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E-mail appeals: Sri Lanka

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(CNN) -- We received thousands of e-mails in the days after December's tsunamis from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the disaster.

The e-mails are alphabetized by the missing person's last name. E-mails received before December 29 are not sorted.

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Abeygunarathna, Piyumi
I am looking for my pen pal, Piyumi Abeygunarathna. We have been pen pals for years and I am praying for her safety. Please send any information.

Abeysinghe family
Trying to locate Nishanta and Shani Abeysinghe and their two small children. They were visiting family in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Abeysinghe, Hiran
I am trying to obtain information about my friend Dr. Hiran Abeysinghe, Chemical Engineer and his family.Any information whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

Abeysundara, Ranjith
Madagedara Wattha, Hitlateya -- Matara.

Abeythunga, A.S.U. (Alex)
Looking for some news from our friend Alex (A.S.U Abeythunga) who lives with his family in Koggala. We don't know if Alex and family are safe after the disaster. Thank you for your help.

Achchillage, Padma S. Kanthi R.
I am looking for a missing female whose name is Padma S Kanthi R Achchillage (dob 01/10/1957). I'd like to know her whereabouts and if she was a victim of the tsunami.

Agalawatte, Savith
Six year old boy lost in Arugam Bay the morning of Dec. 26. His name is Savith Agalawatte. He has a scar from a heart surgery done when he was a baby.

Ahangama, Priya; Mahara; Gunarathna, Ramil; Rosha, Udayanaga

Akbar, Madeeha
I am worried about my friend Madeeha Akbar who left California for Sri Lanka around Dec. 16 on vacation. I hope her family and she are safe, as I remember her telling me she has relatives down south of Sri Lanka.

Al Qadeeri, Abdul Razzak Abdul Rahman
We are very worry about my father, who traveled to Sri Lanka from Kuwait December 13. His name is Abdul Razzak Abdul Rahman Al Qadeeri. He is a 51-year-old Kuwaiti. We've tried to contact him but we failed, and we've also talked with the Kuwait embassy but they didn't give us any answer.

Alagaratnan family
We are concerned for the safe return of Kingsley and Salome and their two children who returned to their native Sri Lanka for the holidays.
Update: Safely found.

Alawattegama, G.A.B.
I am looking for my good friend Dr. G.A.B. Alawattegama and his family. They are living in Balapitiya. He is very famous among German people. If you have any information about them, pleas contact me.

Almeida, Patrick Nimal and family

Alvares, Jennifer and Vincent
Looking for Jennifer and Vincent Alvares at 12 De Alwis Place, Kalutara, Sri Lanka.

Amaraweera, Phushara
She worked in Banana Garden Restaurant (Unawatuna). The owner of the Banana Garden named Prabat Amaraweera ("Salija") is OK.

Amerasekera family
I am trying to contact Anoma, Ajith and Jasmine Amerasekera. They had gone for a wedding to Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Update: Amerasekera family update:contacted and safe. I thank CNN for this service.

Amaraweera, Janaka
I'm looking for any information about my pen pal, Janaka Amaraweera. His address is Hemananda Mawattha, Beligha junction, Galle. He works as a doctor in a hospital in Colombo. But since it was Christmas season, there is a big chance that he was at his parents' house in Galle. I know that his father is a retired doctor, so this family may be well known in Galle. Who has some information if he and his family are OK?

Amaraweera, Pradeep (Saliya)
I'm looking for my friend Pradeep Amaraweera (nickname Saliya). His family and staff, owner of Banana Garden Restaurant in Unawatuna. Please help me to find him.

Amirthanayagam family
I am looking for news of Vathany, Aruna, Ahilan and Easwari Amirthanayagam. They live in Narobi, Kenya but rumor has them vacationing in Sri Lanka at the time of the tsunami. I want to know if they are alive and well.

Anketell, Arul
I would like to know if Dr. Arul Anketell of Healthcare Christian Fellowship is ok.

Anurasiri, K K
I am trying to find out information and hopefully establish some contact with a family from Mirissa who ran the 'Ocean Moon' on Mirissa beach front. The owner is called 'Siri' but full name is Mr K K Anurasiri.

Appuhamy, Natalie
Looking for my former student Natalie Appuhamy (16 years) living in Ulhitiyawa, Wennappuwa. Het father Francis Appuhamy owns guesthouse Morning Star in Kochchikade. Please help.

Arachchige, Madushani A. R K
We have been sponsoring Madushani A. R K Arachchige through World Vision for over 10 years. She lives in Lunugamvehera, Sri Lanka, near Kuda-Oya and approximately four miles from Colombo. She has dark hair and brown eyes and her birthday is June 18, 1989. Please if anyone knows how that area is doing regarding the tsunami or anything about Madushani please please let us know. Thank you so much and our prayers are with the victims and their families.

