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Awards honor African journalists

Angelo Kinyua (center) is presented with the award by Chris Cramer (left) and Nolo Letele.



NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- Angelo Kinyua has been awarded the top prize at this year's CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2005 Awards ceremony.

Kinyua was chosen among 630 entrants from 40 nations across the African continent for his story, "Cancer," for Medeva on behalf of KBC, Kenya.

Chris Cramer, Managing Director, CNN International and Nolo Letele, CEO MultiChoice, South Africa, presented him with the award at a gala ceremony hosted by CNN in partnership with MultiChoice and in association with SAA as well as the Awards sponsors, at The Safari Park Hotel and Casino, Kenya.

Chairperson of the Judging Panel, Joel Kibazo, said: "This year's entries echo, more than ever, the spirit and diversity of the African continent. Each finalist should be proud in the knowledge that their work represents the best journalism not only in Africa but the world as a whole.

"What we see in Kinyua's story is a powerful piece of journalism in which the journalist tackles an unobvious subject. Kinyua showed courage in facing up to a rather difficult topic.

"Treating it with the kind of sensitivity it needed, to help the viewer understand the issues involved, and feel educated at the end of it," added Kibazo. "This was journalism at its best."

The overall CNN MultiChoice Africa Journalist 2005 prize comprises a three-week professional program at CNN Center, Atlanta, with complimentary flights courtesy of South African Airlines; along with the prize awarded to all category winners, which consists of a laptop computer, modem and printer and an additional cash prize.

Kinyua was chosen among 630 entrants from 40 nations across the African continent.

"These journalists join an ever-increasing number of professionals recognized by their peers over the last 10 years. They've become part of a new community of excellence, representing the best in African journalism and maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity," said Cramer.

Eben Greyling, CEO MultiChoice Africa, said: "We are exceptionally proud to partner with CNN in giving recognition to outstanding African journalists for their tireless work and search for the truth.

"MultiChoice would like to congratulate all the finalists and award winners of this prestigious competition. Their high standard and quality of journalism is a credit to the media industry and provides a wonderful example of best practice principles for the rest of the industry."

"MultiChoice looks forward to partnering with CNN next year, for the CNN MultliChoice African Journalist 2006 awards," added Greyling.

As partners in the competition, South African Airways have provided all the flights for the finalists and judges arriving from across the continent.

Other prestigious African companies on board as sponsors include: African Development Bank, Camerapix, Celtel International (mobile operators), CTS Group, Global Media Alliance (GMA), IPP Media, Johnnic Communications, Merck, Sharp & Dohme (MSD), and The Safari Park Hotel and Casino.

Highlights of the Awards ceremony will be broadcast as follows: (All times Johannesburg time)

M-Net Africa

  • MNA East Monday July 4 at 19:30 repeated July 5 at noon (one-hour show)
  • MNA West Monday July 4 at 21:30 repeated July 5 at 1900 (one-hour show)
  • Africa Magic Saturday 16 July at 2100 (half-hour show)
  • Saturday 16 July at 2130 (one-hour show)
  • M-Net Domestic Sunday 10 July at 17:00 (half-hour show)
  • CNN International

    Inside Africa: Saturday July 16 at 18:30

    Highlights from the night will be broadcast on terrestrial television in more than 20 countries across the continent.

    Winners in the individual competition categories are:


    Roselyne Wangui Wanyiri, Nation Television, Kenya

    Topic: "Machizi" The Heroes

    Judges' Citation: "'s a package that's put together very well with the music and the narrative, there's no pretence and there's no falseness in the way the two boys answer questions. They're very spontaneous, and they're sincere in their objectives and you as a person - as a viewer - you're saying 'I hope they make it all the way to the very top."


    Ntai Bagshaw, Daily Independent, Nigeria,

    Topic: Nigeria's Quest for Growth: The future is gas! -- Economics of Nigeria's corruption its incidence, costs and consequences - Body of work

    Judges' Citation: "Ntai submitted a body of work, two well-written pieces that are focusing on the economy in Nigeria. The one piece focuses on what he termed the Economics of Corruption in Nigeria and looking at what is the real impact of corruption in that country and goes further to propose solutions, to say 'this is how it should be dealt with'. The second piece, equally good, looks at how the Nigerian economy has over-focused on oil as a source of development and suggests alternatives, to begin to look at gas."


    Sarah Kimani/Orto Sori Orto, Nation Television, Kenya

    Topic: Depletion of Mau Forest

    Judges' Citation: "This is a story that could very well have been from any other African country. It is a challenge that is facing many, many countries about how to conserve the environment while at the same time being able to take care of communities that live around protected areas....And in this piece for instance you have ordinary people saying how do you conserve this environment when we don't have wood, when we don't have resources to live from day to day. So in a sense it has brought out the paradox between conserving the environment and sustainable development on the one hand."


