my uncle and we are very worried about him. Please have him contact us as soon as possible. Thank you!

I am looking for my aunt and uncle who were on Phi Phi island in Thailand. Their names are Anthony & Anita De Gouveia. We have not heard anything since the quake on Sunday.

We are desperately waiting for news about Heinz (64 years old, bright hair, moustache) and Elisabeth (55, blonde, long hair) Ferger from Munich, Germany. They were in Khao Lak in Sofitel hotel.

Robbie is my tall blonde grandson. He called last from Pakistan and was headed back to Bangkok. We aren't sure where he was going from there and have not heard from him since before Christmas.

I am looking for my cousin. Her name is Ezgi Ozen. She has been seen last in Phuket. She is white, Turkish, 1.80 cm tall, dark hair, works for American Embassy in Turkey.

We are looking for Andrew David Wilson, who is vacationing in Phuket. He is from Australia/New Zealand if anyone in Phuket knows of him or were traveling with him or where he was staying please let us know.

We are looking for our friends that were staying at Khao Lak in Phang Nga. They are Americans, Angela Foust 5'3", blond hair and Luke Scully, 6', brown hair and a goatee, both aged 35. Please send any information or suggestions on how to find them. Thank you very much.

Looking for friends, two Austrians, working for Slumburger in Indonesia. Karl Iszovics and Roswitha Noebauer. They were expected to travel to Bangkok on January 4, 2005.

We would like to hear any news from "The Rasta Man" on Koh Racha (small island south from Phuket). We hope that he survived the disaster, as well as the fisherman and his neighbors who also had a hut on the beach.

Salman Hatta from San Francisco, California, who is a student at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. I know that he was planning to be both in Malaysia and Thailand.

Appreciate if you could let me know if Kevin Lam Ming Kit and his wife Gracie are safe. There are both from Hong Kong and may be holding British passports. Thank you very much.

I am looking for my friend of 30 years, Chartchai Yiangyongphan and his wife Jaruwan, and two sons, Paparwin and Jittaboon. Chai's family lives in or near Bangkok, Thailand. Because of business moves, we lost touch. I am desperate to find him now! Chai last worked for CP Group. Anyone with info, please contact me.

I am looking for my father Bruce Barden. He is a U.S. citizen retired and living in the Phuket area for several years. Dad is approx. 5' 7" and in his early 70's. Please contact me if you have any news.

Mr. Mario Farrulla and family departed from South Korea to Thailand for vacation over the Christmas Holidays. He is set to come back to Korea sometime after the New Year's Eve. Mr. Farrulla was traveling with wife Maria, and their younger daughter. Mr. Farrulla is a heavy set guy with a beard, from San Juan, Puerto Rico (American Citizen). Mario, Hopefully you are doing find and we will see you in Korea with the rest of your family. Everyone here in Korea is praying for you and your family for your prompt appearance.

Appealing for information about Atchara and Huns Yung. They have a hotel Vila Atchara on the Patong Beach, Phuket.

I am looking for my brother Daniel Bitton (Belgian), his wife Tic (Thai)and their son Kevin.

We are hoping to hear something from our friend Angelika Zdrenka. She is Polish but lives and works in the Netherlands and has no relatives here. She traveled with a Dutch agent, so she might be registered as either a Dutch or Polish victim.

Looking for the Rich and Emily Anderson and their family. They are Americans visiting Thailand and residing in Singapore.

Please contact me if anyone has any information about Angelina Driftmeyer, age 10, and her parents. They were vacationing in Thailand for the holidays.

Does anyone know if American couple Mr. and Mrs. Greg Frazer are OK. I met them on Phi Phi on December 22. They were also in Phuket.

Looking for Richard Sharp. We last spoke to him on Christmas Day, when he was on the beach at Koh Chang. He has been living there for the past six months, on and off.

Looking for Lindsay Metaxas, bar owner on a remote beach in Thailand. She is from the Isle of Man in the UK, and we're really worried having had no news since the disaster.

Three people, traveling on Swedish passports, but who are of Serbian (Yugoslav) origin are missing. Their names are: Vladan Urumovic (male), Nina Ilic Urumovic (female), and Aleksandar Urumovic (child, male).