Arjunan, Mythili
I once sponsored a young Sri Lankan girl thru World Vision, named Mythili Arjunan. She is a young teenager by now, with dark black hair, and brown eyes. If anyone know anything, I would so appreciate a response. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this horrible tragedy.

Armstrong, Kacey
We are desperate for information about our dear friend, Kacey Armstrong. She was traveling with friends to a family reunion. She is 20 years old, 5'5", blond hair, blue eyes. She is from Los Altos, Mountain View, California.
Update: Kacey Armstrong and her traveling companions are alive and well in Sri Lanka. We are relieved and so very thankful.

Arsage family
I am seeking information about my husband, my two children and my mother. My husband's name is Harbet Arsage. My kids' names are: Kasun Arsage and Hasni Arsage. My mother's name is Samn Vilrta. They live in Galle, Sri Lanka. I am a mother and I am worried. I am crying every day without knowing if they are still alive or dead! I shall be very thankful if someone e-mailed me back with information about my family.

Ashborn, Alton
Alton Ashborn, male, approximately 45, height 5'9", weight 150, hair dyed black, eyes black, nationality Ceyloneys. Last known location he was in the Novaloka Hospital. RM. 39, son is looking for him.

Friends Jackie and Colin with Alex and Matthew, holidaying over Christmas in Sri Lanka.

Aston, Lynn and Ian
I'm looking for Lynn and Ian Aston, diving with Poseidon Divers in Hikkaduwa.

Attali family
Looking for Isabelle Attali, Ugo Attali and Tom Attali (French), missing in south of Sri Lanka (Yala Safari Game Lodge, near Tissamaharama). Denis believes that his family may have been taken by the wave in the direction of the lagoon or that they may have been stuck in their bungalow that was No. 114. Isabelle is nearly 42 (born 01/63), blond, 1.63 m, 65 kg, clear complexion. She has scars (about 30 cm long) on both thighs because she has been operated on at the hips. Her left leg is shorter (approximately 2 centimeters) than the other. She has a dental bridge (up right). Ugo is nearly 8 (01/97), 1.20 m, blond, very short hair, clear complexion. He has recently lost four teeth (two front top, and two front bottom) that have been replaced by adult teeth. He also has a mole in the hair, on the right side. Tom is nearly 5 (born 01/00), 1 m, blond, very short hair, clear complexion.

Atukorale, Dhakshini
Looking for my good friend Dhakshini Atukorale, and her family. She lives in Colombo and I have no way of reaching her anymore. If anyone has heard anything about her or her family, it would be greatly appreciated! My thanks to you all in advance.

Balapitiyage, Pradeep and Dinesha
We are still awaiting news about the whereabouts of Dinesha and Pradeep BALAPITIYAGE.They were visiting family for the holidays.They both work and live in Biella, Italy.

Bandara, Kanishka Madushani
Padiyathalawa, Ampara District in Sri Lanka. Madushani is a 9-year-old girl. Have not been able to find out if she is all right. We are very worried.

Bandara, M.
I'm looking for M.M.A. Bandara (Mannauthum Mudiyandelage Ananda Bandara), driver for Jetwing travel and Lets Travel in Sri Lanka. He lives in Kandy (Boyagama Peradeniya), but most of the time [he is] on the road. He his a good friend of [ours]. I didn't get any news since the disaster.

Bandara, Nimesha Udayangani
I am looking for any information about Nimesha Udayangani Bandara and her father Priyantha -- last known to be in Sri Lanka -- if you have any information, please let me know.

Barmoulle-Phillips, Ilka
Is there any information concerning Ilka Barmoulle-Phillips? She is French and is supposed to have been in Sri Lanka during the winter. Being a good friend of mine, I would like to know if she is missing. Please answer. I would truly appreciate it. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Barth, Ulrike
I'm looking for a co-worker her name is Ulrike Barth with her daughter.

Bataduwa Kiringodagae, Nandana Hikkaduwa,
277 Galle Road, Sri Lanka, perhaps now living in Galle.

Balapytiage, Denesia and Pradeep
They were visiting parents for the holiday season. They both work and live in Biella, Italy.

Benedict, Sarojini
Sarojini Benedict, her husband, children And Sarojinis, her sister were all living At Alampil Mullaitivu until Dec. 26, 2004 and to date their whereabouts is unknown. I shall be thankful for any information about them.

Bengoechea, Fernando
We know that he was swept by the waves with his friend, Nate Berkus, and then separated. Nate has been rescued but Fernando is still missing. They were in Sri Lanka at the Stardust Beach Hotel in Arugam Bay. He is 39 years old, white, 5'8", brown hair, green eyes and has braces in his teeth. Update: The family has issued a statement saying that Fernando is now presumed dead. The statement can be viewed hereexternal link.

Braine, George; Roy George and wife, Fawzia
They were visiting their families in Sri Lanka.

