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Coach shot at Texas high school

Suspect captured as police investigate possible motive

The Canton school was locked down after Thursday's shooting.

(CNN) -- The father of a high school football player in Canton, Texas, shot and critically wounded the athletic director at his son's high school Thursday morning, then fled, only to be captured in the afternoon, police said.

Jeffrey Doyal Robertson, 45, whose ninth-grade son is a student at the school, fired one shot from a large-caliber handgun at close range into the chest of Gary Joe Kinne Jr., police said.

Kinne, 37, also is the school's head football coach. He lives in Mesquite, is married and has a daughter and two sons.

He was flown to Mother Frances Hospital in nearby Tyler, where he was listed in critical but stable condition.

The shooting occurred shortly after 9 a.m. (10 a.m. ET) at the Canton High School field house, said Charles Fenner, city manager of Canton, which is about 55 miles east of Dallas.

A witness said he saw Robertson leaving the field house, police said.

"He will be be filed on for attempted capital murder," said Sgt. Brad Allison of the Canton Police Department.

After the shooting, the coach called someone who in turn called 911, Allison said.

Police: Report of hit list untrue

Five hours after the shooting and about 20 miles from the school, a helicopter belonging to a Fox television station spotted the suspect's black pickup truck parked near a golf course, Fenner said.

Five hundred yards from the truck, in the woods, police found Robertson face down and unresponsive after having lost blood through self-inflicted cuts, said Sgt. Brad Allison of the Canton Police Department.

In his pocket was a pocket knife and scattered around him in the woods were "a lot of guns," Allison said.

Robertson was taken to a hospital, treated and released into police custody.

An earlier report that the man was carrying a hit list was untrue, Allison said.

"The list itself does not exist," he said. "We do know that he had certain people that he was upset with." Those people, about five, were taken into protective custody during the manhunt, he said.

Asked what the suspect's motive may have been, he said, "It seems like he has been upset with the coaching system here for quite a while. He's a very high-tempered person and evidently he was not happy with the way certain things was done."

Last August, at a picnic before the beginning of the fall semester, Robertson was involved in a dispute with another football coach.

He was charged with disorderly physical and verbal conduct and banned from the high school grounds, Allison said, but the coach dropped the charges.

The cause of Thursday's attack was unclear.

"He was at a party last night, drinking heavy and yesterday was his birthday," Allison said. "Evidently, his birthday had something to do with it."

Robertson had a criminal record during the 1980s, he said.

The school, which has a student body of slightly more than 500, was locked down -- lights off, doors secured and no one allowed to enter or leave -- for two hours, said Lori Blaylock, assistant superintendent of the Canton Independent School District.

"No student was involved in the shooting, witnessed the shooting or was in any way in danger," she said.

Once police determined that the suspect was nowhere near the school, the lights were turned back on and students were allowed to eat lunch -- pizza -- said office manager Cherry Etheridge.

CNN's Ed Lavandera contributed to this report.

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