We are looking for James Willis, age 25. He was in bungalow 52 at the PP Charlie Resort on Koh Phi Phi Island when the tidal wave hit. James is American and is of Taiwanese descent. He was last seen wearing navy blue swim trunks and a white or gray T-shirt.

I am looking for Mel and Karen Sanders from Calgary, Alberta. They were going to Phuket.

Looking for Mr. Riad al-Dasouki, a Syrian national on holiday in one of the coastal resorts.

I am looking for 28-year-old German woman, Tanja Wiess. She was in the Similin Islands, north of Phuket, but she may have been on Koh Lak.

Looking for friends, Matt Frary, and his wife, Hunter Frary. They were on holiday in Phuket, Thailand.

Does anyone know Lisa Moskaluk, a dive master at a seaside resort on one of the islands?

I'm looking for Nickolas Almasov. He was in Thailand for vacation and was supposed to be back in Japan by now but there is no sign of him.

We are looking for Mr and Mrs Gurdayal Singh, their son and daughter, and Mr Gulzar Singh and family. Both families are from Kampala in Africa.

I am looking for friends Jerome Balakisten and Graham Barlow. I am assuming that they are holidaying in Thailand.

I am looking for my friend Onuma Jitbunjong. She is 24 years old, 1.58 m (5'2"), dark eyes, dark hair. Last time I heard from her she worked at Le Royal Meridien Phuket Yacht Club, on position of receptionist.

I'm wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of an English girl called Lucy, whose e-mail address is Reese Lin Dang. She is part Chinese/Vietnamese and was working at a travel agency on the main strip at Patong Beach.

Wanting information about the Aloha Village hotel in Patong. The manager became our friend and we just want to know if they are OK?

I am looking for Lisa Caroline May. She was on the island of Phi Phi.

Searching for Materne Elfriede

My brother, Rick Terhune, tall skinny athletic guy with dark brown hair, his Thai wife, Sayam, and daughter, Wisa, 9, traveling to Bangkok and then to Krabi.

My friend's name is Mark Reynolds. He moved to Thailand in September-October. He was living in Phuket but was supposed to move to Bankok. I know he has a girlfriend named Ali. He is about 5'11". He had a shaved head and also a tattoo of coyote on his left upper chest.

I am looking for my parents. Naomi Neil Ogimachi, aged 79, and Frances Imogene Ogimachi, aged 73. They have been in Thailand since December 15. They were going to Myanmar for a tour and they flying back to Bangkok, Thailand, on January 3. I have contacted the tour company and the hotels where they were supposed to be staying but they are not there. They have been to Thailand and Myanmar seven times and I am not really sure if they are in Myanmar or Thailand. They said that they wanted to spend time on the coast. On January 2 they are supposed to be in Yangon. I have contacted the state department with their passport numbers. They are to suppose to be leaving for a cruise from New Zealand to Austrialia on January 5 on the Princess Line.

My parents, Patrick and Mary Hogarty, are in Thailand. I want to know if they're still alive.

Bob (Robert G.) Smith and his girlfriend Rosemary are holidaying in Thailand but I am not sure where.

I am a travel agent in South Africa. I booked two young Canadians on holiday to Thailand. They were hoping to travel the beach resorts. Their names were Lindsay Page and Lauren Chender. Please advise if you have any information.

We are worried about Kathryn Allen, 5'3", who is due in Bangkok on January 1. She was traveling around Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore and Malaysia.

Looking for my German friend Benjamin Kneer who was working in Khaolak.

My friend's name is Judith Kressig, she was born in 1953, 51 years old. She is tall, 183 cm, with short dark hair. Last seen at the pool of their hotel on one of the Phi Phi islands. Her boyfriend, Beat Schweiter, was found and taken to Bangkok. He has made contact but Judith has not. Please try and help find her.

My name is Jennifer Owen, I'm currently in Sri Lanka on a placement year from university. I had been stuck down in Unawtuna in the south of Sri Lanka but have safely returned to Colombo, but my flat mate Simeon Charles has traveled to Thailand for the Christmas period and I haven't heard from him since. I'm so worried and not sure which part he has traveled to. He is around 5'4", black, lip piercing, and is from south Wales. Many Thanks.