Bray, Terry
Terry Bray from Toms Lane, Kings Langley, Herts, England -- traveling with Greta, wife/partner, who is Danish originally; both over 50, white. Terry is short and has a full beard and hair cut to bottom of ears, grey, wavy. They were in Sri Lanka from December 19; not listed as found, not home, but were due to transfer to Maldives, yesterday or today, so may have continued with that plan for some reason. Please e-mail. Greta has family in Denmark, but Terry has no close family in England; so wider family may not know he went away. Thanks.

Brenda, Solangarachchi
Solangarachchi Brenda, lives with her parents. Her address is Mople Road, Katubedda, Moratuwa.

Gisela, Machuca; Molinie Bertrand Machuca
Gisela (Mexican) and Molinie Bertrand (French). Last known to be traveling in Sri Lanka.

Berger, Flory
Flory, a 3-year-old blond girl, is missing from Tangale. Her parents, Gabi Berger and Michael Noack, are out of hospital and looking desperately for her.

Bibile, Hiranthi
I am looking to see if my friend who was travelling back to Sri Lanka to visit her family in Colombo is safe. Name: Hiranthi Bibile Age: 24 Long Black Hair, fair complexion Born: Sri Lanka, Colombo, 10.11.80 Travelled to Sri Lanka from Australia, Melbourne. Departed on December 16.

Brook, Steven

Brouwer, Johan; Fredje
Looking for Johan Brouwer and his friend Fredje, who are both from Amsterdam, Holland. They have been vacationing somewhere in Sri Lanka since the first of December. We have heard nothing and left messages on his phone machine in Amsterdam with no return call.

Butler, Liam
Gunasekera, Upekha Liam Butler, 35, Irish, and his Sri Lankan wife, Upekha Gunasekera, 35.

Camila, Keisha
She was in Abu-Dhabi and went to Sri-Lanka for holidays. She went with her family and has a brother also named Shehan.

Cathcart, Alan and family
Alan & Stella Cathcart & family. Please contact me by email.

I am desperate to know if anyone knows if Chaminda and his family from the Sun Beach hotel in Hikkaduwa have survived.

Chandrasiri, M.C.
I'm hoping to find some information on the situation of a good friend, named M.C. Chandrasiri, living in Piliyandala (Mampe North). He's a driver guide for Aitken Spence, and used to work for Walker Tours. Can anyone tell me how he and his wife and children are doing? Thank you very much.
Update: His employer has confirmed to me that "Chandra" and his family are allright!

Chandrasoma, Anjala, Vidyani and Maitri
The names are Anjala Chandrasoma, Vidyani and Maitri Chandrasoma. They live in Montgomery, Alabama, but were visiting relatives in Sri Lanka in December 2004.

Chapman, Ashika
I am looking for news of my friend Ashika Chapman, her husband, Greg Chapman, and their two kids. Ashika and Greg are living in Sri Lanka. Greg works for CARE Sri Lanka. Thanks.

Chetty, Dushan Casie
I am looking for Dushan Casie Chetty. He was my roommate for the past three years and moved back to Sri Lanka following college graduation. Many calling and wishing to hear about his status. Please respond with any news.

Collier, Tony
I am searching for my dear friend who travelled from Hong Kong to Sri Lanka late December for Xmas holiday. He was then to return to England 1/1/05. I received e-mail 21.12.04 to say he was in Sri Lanka and having a great time. I mailed him back Xmas Eve and have been mailing and trying to phone his mobile since. I check the lists everyday of Found Brits, Airlines ect Government Depts., but still no word. His name is Tony Collier. Attractive in looks, blonde short hair, slim build, approx 5"10, age 36. If anybody has any news whatsoever I would be so grateful to hear from them.

Cook family
Looking for the Cook family residing in Dehiwela, Colombo. Are they OK?

Cooray, Maneesha
My daughter has a pen pal, her name is Maneesha Cooray. She attended Sacred Heart Catholic acadamy. Her father is Catholic and her mother is Buddhist. She has one sister that is younger. We were wondering if their family was okay. Please let us know. Thank You.

Corea, Indiea
Looking for Indira Corea and family, who live in Colombo. Hope they are OK.

Dahanayake, Indika
I am looking for my friend Indika Dahanayake. She flew with her husband to Sri Lanka on December 21 to visit her parents.

Dayaratne family
Mr. A.K. Dayaratne, wife, Sujeewa Gamage, and two children had gone to Hirikatiya, Samagi Pura, Dodang Pahala, Dikwella on December 24.

De Alwis, Kalpanee
Her name is Kalpanee De Alwis (19), she lives in Kalubowila Dehiwela in Sri Lanka, if anyone has heard anything, Please let me know, we are worried.

Deawamuni, Sewwandi
I am trying to find information on Sewwandi Deawamuni and her family. She is a little girl that I sponsor through the Christian Children's Fund of Canada.

