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Your e-mails: Hurricane Katrina



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Or, visit Popular Alerts for suggestions. asked readers to share their thoughts about Hurricane Katrina. Here is a sampling from the responses, some of which have been edited:

Honestly, this past year has been hell for people along the Gulf Coast. We were just beginning to recover from Ivan -- blue roofs still scattered throughout town -- when Dennis comes and recovery efforts start now for two storms. Not a month after Dennis has left destruction in its path, Katrina comes. The Gulf Coast may be known as paradise, but there is a price you pay to live here, and for many, including myself, that price is beginning to become too high. Lindsey Addison; Pensacola, Florida

My heart goes out to all the people living in the area. My husband is sailing on the MS Marlene Green (Dutch flag) and had to leave Mobile harbor and is on his way to Houston. This is a dangerous job, sailing trough the high waves and strong winds. And I can tell because I was there when Gordon hit in 1994. Petra aan de Wiel; Zutphen, Netherlands

The eye of Hurricane Katrina blew right over Aventura. When I woke up Friday morning, I expected to see a lot of destruction. To my surprise, damage done to my community was almost minimal. I live in a newer section of Aventura that was built several years after Hurricane Andrew. I believe that because our electrical lines are buried, new construction guidelines were met in my community, and because landscaping includes only native flora, I did not lose electricity or any trees in my neighborhood. If this was only a weak Category 1 that hit my neighborhood, my thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Gulf Coast. Barry Berg; Aventura, Florida

Who would have ever thought that a hurricane of this magnitude would ever affect my life. Well it has! I got a call at home in Prince Edward Island this morning from my mother telling me that she and her husband had to evacuate their home in Meraux, Louisiana. To be honest, when she phoned I had no idea that the hurricane was a Category 5, so my first reaction wasn't to panic. They were heading to Mississippi for shelter at a family home. After watching CNN all day today, my fear, panic and anxiety is at its highest level. I will not be able to have contact with them for days, maybe even weeks, I'm sure. God bless you and be with you Mom and Glenn and anyone and everyone being affected by this storm. For the anxiety that I'm feeling in my little part of the world, I can't even begin to dream what everyone there is going through. Jessica MacDonald; St. Peter's Bay, Prince Edward Island

Although I live in Pennsylvania, I feel sorry for Floridians and the people of New Orleans. I was a 12-year-old when Hurricane Agnes hung over lower New York State in June 1972, swelling the Susquehanna River to a crest of 40.6 feet. That flood destroyed our downtown. Matt Engel; Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

With Hurricane Katrina rearing her ugly head, why not at least remind people of their responsibility to their pets and at least give a mention to the fact that people must make other arrangements for their pets in times of disaster? If people must be evacuated from their homes, those homes are not safe for their pets, either. Roberta Schmitt; Kingston, New York

All my prayers and good wishes go to the people of New Orleans, including the best man and dear friend of my parents, Dr. Max Sugar, who lives near the Gulf and has lived in New Orleans all his life. Susan and Jack Reneau; Missoula, Montana

As a student of Louisiana State University (living on campus), I am quite a distance inland. While many evacuees of the New Orleans area have fled to the Baton Rouge area, the University administration has been preparing students on campus for severe weather conditions. A number of fellow students, including two from Kentucky, have already left for home amid the panic and concern. I plan to ride out the storm, however, but am prepared to see the home I grew up in (located in Slidell, Louisiana) be destroyed as it was once already during no more than a tropical storm. Brett Bergeron; Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Just wanting Louisiana to know some of us in Denver are already getting stuff together to head there to help them recover. Our thoughts will be with them in the next 24-36 hours. Brian; Denver, Colorado

Watching your coverage of storm. Mayor of Slidell just commented highways are jammed and he is concerned that people could be stuck when storm hits. Your cameras keep showing roads into New Orleans empty. Why can't officials make all roads outbound to help expedite evacuation? Diane Taylor; Sebastian, Florida

Hurricane Katrina reminds me so much of Hurricane Camille when I was stationed at Camp Shelby near Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Our camp was located about 80 miles north of Biloxi and Gulfport where Camille made landfall in August 1969. We had 120 mph winds 80 miles inland. Rain water was blown through the cement blocks of the Headquarters Building where I was working communications and dripped on the floor. Please tell the people inland that they are in harm's way also. Take precautions now. Patrick Lightcap; Madison, Florida

What about the zoo in New Orleans? Have any of the animals been evacuated? I know that this zoo sits on the banks of the Mississippi and will surely be flooded like the rest of the city. Virgil Price; Bellville, Texas

If they are so worried about getting everyone out of New Orleans, why not make all lanes of traffic outbound -- let no one come in. Right now on the news I see bumper to bumper traffic northbound and very few cars of southbound traffic. They are all roads, use them in the most efficient way: Leading out. Mike Stephan; Eagle River, Wisconsin

Please urge people to take their pets and animals with them when they evacuate. Any animals left behind that survive the storm itself, may be on their own for days or weeks until people are let back into the area. Danalee Evenson; Hutchinson, Minnesota

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