I am missing my son, Craig, 37 (blonde, blue eyes, tattoos) and his (Thai national) wife, Maliwan, 28, who is four months pregnant and comes from Ban Phu where they were married in March this year. They live and work in Thailand. They were on Phi Phi Island on Christmas Day at the start of a 13-day holiday. I have not heard from them since. He is a New Zealand citizen. They might have been with some friends from Byron Bay near the Gold Coast, Australia. I have been watching CNN for days now, hoping for more news from Phi Phi. Please tell me if all the people have been taken off or what is the situation.

George W. Connor, male, 6'2", brown hair, traveling with two sons and wife,Traci, from Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are looking for Raphael and his family who are from Hong Kong and were on holiday in Phuket.

Please help me locate our friends who are a German couple, ages 57 and 60. Their names are Miesi and Manfred Wiegel. They were staying on Khao Lak, but the resort they were at is unknown. We've have no contact since the tsunami hit.

Wendell Pierce, a 50-year-old African-American tennis professional from Oakland, California, is missing. He was in Phuket after having played in a tournament in Hong Kong. and we haven't heard from him. There are many many people here worried about him. Please contact me if you have any information about him.

Looking for Sean Smith from San Diego, California (originally of Minnesota).

We are looking for Asaf Karta, 31, from Israel. He used to be a driving instructor in Kho Phi Phi and left to Cambodia. We don't know where he is now. If somebody knows anything about him, please contact us.

I am looking for my friend Ken or Kenneth Moore, 45. He was on vacation with his wife and two young daughters, Kendra, 5, and Kendal, 7. They were on the Phi Phi islands for Christmas and I believe the day after. Ken and both of his daughters are blond with blue eyes. He is from Southern Califorina. There are many of us that work with Ken that are praying for him and his family. Teresa Jackson, Long Beach, California.

Darryl McGrath of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, his wife, Debbie, and son were scheduled to be in Phuket. Would like any news available on their whereabouts and circumstances.

I am looking for my son, Angelo Debartolo. He was to travel from the Philippines to Bangkok over the Christmas weekend. He was then planning to leave Bangkok (also over the Christmas weekend) to vacation on a resort island off Bangkok. He is in his mid-30s, with brown hair and a thin build. He is a U.S.-born citizen living and works in Germany. If anyone has any information, please contact me.

Need information about Michael and Suzanne Pruitt from North Carolina vacationing in Thailand. Suzanne's father was traveling with them. My daughter is anxiously awaiting news of her father.

South Africans missing on Phi Phi Island. Names of missing persons: Avadya Berman and Nicola Jane Liebowitz Please contact us

I am looking for my brother, Harry Brownlee, American, white male, 5'10", 150 pounds, speaks with a slight Hawaiian accent, dark skin, brown hair, green eyes, 46 years old. Last heard from him Christmas Eve, in or around Phuket or Ko Samui. Please contact me.

I am looking for any information regarding my brother and sister-in-law who were on a sailing vacation. I believe they sailed from Phuket Island and were anchored on a coral reef east of Phi Phi Don when the tsunami hit their yacht. Their names are David and Suzanne Chappell.

Looking for my friends Chuiyet Lian, 49, and John Barsky, 57, (husband and wife) from Los Angeles, California. Chiuyet is Asian, 5'3", with black hair and dark brown eyes, and John is Caucasian, 6'3", with dark brown hair and eyes. They were vacationing in Thailand. Please contact me.

We are anxious to hear any word of John Kent, our British friend, whom we believe was traveling in Thailand or possibly one of the islands affected by the tsunami.

My friend Juliet McCreath was in Thailand at the time of the tsunami. I saw on CNN that if I e-mailed here, I would be able to know if she was OK, basically if you had heard from her. She is a British national. Thanks very much.

Looking for news of Continental Airlines employee Kenneth W. Jamison, who is based out of Los Angeles and was in Thailand at time of tsunami. Last heard on Christmas Day, by cell phone. No answer on same cell phone.

Looking for any news of American theater manager Bruce Spain from Southern California. He was in the Phuket region.

We are appealing to anyone who has seen Nolan Clarke, who is touring Thailand with his girlfriend.

Does anyone have any news of some Italian friends of mine? Their surname is Minichiello and they were on holiday in Phuket.