De la Croix-Vaubois family
Looking for Paul and Stacey de la Croix-Vaubois, and their children, Jacques, Pierre and Emmanuelle. They live in Colombo. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please assure us of their safety. Thank you. God bless.
Update: The Paul de la Criox-Vaubois family is safe! Thank you so much!

Delgoda, Dananjaya and family
We are urgently looking for information concerning Dananjaya Delgoda and his family from Akurala. They manage the Sea Spray Terrace Guesthouse on Galle Road in Akurala, Sri Lanka. We haven't heard from him ever since the disaster happened and do not succeed getting in contact with them. Does anyone have information about the family?

De Rosario family
Mr. Francis (62), Mrs. Indrani (60), Mr. Roshan (14), Ms. Muriel (15), Ms. Thilini (10) De Rosairo and Mr. Edmond Abeyweera (around 80-85), address: Hallawawatte, Gurubebila, Weligama.

D'Silva family
I am searching for my friends, Gianna, Steve, Scott and Lisa D'Silva, who are in Sri Lanka visiting family and friends. The D'Silvas live in Sydney, Australia. If anyone has any information on them, I would appreciate your sending me an e-mail.

De Silva family
I want to find information about my batchmate Ushan De Silva's family in Hikkaduwa. Ushan lives in New Zealand and his mother and brother live in Hikkaduwa very close to the beach. Hope and pray that they are fine. Please let me know if anyone knows about them.

De Silva, Ajith
I'm looking for the whereabouts of Ajith De Silva. Please e-mail any info. He lives in Gintota, Galle.

De Silva, Carmen And Kirthi
I´m looking for my aunt and uncle. I only know that they were visiting family and friends in Sri Lanka. They sent me a post on Dec. 15 telling that they were in Kandy. Their names are Carmen Regueiro de Silva and Kirthi de Silva Wisejundera.

De Silva, Don and Gunawardhana family
Don DeSilva and Gunawardhana family of Park Road, Colombo. I'm worried about you. I hope that you are OK. I've tried to call and could not get through.

de Silva, H. Sunethra
Please, I am looking for H. Sunethra de Silva. The last known address was Railway Road in Akurala-Kahawa. She is about 42 years old. If you know something about her or her family, please send me a message.

De Silva, Harin
I am looking for Harin De Silva, Male about mid 20s. He's a native of Sri Lanka. Any information is helpful.

De Silva, Harsha and Janeke
I am seeking any information on Harsha and Janeke De Silva. They lived in Colombo. He is an economist. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Update: I saw on your site that Michael Herfkens was looking for my information and also of Janaki's. We are fine. Thank you Michael and Jenny.

DeSilva, Hettidura and family
Hettidura (Eric) DeSilva and family. Left for Sri Lanka on 21st December to visit relatives, possibly in Colombo. Eric is a teacher in Coonamble, Australia, and his wife and 2 children live in Sydney, Australia.
Update: Update on Hettidura (Eric) De Silva and family. They were helping victims since the tsunami struck. They are now safe at home. Thank you CNN.

DeSilva, Hiranthi
Hiranthi deSilva traveled to Sri Lanka (exact destination unknown) to visit her parents, departing her home in Rockville, Maryland, approximately on December 23. She was accompanied by her husband and two young children. She is a native of Sri Lanka. I'm not sure of the spelling, but her husband's name is Prad Pareira. Daughter is Amani Pareira.

De Silva, Ivor and Maurine
Please help us locate Professor Ivor de Silva and his wife, Maurine, who have been visiting family and friends in Sri Lanka since December 18. We have no contact information there. Friends and colleagues at Massasoit Community College are very worried. We have already contacted the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Colombo. Many thanks.

De Silva, K. Chandra
We want information about K. Chandra Sena de Silva. He was a popular tour guide working out of the Triton Hotel in Ahungalla. We wish to know his situation and that of his three children and wife. If anyone can help please e-mail. I would be very grateful.

De Silva, Kamal, Chandima and Sithari
Looking for Kamal De Silva, Chandima De Silva and Sithari De Silva, 6. Kamal is missing a leg due to a mine. He was driving a three-weeler in the environment of Triton Hotel.

De Silva, Lalinka
Any news of Lalinka De Silva, who attended Prendergast Nursery and her mum and dad, both doctors at Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest South Wales.They returned to Sri Lanka last year. Praying they are safe.

De Silva, Lasantha Lakittha and Sisil
I am trying to find Lasantha Lakittha De Silva and his friend Sisil De Silva. Dear friends of ours, living in Siripathi Road, Aluwamodama. Beach boys that used to hang out on the beach at Beruwela.

De Silva, Majula
I am looking for Majula De Silva, lives in Koggala, south of Sri Lanka, almost behind the Koggala Beach Hotel and the railway station.

