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Your e-mails: A memorial

RELATED users react to Terri Schiavo's death 
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(CNN) -- asked its users for their views and thoughts about Terri Schiavo and the national debate surrounding the rights of patients and their families. Here is a sampling from thousands of responses, some of which have been edited.

May God bless, and hold close, her and her family at this most trying of times. May God also bless the many supporters of her right to continue to live and mostly the ones who were so proactive for her death.
Vicky Carlsson; Holly, Michigan

My condolences go out to the loved ones of Terri Schiavo. I honor the parents and siblings of Mrs. Schiavo in their fight for life. I pray that Michael Schiavo will one day respect the quality of life and promote a culture of life. I also pray that God will have mercy on the soul of Michael Schindler despite his wrongdoing. Remember, blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. The Schindlers are the merciful and they WILL receive mercy.
Christopher Ojeda; Fairfax, Virginia

I am glad that she has left this world and gone onto a better place to be. She will now be whole, and have no pain. She will have understanding and she will feel no pain anymore. I am saddened that her death has caused such controversy over who should be able to say whether someone can die or remain a vegetable. I grieve with the parents, but please know again that she is in a better place and most likely happy.
Spencer Nelson; Salt Lake City, Utah

May her soul find peace. May her family be blessed. May her husband find the strength to go through this.
Boris Kouevi; Frederick, Maryland

I feel most sad for Terri herself. She was not allowed to die a peaceful and dignified death. As much as the husband tried, the whole thing just turned into a circus. This is a very tough subject matter. I feel for both sides, but I do believe the right thing was done. Please may we all just let her rest in peace?
Sheila Mendoza; Laguna Hills, California

My heart goes out to Michael Schiavo, and any other husbands like him, who have had to endure a tragedy like this. The illusion has been created by many that the decision to take his wife off the feeding tube was as simple as the decision of what he will wear tomorrow. To make a tough decision like the one he made, knowing that everyone would villainize him, is proof that he loved her. Hopefully this will help bring some closure to everyone involved and they will all finally be able to get on with their lives.
Joshua; Fishers, Indiana

Terri is an angel now.
Teresa; Toronto, Ontario

I am glad for Terri. I couldn't imagine anything more terrible than to be in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years. In my opinion, the people who claimed that it was murder to remove the feeding tube because of their religious beliefs are hypocrites. It was God's will in the first place for her to die. It was the parents, the hospice and everyone else wanting to continue her misery and agony that were playing God. Also, I feel empathy for her because of the media circus surrounding her right to die. I'm just glad that she's no longer suffering and that in a week or two everyone will forget about her and let her legacy be.
William Billini; Miami, Florida

I feel really sorry for Terri's family because they have lost a part of their family that can never be replaced. My heart goes out to Terri because this battle for her life is over but I hope she is in Heaven where she will never have to suffer again. Rest in peace Terri. My condolences to the Schiavo family. I hope God will be with them in this difficult time.
Danny Moore; Columbus, Ohio

I feel very bad about what has happened to Terri. My father just recently passed away in a hospice in Ocala and I watched him stop taking nourishment as well. He was only in hospice for two days and went into cardiac failure. It was a difficult thing to watch someone you love die that way but it was his wish to die with dignity. I pray that Terri's family can continue on and know that she is at peace with the Lord now too.
Kathy M.; Tamarac, Florida

My heart goes out to all involved ... this was her wish, she did not want to live this way, and we need to respect HER wishes and not inflict ours.
Rod Stuart; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Terri Schiavo has been essentially dead for 15 years now. Finally she's allowed to pass. God rest her soul.
Michael S. Lane; San Diego, California

Terri's soul has awakened. May she now dance and laugh to eternity.
Nancy Hix; Wheaton, Illinois

I pray that now Terri can rest in peace and her family can begin to heal. My thoughts and prayers are with both Michael and the Schindlers. Too much has been broadcast. This should have been a private matter.
Eileen Marie O'Donnell; Abington, Pennsylvania

May she rest in peace ... and when the day is done, may her family take this opportunity to give a message to all who suffer from "the cause" of her state for the last 15 years, how dangerous, the hopeless consequences. Terry, in your remembrance I know you have helped more people than you will ever know. God be with you....
Theresa Cope; Parma, Ohio

Dear God ... Take care of Terri.
Eric Aguayo; Louisville, Kentucky

It's about time. May she rest in peace.
Susan McMorris; Minneapolis, Minnesota

It's a sad situation for the entire family, but she is at peace, at last. No one else really matters.
Carolyn Woods; Encinitas, California

She was alive, but that was not living. I am happy she is now at peace with her maker.
Diane Sadler; Baltimore, Maryland

It is very sad that Terri Schiavo has passed away. However, it is even sadder as to the way the president, the Congress, her parents, and the zealots did not allow her to die as she would have wished. The circus the last month has been inexcusable.
Jeanette; Pendleton, Oregon

God bless Terri Schiavo.
Jill; Southington, Connecticut

I just heard that Terri Schiavo has passed. All I can think of is, "Thank God! Now she has a perfect body in paradise with her Savior." I am a Christian that believes that she is in a much better place now! Shame on the press and the forever self-promoting politicians for making this sad situation into such a fiasco!
V. Baker; Jackson, Florida

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