Can someone please tell me the whereabouts of Dickie and Beth Balsamo who lived in Krabi?

I am looking for information about Matthew Leach, from Colorado, who was vacationing on the beaches in Thailand.

Has anyone seen 45-year-old Uwe Bergmann, who was on Khao Lak Beach? He is German.

I would hugely appreciate any news of my friends who are on holiday in Phuket. They are Anna Astrom and her Swedish family and her British boyfriend, Paul Green.

My brother, Craig Baxter and his Thai wife, Maliwan, who is pregnant were holidaying on Phi Phi when the tsunami hit. Our family are anxious for news of them, however, some 62 hours later, we have heard nothing.

Paul Sender is missing on Phi Phi Island. He and Gabi were staying at Charlie's Beach Resort, Bungalow 27. For identification purposes, Paul is wearing a gold bracelet (elephant hair bracelet); we think it is on his right arm. His right baby finger is crooked due to a rugby accident. He also has a mole on the left side of his stomach.

Missing from Phuket's Khao Lak Resort are Oscar (8 years) and Ian (12 years) -- Swiss and Swedish nationals. Please contact if any information available.

My Latvian friend, Igors Ribochkins, is staying on Phi Phi Island till February. I would appreciate hearing that he is OK.

I am looking my for friend Linnea Maria Astrid Malmberg and her family who are in Thailand.

My colleague Luke Juran, a 24-year-old American male, went on vacation near Phuket. Could someone tell me if he is OK?

My cousin Linda Garcia (black hair height, 1.65m) from Mexico is missing. She was in Phuket last weekend and we have not heard anything about her yet. Please let me know anything.

Barry French, from West Australia, is trying to make contact with his girlfriend, Tammy. She is 32 and is a Thai living in Patong. Barry is due to fly to Phuket on January 8 and is extremely worried about the woman he plans to bring to Australia to be his wife. Barry hasn't heard from her since December 24.

Does anyone have any information from Koh Phayam, in particular those from Vijit Bungalows, Oscar's Bar, Tong from Koh Kwai resort, Khun Kim & family, Shaun and Julia from Halifax, Steve, Dan, Niels and Katrina and daughter (on Koh Chang) Arly and other December stayers?

I am desperately trying to find my brother and his fiance who were staying on Phi Phi island. Their names are Justin Ledingham and Seda Tekoz. If you have any news, please contact me.

I am looking for my brother, Michael A. Martini. He is an American who is vacationing at a beach resort in Thailand, but I don't know which resort. He is supposed to be returning to Portland, Maine, on December 29. We have had no communication with him.

My father, Leonel Alberto Range Rodrigues, age 55, is missing. He was in Phang Nga, in Merlin Resort, Thailand.

My good high school friend, Mike Schaefer, was vacationing at Patong Beach, Phuket with his family when the Tsunami hit. I have had no news of him.

We are looking for news of our neighbors Paul and Aya Tabe, and their children Lana and Jackson. We think they were on Phi Phi in Thailand.

I am looking for my friend's sister who was vacationing in Thailand. She is 24 years old and her name is Sara Skelton.

I am looking for my aunt, uncle and their two kids. Their names are Pertti, Katarina, Viktor and Viljam. They were residing in the Pakarang Blue Village in Kaho Lak.

We are looking for Victor Housington, who is vacationing in Phuket. He is from Australia.

Has anyone any news of Jean Hodges, her son Jerry, his wife Joy, and their son Matthew? They were in Thailand and we are desperate for news.

I am looking for my parents who are in Thailand. Their names are Karna Sørensen and Jûrgen Kern, both aged about 60.

My friends Steven and Helena (Mencer) Slot spent their holidays in Phuket. They lost their daughter in the tsunami and Helena is in hospital. If anybody has any information, please, please, please e-mail.

My parents, John and Sara (Sally) Wilkinson, have been traveling around Thailand and on Christmas Day were on Koh Lanta. We haven't heard anything since.

My son, Dominik Divis, from Czech Republic, is the instructor on Phi Phi Island, Thailand. He just completed his diving certificate and this is his first week of underwater work. He is 24 years old. We have no message from him yet.