De Silva, Manimeldura
I want to learn of Manimeldura (Sampath) De Silva's well-being. Graduated as Ph.D. in engineering from University of South Florida May 2004, returned to Colombo, Sri Lanka, with wife and three young children. Please have him contact us in Water Resources at USF. Thanks.

DeSilva, Patricia and Vinodh
We are desperate to find out about Patricia and Vinodh DeSilva of Unawatuna. They are owners of the Unawatuna Beach Resort. Also any information about the Piyadasa family of Unawatuna would be so welcome. Thank you.

De Silva, Saman and Champa
Saman de Silva, male, 36 years old, architect. He worked in Rome (Italy) in November 2004 at ICCROM. Champa de Silva, Saman's wife. Champa is a children's doctor. They have a son of approximately 1 and a half years. They live south from Colombo but Saman has worked mainly in Galle. They are/were meant to come to Wales (UK) by the end of January 2005, as Champa will start a course at a hospital for her specialization. I have tried to contact them by e-mail and mobile number, but no answer. Please help me in tracing them.

De Silva, Siri
Looking for update from Dr. Siri DeSilva. Are you OK? The Emergency Department Staff at UPMC, St. Margaret Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are worried about you, praying for you, your family, and the people of your homeland. We love you, Siri.

De Silva, S-Sudarshana Manjula
I am desperately seeking information about S-Sudarshana Manjula De Silva (Ronnie), who lives and works in Beruwela. His address is Hettimula, nr Galle Road, Beruwela.

De Silva Thalik and Gethani Nelun
I am desperately seeking information of the whereabouts of my dear friends Thalik and Gethani Nelun De Silva and family, of Moragalla, near Beruwela.

De Silva, Ujithasiri. D.
I would like to trace D. Ujithasiri de Silva of Hotel Road, Paratharakaya, Kosgoda.

De Silva, Uthtara
I am looking for my pen friend, Uthtara De Silva, who lives in Matara. I haven't heard from her for some time and I am worried about her recent situation. I would just like to know that she is alive and well.

De Zoysa, Chamila Indika
Chamila Indika De Zoysa, Gall Road, Ahungalla, Welikanha, Srí Lanka

De Zoysa, Natasha
I am looking for a college friend who is home in Sri Lanka for the Christmas break with her family. Her name is Natasha De Zoysa. I met her while studying in Australia, where she still goes to school. I got an e-mail from her on Christmas Day, but I have not been able to reach her by phone or e-mail since. Thank you for your help.

De Zoysa, Nelson and Rosa
I am looking for Nelson and Rosa De Zoysa of St Sebastian Road, Katukurunda, Kalutara.

De Zoysa, Rathnasiri
Rathnasiri de Zoysa from Kosgoda, Sri Lanka. Does anyone have any information about Rathnasiri de Zoysa and his family? Rathnasiri lives in Kosgoda and ran a small and basic (but wonderful) beach restaurant called the "Lagoon View Restaurant", it is situated about 300mtrs up the beach from the Kosgoda Beach Resort. Rathnasiri had a bad leg and walked with a limp, he used to walk up and down the beach looking for customers. Rathnasiri and his family welcomed us into their home when we were in Sri Lanka and made our holiday perfect. I am very worried about them and want to help.

Devi, Marsala and Stephanie
I am looking for information on Devi Tredriani, Marsala Adriani and Stephanie Salim, and their families.

Dharmadasa, W.
My uncle (Mr. W. Dharmadasa, 59) who went to the Sunday fair in Hambantota is missing since Dec. 26. We have searched everywhere. We hope he might alive. If found please send me information.

Dickman, Barbara
Lives in Gangodawila, Nugegoda.

Di Domenico, Thea
I am seeking information of my pen friend of 40 years, she lives at 4th Cross Street, Matara. Her name is Thea di Domenico. I am also concerned because I have not received a birthday card in November or a Christmas card. She is in her 70s and lives alone. She has a sister in Colombo, but I do not have her address. Any information concerning Thea will be gratefully received. I will write to her, but it will take some time for the post to get through in view of the disaster.

Dissanayake, Chanishka Dulmini
I am looking for Chanishka Dulmini Dissanayake whose family lives in Sri Lanka. We just graduated from college together and she always goes home for the holidays to visit her family. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Dissanayake, Dammika and Saraja
I would like to know if my friends Dammika and Saraja Dissanayake survived the tsunami. I hope they are alright. They live in Polgasowata.

Dissanayake, Rukshan and Salinga
I am looking for Rukshan and Salinga Dissanayake and their two children. Last heard from them on the 24/12/04. Home address: Madinnagoda Road, Rajagiriya.
Update: I have found that Rukshan and Salinga Dissanayake and their children are safe and unharmed at home.

Doole, Quraisha
Does anybody know Quraisha Doole? She has since got married so she might have a different surname which I don't know. She lives in Malabe and is a friend of mine and I would like to know if she is safe and well.

