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Authorities say baby never tossed from car

Sheriff: Woman who reported incident is boy's mother

Patricia Pokriots

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (CNN) -- A Florida woman who reported seeing a newborn tossed out of a moving car made up the story and is actually the boy's mother, Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne said Friday.

Patricia Pokriots, 38, "made up an incredible story," but acknowledged what she had done while being questioned by authorities Friday, he said.

The 1-day-old infant -- an 8-pound, 2-ounce boy -- is "absolutely perfect," he said.

Pokriots was committed for observation at a hospital Friday "at our urging," Jenne said.

"The only charge I can think of charging against [Pokriots] would be making a false police report," the sheriff said.

Under Florida's "safe harbor" law, a parent can turn a newborn up to 3 days old over to authorities with no questions asked.

Authorities will seek court permission to take the infant -- as well as another son, who is 10 -- into state custody, he said. Pokriots made clear she wants to give up the infant, Jenne said.

Pokriots acknowledged fabricating the story under questioning Friday, Jenne said.

She said she learned she was pregnant a couple of months ago and did not tell anyone, he said.

Pokriots seemed nervous when she turned the child over at a sheriff's office Thursday, Jenne said, adding it would be understandable for anyone who just found a baby to be shaken.

But he said authorities began to doubt her story as the questioning continued.

Pokriots told authorities Thursday that the baby had been tossed from a white car driving about 5 mph.

Friday, she admitted she "gave birth in the bathroom of her mother's house at 1:30 on Thursday" and decided to drive to a fire station to leave the baby, he said.

On the way, she saw two people in a white car arguing, and "she decided to build a story around it," Jenne said.

Other witnesses saw the same couple in the same white car arguing, he said.

The baby, with its umbilical cord still attached, was taken to Broward Medical Center. Nurses nicknamed the boy "Johny" after his attending physician, Johny Tryzmel.

Jenne said Pokriots, who is a waitress at a bar, has a previous charge of aggravated battery.

Authorities said many people have called about adopting the infant, but they said he is not up for adoption.

'Safe haven' law

Florida law says a parent of a newborn up to three days of age may leave the infant at any hospital, emergency medical services facility or fire station without having to give a name.

The parent may still make a claim for the child until a court rules on parental rights.

Only in cases where authorities suspect abuse can a parent be investigated.

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