    Mohamed Saïm, Radio Nationale Algérienne, Algérie

    Topic: Carnet de Route Alger-Djanet

    Judges' Citation: "The story is the narrative of someone whose trip from Algiers to Djanet in the interior of Algeria starts off on a very bad footing. But in the course of his day there he gradually gets to know the place and carries you along with him. And by the time you get to the end you agree with him that this is a place that you don't want to leave."


    Nadia Lamlili, L'Economiste

    Topic: Quand je serai grand, je veux être migrant

    Judges' Citation: "The piece is about Africans wanting to leave their countries because of various reasons... What made this one unique and special is that it offered solutions, possible solutions. What should African governments do to discourage their citizens from leaving their countries? Whether to cut down on unemployment, cut down on poverty levels, cut down on corruption levels, or giving people incentives in their own countries just so they don't escape because the brain drain is getting out of control according to this article. It's a well-rounded beautifully written package, lovely package."


    Angelo Kinyua, Medeva for KBC, Kenya

    Topic: Cancer

    Judges' Citation: "This is a powerful piece of journalism where a journalist looks at disease that has started spreading right across Africa. And, no, I'm not speaking about HIV and AIDS, I speak about cancer. This was journalism at its best. The journalist showed courage in facing up to a rather difficult topic. He obviously won the confidence of the patient and the family involved. But he went over and above that, he stayed with the story, he treated it with the kind of sensitivity it needed, to help the viewer understand the issues involved, and feel educated at the end of it. At the end of the day, that's what medical journalism is about."


    Benjamin Joffe-Walt, Freelance, South Africa

    Topic: Fishtailing in rebellion

    Judges' Citation: "The piece is very powerful and brings a lot of details. He speaks for instance about refugees living inside the country. Usually when we hear about refugees in Darfur, they are refugees who live across the border in Chad or other countries."


    Debbie Yazbek, The Star, South Africa

    Topic: Finding Peace in Retirement

    Judges' Citation: "It's often said that a good picture is worth a thousand words. With this particular picture, you can write three books! In it you have Mandela, his first wife Winnie Mandela, and his present wife, Graca Machel in one picture. Here we see the three of them at peace with one another. The first one shows Graca embracing Winnie, and Winnie reciprocating. Everybody knows Winnie, she is a very strong character, in fact the three of them are strong characters. They are all very much loved by the people. But this picture shows them all together, it brings a closure, and for the old man it is peace at last".


    Hilary Mbobe, for InterWorld Radio, Malawi Broadcast Corporation

    Topic: Debts and Daughters

    Judges' Citation: "We thought his technique was very good, to be so laid back about it all, not making editorial comments, just letting the story roll out by itself, and then we form our own judgments about the situation."


    Sakina Datoo, Jambo, Tanzania

    Topic: A Stunning World under the Sea Chumbe: The Marine Treasure

    Judges' Citation: "When you think of tourism pieces you think of, especially in Africa, of the Maasai Mara, you think of beach, you think of safaris, you think of those kind of tourist scenes and attractions. This one talks about marine life off the coast of Tanzania. The 'pictures' were beautiful, you felt like you were under water, you felt like you were snorkeling, and after that you wanted to come up for a bit of fresh air and go back down in the water in the way she describes it."


    Jessica Pitchford, Special Assignment, SABC, South Africa

    Topic: Running on Empty

    Judges' Citation: "Now here was a South African woman who said, 'Well, I've been seeing these Kenyan and Ethiopians win races and how are they doing it, and why are we not?' And she got the idea to travel up there and have a better look to investigate properly and this is what we wanted to see. Investigative journalism in practice."


    Julie Kelly/Nicole Troll for Carte Blanche, M-Net, South Africa

    Topic: Stealing Dockets

    Judges' Citation: "It was just like the Watergate, Deep Throat and all that stuff and it must have taken them a long time. It looks so simple when put together but I presume they must have taken a long time to get the trust of the insider."


    Nkepile Mabuse,, South Africa

    Topic: Bridge Story

    Judges' Citation: "It was a good investigative piece given that it was a news piece, it was not a one-hour feature. But the journalist was able to sketch all that information and package it very well."


    José Luis Mendonça, Freelance for Africa Lusófona Magazine, Angola

    Topic: Armas escondidas continuam a matar

    Judges' Citation: "I think it's a well-written story, it's a moving story because it talks about a human situation, which is now affecting a lot of children in Angola, and also it gives some hope."


    Deyda Hydara, Awarded posthumously, accepted on behalf of his widow, Mariam Hydara

    Judges' Citation: "As co-founder and managing editor of The Point in Gambia, Hydara strongly opposed contentious pieces of Gambian legislation...Despite obvious risks, he continued voicing his concerns though his columns...On December 16 2004, Hydara was shot and killed by unknown assassins...he died because he had a hope for a better Gambia -- it is with this in mind that we have been unanimous that this year's Free Press Africa Award be given to Deyda Hydara."

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