Drinkwater, Peter; Topping, Deborah
Has anyone heard from these people?

Dru, Jayatilaka
Dr. Dru (Druri) Jayatilaka (in his 30s) is a doctor in NYC and was with his father, George, Mother and sister (from LA, CA area)in Sri Lanka for Christmas. We have called his cell phone and parents' home phone, no answer or change to their message. Dru's father, George, is a director of a hospital in the LA area. Has anyone heard anything about this family. Please respond, we are desperate to hear how Dru and his family is.

Du, Linda and Wu, Zhongchao
They arrived in Delhi, India, on December 15. In the last two weeks we do not have any info from them. We know that they may go to Sri Lanka during this tourism, which increases our worry substantially.

Edirisinghe, Dinal
I am looking for my good friend Dinal Edirisinghe. Dinal is a student of both Royal College, Colombo, in Sri Lanka and the University of Notre Dame in the U.S. Dinal is 22-23 years old, stocky build, with glasses and an offset left eye. It is believed that Dinal was visiting his family in Sri Lanka over the winter break from Notre Dame.

Ederisinghe, Ishani
I am looking for my friend, Ishani Ederisinghe. She traveled to Sri Lanka for Christmas to visit family. She is 33 years old. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

Elapata, Naren
Looking for Naren Elapata, a resident of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Height: 6'; weight: 170 pounds; balding; had face surgery done to remove burn scar; has moustache; speaks English.

El-Shamy, Lyla
I'm concerned about my friend, Lyla El-Shamy. I am not sure if she was in Sri Lanka last or India or someplace else at this point.

Emch, Premetilaka and Budikamadoshanka
Budikamadoshanka Emch, 15, and Premetilaka Emch, 35, living in Galle, Sri Lanka. The first is my son and the second is my husband. Since I live in Lebanon, I can't contact them. I've been trying for five days without any response.

Falck, Martina
We are looking for Martina Falck who is originally from Germany. She was last known to be living in Sri Lanka. Her father's name is Carl Borgmeir.
Update: Please remove Martina Falck's name from your list. She has been located and is fine. Thank you very much.

Farhan, Mohamed B.
Mohamed B. Farhan, from Ramadana Rd, Beruwala.

Felix, Galiker
Mr Galiker Felix, age 42, 1.88m tall, blue eyes, brown hair.

Ferdinand, Ivan
Looking for any info on Dr. Ivan Ferdinand and family from Medagoda, Matara, Sri Lanka.

Fernandez family
Looking for Percy, Lidia, Sean, Avine, Minet Fernandez. Residents of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Visiting relatives in Sri Lanka. Arrived around December 6.

Fernandez, George and Queency
I am seeking information about Dr. George Fernandez, his wife, Queency, and their two adult children, Rayma and Ryan. Dr. Fernandez is a faculty member of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources at the University of Nevada in Reno. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. God bless all of you.

Fernando family
I want to know about my friends Pincity Fernando, from Sri Lanka, his wife, Reyna Fernando, [who] is from Honduras, and their two daughters, Nicole and Rachel Fernando.

Fernando, Alex
Lives in Negombo.

Fernando, Anoma
Geethundani Anoma Geethundani Fernando is retired from Army. She is a divorcee lives in Kaahchikade with her school going daughter.

Fernando, Charminie
Her name is Charminie Fernando. She lives in Ambalangoda. She has a brother with the last name of Fernando who lives in Colombo. She is ill, diabetic and with poor eyesight. She is 60 years old.

Fernando, Jude
From Negombo. He worked at the Kosgoda beach resort in Kosgoda.

Fernando, Karl
I am a good friend of Karl Fernando. I am looking for the Fernando family who are from Melbourne, Australia. Karl, 16, and his mother and father. Left Australia on December 11.

Fernando, Keerthi
I am looking for Mr. Keerthi Fernando, who went to Sri Lanka in mid-December. He works in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Fernando, Nimesh Rio
I am looking for my pen pal Nimesh Rio Fernando. We have been pen pals for a year or so and I am really worried about his safety.

Fernando, Nishi
We seek information on Nishi Fernando; he lives in Dehiwela Sri Lanka.

Fernando, Peter A.
I have a good friend who last year returned to Sri Lanka, his name is Peter A. Fernando. I was hoping that someone could help me find out if he was OK.

Fernando, Rajitha
Looking for Rajitha Fernando and family of Kalutara North. He has two sisters and one older brother. Older brother studied in the U.S. (NYC) and the other married sister lived in Ratnapura; the other sister lived at home. Met them when staying in Sri Lanka with AFS in 1983. We lived not too far from the beach, and a smaller beach hotel that was up the road and near the beach. Thank you.

Fernando, Tiru
Tiru Fernando, age 51, former BYU golfer, lived at Alexandra Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka. Mother's name is Pam and her brother is Pria. Lived with the Simmons family in Utah from 1976-79.