We are desperately looking for Raymond J. Manning, only 18 years old traveling in Thailand alone.

We are worried about our friends who were on holiday in Thailand: Peter and Lisa Reed, and their two daughters, Kate and Anna.

If anyone has any information about my Danish friend, Hans Gylche and his brother, Claus Gylche, please contact me. They were at a Phi Phi Island beach in Thailand at the time of the wave.

Our friends, Avadya Berman and Nikki Leibowitz, were holidaying and in Phi Phi staying at the Phi Phi Princess Resort. Does anyone know anything about their whereabouts?

I am looking for information about my friends Silvia and Giaco Paternostro, vacationing in Thailand. He is American and she is German. They reside in Heidelberg, Germany.

I am seeking information about my two children who are vacationing in Phuket with my ex-husband. They are Melissa, age 17, and Matthew, age 15, Carr. They are with their father Kevin Carr. I haven't heard anything about them and was wondering if somebody might have information. They arrived in Phuket on December 24.

Looking for Fritjof Gaude and Sabine Kalil and their 1-year-old son, Vincent, from Hong Kong/Germany. Stayed in Wanaburee Resort Kao Lak.

Please help me find any information on my mother and father-in-law, who are vacationing in Thailand. Their names are Patrick and Kathleen Wall.

If anyone has any information about my sister, Mokgadi Maunatlala, please contact me. She was in Thailand at the time of the wave.

I am trying to find out about my brother, (Patterson) Pat Pecarich, in Phuket, Thailand.

My uncle, Johnny McMillan, is in Thailand, but none of us knows how to reach him.

My good friend is missing in Thailand. His name is Justin Maenhout. He is American , 5''7", with short blond hair. Please e-mail if you have seen him.

My girlfriend's parents are missing in Thailand. Their names are Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mallen.

My 31-year-old brother, Bill Twaddle. from Vancouver, is in Thailand. in Trang. We have not heard from him for two days. He was teaching English there. If anyone knows anything about him please contact us.

I'm searching for my son, David Edward Lorente. He was to be married to Warathip Sompong of Lamlukka near Bangkok. He sent an e-mail photo on December 24 stating that her company had given them a holiday. My fear is that he went down to the islands. He hasn't called us. If anyone has information please let me know. Update: David is in Bangkok assisting the relief effort. The couple are expected to return to California.

In southern Thailand, we are searching for news regarding our friend Tyrell from Helena, Montana.

Our friend John Martin Murray left Bangkok on 25 December, we think, to travel to Phuket, but that has not been confirmed. He did not have a set itinerary when he left Western Australia. He is due back in Bangkok today to fly out Wednesday. No-one has heard from him. Distinct Irish accent, approx 5'9",short cropped silver hair, born 12/8/64.

My friends were in Phuket. I'm a 13-year-old girl from Saudi Arabia. Their names are Frank Worcester and Nicole Dancer. I'm really worried about them and I just want to know if anyone has met them or know if they're OK.

My friend Nicole Weissberg was traveling in Phuket. She was supposed to meet my brother at the Phuket airport on Monday and she was not there to meet him. We have not heard from her. Please e-mail with any information.

My best mate, Caroline Vanessa Rosso, is missing in Thailand. She should have arrived in Phuket on Sunday, December 26, at about 6 a.m. by plane. She was going there for a diving holiday and is traveling by herself. If anybody has seen her please contact me as soon as possible.

My brother-in-law was on Phi Phi Island when the tsunami hit. We are still unable to locate him. He was at the Royal Princess Resort in a bungalow on the beach. His name is Ben Abels. He is 6'1", thin, and has brown hair and eyes. He was in the bungalow when the tsunami hit him and his friend. His friend said that it crashed down on them and she was pinned under the rubble. She hasn't seen him since. There does not seem to be anything done to help Americans there. There is no American rescue support on PP Island at this time. We want our brother back home. We need to find him. Please help.

We need help. I'm Chema Chiver from Mexico City. My friends Jacobo Hassan and Karen Michan were on Phi Phi Island on a honeymoon. When they were leaving the hotel room, they saw a lot of people running. They started running, and that was the last time that Karen saw Jacobo. Now Karen is in Phuket and Jacobo is still missing. If there any information to locate him, please let me know.

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