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Your e-mails: Rebuild New Orleans?

Some readers suggest moving the city

Karen Farley took this photo of flood damage in her New Orleans house.




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Should New Orleans be rebuilt?
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(CNN) -- New Orleans faces tough questions after the devastation that followed Hurricane Katrina.

Should the city be rebuilt? If so, how? posed those questions to readers, who sent in a range of opinions by e-mail. Some answered that the city should definitely rebuild; others argued against it; still others offered solutions for building New Orleans into a different, perhaps better, city.

Below is a sampling of responses from those who said the city should be rebuilt, but in a new location. Use the links at the bottom of the page to read some of the other opinions. Some e-mails have been edited for style, clarity and length.

I definitely think people deserve a chance to rebuild their homes, however, I think they need to move the boundaries back about 50 miles and call that the "New" New Orleans. Issue landowners new deeds on previously undeveloped property and start over.
Edna Clark, Fairfax, Virginia

Since the Supreme Court has said it is OK to take private land and give it to private developers for better uses ..Use eminent domain to rebuild New Orleans on a new site. I hear there is a lot of ranch land around Crawford, Texas.
Terry, Rockford, Illinois

Rebuild? Yes, but in a location that will be less susceptible to a repeat disaster. If people wish to ignore the federal government and build there anyway -- they should be excluded from disaster money. Just as residents who live on parts of the Ohio River have been subjected to.
Mike, Columbus, Ohio

I think the city should rebuild, but I also believe that building in the same location would be crazy. I think they should relocate and turn the parts of the city that are below sea level into a wildlife sanctuary of some sort. I don't have the answer as to how this would be accomplished, but knowing the problems that exist, I think it's the only answer.
Sandy Craig, St. Louis, Missouri

The only piece of New Orleans that should be rebuilt is the French Quarter. Bulldoze the rest of it and start somewhere else. There is a lot of talk of building a new levee system to protect against a Category 5 storm. But, history should have shown us by now that you can't beat Mother Nature. There is talk of getting help from Amsterdam in designing flood control systems, but Amsterdam is not subject to hurricanes. My question is why bother? Spend the money to build a better city that is above sea level and quit tempting Mother Nature to destroy New Orleans again.
Keith Brookshire, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Probably the best option would be to fill in the area along the Mississippi, essentially make the city a long thin city along the coast of the higher ground surrounding the river. This would allow for quicker rebuilding temporarily and allow for creating a larger city in the future. The river side could be government subsidies for those who lived in New Orleans before the hurricane and land on the lake side could be bought by outside companies and private citizens who pay for the reconstruction. Stimulate the area economically and expand the city as well.
Aaron, Gainesville, Florida

Yes, by all means rebuild the city. Do not, however, rebuild any part of the city that is below sea level. Instead, use land grants to the north of the 'old' New Orleans to create the 'new' parts of New Orleans. In retrospect, should any of these coastline cities be rebuilt with taxpayer's money just so a 'few' people can maintain their beachcomber lifestyles? Think about it!
Chris, Laurel Hill, North Carolina

New Orleans has always been a city that could not withstand a major hurricane and we don't have the technology to stop one. Whoever says we do is looking for a big government contract to get rich quick! The best we could do is begin rebuilding in a nearby location above sea level to bring back some business and residents to the areas
Ed, Columbia, South Carolina

My personal belief is that, at a minimum, whatever used to be the City of New Orleans should probably relocate to Baton Rouge, or some location further inland where there is somewhat better protection from the hurricanes and it will take longer for the Gulf of Mexico to reach it.
Michael Wiggins, Middletown, Rhode Island

Even if you could bring the elevation above sea level, it would only be temporary and with future weather changes, it would be better to move inland and rebuild for a more secure future. Bring what you can, replicate what you want, but why set yourself up for failure and more devastation. Enough infrastructure has been damaged beyond repair. Cut your losses and move to higher ground. Good luck.
Michael, Orofino, Idaho

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