Finch, Darren J.
I'm still looking for my 30-year-old friend, Darren J, Finch, somewhere in Sri Lanka. Around 5'11", slim build, brown hair.
Update: Darren J. Finch has been found safe and well ... best of luck to you all.

Fischer, Ingebort
Mrs. Ingebort Fisher, 77, short brownish-blond hair, 5'4" 125-135lbs, wears glasses. Mrs. Fischer is German, but speaks perfect English. She was in Sri Lanka visiting one of the resorts that specializes in homeopathic treatments.

Fitzgerald, Millicent Elizabeth
We are trying to trace our friend and neighbor, Millicent Elizabeth Fitzgerald, also known as Millie, from Highbury, London. She is 61 years old and has been in Sri Lanka visiting family since the 1st December. She has been in telephone contact prior to the 26/12 and has sent a postcard featuring a picture of Bentota but have heard nothing since the tsunami struck.

Flowers, E.
The person I am trying to find is E. Flowers. I don't know her first name except that it starts with an E. Ms. Flowers is my biology teacher in high school. No one from my high school can get in touch with her and we know that she was on the part of Sri Lanka where the tsunami hit hard. We have no idea if she is alive or not. She is 25 years old, with light skin, brown hair and green eyes. She is my favorite teacher and I really learned a lot from her. If you know anything please tell me so I can let the people at my school know. Thank you.

Fonseka, Aparna
Am looking for my friend, Aparna Fonseka. She left at the beginning of the summer and went home to Sri Lanka. She has family that lived here but they moved and I have no way of contacting her. She was supposed to come back for college but she might have stayed in Sri Lanka. Please, if you have any information on where she is or how to find her, contact me please.

Fonseka, Jamila
I am looking for Jamila Fonseka. She and I are colleagues at [the U.S.] Centers for Disease Control. She went to Sri Lanka to visit family over the holidays and we have no word on her or her family. Her brother lives in England, and I do not know if they also were in Sri Lanka.

Fonseka, Xiasavanh and Pradeepa
I am looking for my sister Xiasavanh and her husband, Pradeepa Fonseka. I haven't been able to get ahold of them for a while. I just wanted to make sure they are still OK.

Fouz, Fazil
Looking for Fazil Fouz of Chrysolite, 70a Colombo Road, Kaluwella, Galle. Been trying for days to trace Fazil. I know he also has residences in Colombo and has a brother who went to university in England. You may have bought some jewelry from him or his family in Galle or Horizon Hotel in Koggolla.

Fraser, Rishantha
I have not heard from my friend Rishantha Fraser and her family. They went to visit her family in Sri Lanka for the Holidays.

Gamaga, Sheela
Trying to reach Sheela Gamaga of Negombo, Sri Lanka. Phone calls do not go through. Please contact me so I can know she is OK.

Gamalathge, Jayantha
Very eager for any information about my friend Jayantha Gamalathge whose address is 112 Old Negombo Road in Ja-Ela, a town about 48 km north of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Have been calling for the past week but have not been able to contact him.

Ganasegaran, Tharani
Tharani Ganasegaran, Mannar.

Ganeshalingham family
Information needed for Lawrence, Diane, Thavey and Adam Ganeshalingam.

Ganeshamoorthy family
Seeking information about Ganeshamoorthy family, believed to be living in or around Kollupituja (Majula or Sambasivam).

Gardiner, Scott
The name of my friend is Scott Gardiner. His nationality is New Zealand. Age about 35. The last thing we heard was that he was staying in Hikkaduwa. Since then nobody has heard of him. Hope you can bring us some good news.

Gerard, Clarelle
I am looking for my syster Clarelle Gérard. She was born June 13, 1972, in France. I haven't heard any news from her since December 26. Thanks for helping.

Girardo, Eric
I am looking for a friend from France who had a tourist resort in Sri Lanka. His name is Eric Girardo.

Gittings, David
Sinhadeewaragama, Koggala, Habaraduwa. The owner of a new hotel just opened.

Gonidiva, Padinami
I am looking for my doctor, (G) Padinami Gonidiva, [who lives] on the west coast.

Goonawardhana, Maduka
My friend went on holiday with his family to Sri Lanka, his name is Maduka Goonawardhana. I desperately want to know if he and his family are OK. His older brother is Danuka and he has a younger sister. His parents are also there visiting family.

Goonetileke, Malim and Charmo
Of Suvisuddharama Road, Colombo 6. E-mails have not been replied to.

Goonewardena, Nihal and Anula
I am looking for information about Nihal and Anula Goonewardena (65-70 years old) and their two sons and their families. They own a coconut plantation by a tiny river between Colombo and Galle. Location: Saman, Yuana, Thalawathugouda, Battaramulla. Their Swedish friend from Stockholm, Leni Müller, wants to know if they are safe. Thank you!

