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UK seeks Pakistani tied to Oregon case

Officials: Person of interest in London linked with U.S. terror case

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Great Britain
Justice Department

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A man British investigators have told Pakistani authorities they want to interview as part of the London bombings inquiry was previously implicated in a U.S. investigation, officials familiar with both investigations said.

The U.S. investigation concerns the building of a terror training camp in Bly, Oregon.

These officials said the man, Pakistani national Haroon Rashid Aswat, is an unindicted co-conspirator in the case in which the U.S. government alleged the camp was going to be built.

The U.S. Justice Department in August 2002 charged a Seattle, Washington, man, James Ujaama, with material support for terrorism for allegedly proposing to establish a "jihad training camp" in Oregon.

In a separate 2004 indictment, the Justice Department charged British cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri with conspiracy to provide and conceal material support to terrorists by allegedly working with others to set up the camp.

The Justice Department has alleged al-Masri participated in discussions regarding the camp in 1999.

Three unindicted co-conspirators are listed in documents connected to the Ujaama indictment.

Counterterrorism sources have previously told CNN al-Masri is the man referred to as unindicted coconspirator No. 1.

Sources also have previously said that Oussama Kassir, who in 2002 confirmed to CNN he traveled to Bly but denied any connection to terror activities, is the man identified as co-conspirator No. 2. That would leave Aswad as co-conspirator No. 3 in this case.

The Ujaama indictment alleges in November 1999 the men identified as Nos. 2 and 3 arrived in New York and then traveled to Bly "for the purpose of evaluating the Bly property as a jihad training camp."

In the indictment, prosecutors also alleged those two people "met potential candidates for jihad training ... established security for the Bly property ... and they and others participated in firearms training and viewed a video recording on the subject of improvised poisons."

The Justice Department also alleged in those court documents the two co-conspirators in February 2000 lived in Seattle, "where they expounded the writings and teachings of" co-conspirator No. 1.

Al-Masri is facing terror-related charges both in the United States and Britain. (Full story)

Ujaama pleaded guilty in 2003 to a charge of providing support to the Taliban. The original charges were dropped, and he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. (Full story)

Pakistani help sought

A Pakistani official said Wednesday that British investigators have asked Pakistan to round up a number of men for questioning.

In addition, investigators have turned over many cellular phone and other telephone numbers to Pakistan authorities, the official said.

The July 7 attack on London's mass transit system killed 52 people, plus the four suspected bombers, and injured more than 700.

Pakistani officials continue to check records for possible trips to Pakistan by the four London bombers. All four are British citizens, and three are of Pakistani origin.

A check of computerized airport entry records going back to 2002 so far indicates only one visit to Pakistan by two of the bombers from November 2004 to February 2005, said the Pakistani official.

The official said none of those wanted for questioning by the British is among the 200 Islamic militants rounded up in a crackdown on those suspected of violating Pakistan's own laws. (Full story)

CNN's Pam Benson, Kevin Bohn, Phil Hirschkorn, Graham Jones, Moshin Naqvi and Justine Redman contributed to this story.

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