Gordon, Vinod
Hoping to hear that Vinod Gordon is safe and well. Any news is really appreciated.

Gotuaco, Fursey
I am looking for any information on my good friend Fursey Gotuaco and his wife, Jen. They were apparently vacationing in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit. They are both educators in the Birdville Independent School District. Any information would be appreciated.

Graham, Steve

Traveling with a friend whose first name is Yoshi.

Gross, Jorg
We are searching for my wife's cousin who was last seen in Sri Lanka. He is a German citizen, speaks a little English; approximately 6'2" or 3", long blond hair, 33 years old, weighs about 80-85 kg. His name is Jorg Gross and he was with his fiancee on vacation.

Gunasekera, Dharshanie
My family and I are desperately seeking any information regarding the safety and whereabouts of my daughter Dharshanie Gunasekera, aged 27. She is a civilian being held by the LTTE since Sept. 29, 1998 following the missing of a domestic flight in Sri Lanka. Following the tsunami tragedy we have been struggling to cope with the stress and strain of not knowing if she is ok. The government of Sri-Lanka have little information from LTTE controlled areas.

Gunasekera, Yukthi
He was my roommate from college. I have e-mailed him but have not heard back. I know he was living in Sri Lanka when this disaster hit. Thanks!

Gunawardmana, C.M. (Cally)
I would be grateful for any information on the behalf of my mum and step dad. They visited Sri Lanka last year and made very good friends with their tour guide. His name is C.M. Gunawardmana (known to them as Cally) and he on Old Kottawa Road, Mirihana Nugegoda. He worked from many hotels and they met him at the Club Palm Garden Beruwela.

Gunawardena, Manori
Looking for Manori Gunawardena and family. I knew her in 1991 at University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, Colorado. She then went to Oregon to finish school. I believe she and her family are from around Colombo. Any word would be great.

Gunesekara, Sena and family
Seeking information about Sena Gunesekara and family living in Matara, Sri Lanka.

Gunathunnga, Ma Amal Presanna
We met this family last year, he works as a tailor in a small shop very near the beach. Wonder how he and his wife and small daughter are. Their address is Beach side, Moragalla, Bearuwalla. Wonder too if anyone knows about the staff at the nearby Eden Hotel in particular Ann the house keeper.

Gunatilake, Lakshmi Kumari
I have been trying to contact a friend called Mrs. Lakshmi Kumari Gunatilake. She works for the Central Bank of Sri Lanka as a Director of Non-Bank Financial Institutions. I wish to know whether she is safe.

Haleem, Anusha
Anusha Haleem has been my pen pal since 4th or 5th grade. The last know address I have for her is 47, Zavia Lane, Mattakkuliya, Colombo 15, Sri Lanka. This is her madien name and her parents' home address. Any information about her or her families' whereabouts or status would be greatly appreciated.

Halik, Azha
I am seeking information on my penfriend, Azha Halik, 20. She lives in Maradana Road, Beruwalaq, Sri Lanka.

Hamzeh, Emil
Emir Hamzeh, DOB: 10-21-1995, AGE: 9, SEX: Male, PARENTS: Nabil and Gada Hamzeh. Traveling with parents in Sri Lanka. I am his third grade teacher and I am desperate to hear something. He was supposed to return Jan. 10 to school and he is not here. No one knows anything.

Happ, Heidi, Annabel and Phoebe
I am concerned about Heidi Happ, Annabel Happ (age 3) and phoebe Happ (age 13). As far as I know they were on the west coast of Sri Lanka. I have already found the husband Stefan Happ on a list of found people, but I am concerned about the others and have no way of contacting Stefan because he is not home yet.

Hemaratna, A.; A. Suselawathi, G. Kamalratna and A. Yasawathie
Looking for relatives living in Galle, Sri Lanka. These are their names: A. Hemaratna, A. Suselawathi, G. Kamalratna and A. Yasawathie.

Herath family
Please, any information about Sam, Danette, Adrian (5) and Julian (2) Herath. Visiting Sri Lanka and Sam's family.

Hettiyakandage, Ravindu Fernando; Gordon, Vinod
I'm looking for Mr. Ravindu Fernando Hettiyakandage from Colombo and Mr. Vinod Gordon from Kandy. I hope to hear from you soon.

Hewawasam, Charles
Searching for information regarding our dear friend and former pastor, Father Charles Hewawasam. He is the administrator of Our Lady of Matara Shrine in Sri Lanka.

Hillgroove, Kelly

Hunt, Brian and Sarah
I am looking for information on my work colleague and his wife. Their names are Brian Hunt and Susan Hunt, they were on holiday in the northern part of Sri Lanka and were due to return to the UK on Jan. 6. I would appreciate any info on there whereabouts and if they are safe. Thanks.

Hussein, Mohammed and Shanaz
Jewellers and friends, formerly of the Ramada Renaissance in Colombo.

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