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Americans polled offer more prayer than cash

70 percent surveyed said U.S. doing enough for tsunami victims

• Interactive: CNN.USA Today Poll
Gallup Poll
Tsunami disaster

(CNN) -- Almost three-quarters of Americans surveyed in a poll released Thursday have prayed for victims of the southern Asia tsunamis, but when it comes to cash donations, only 45 percent have pulled out their wallets.

The CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll of 1,005 adults found that another 6 percent of those surveyed had thought about saying a prayer but hadn't done it, and 19 percent had not thought much about doing it.

And while 45 percent of respondents said they had contributed money to relief efforts, 26 percent had thought about doing so but had not, and 29 percent had not thought much about it.

Twenty-six percent of the people queried said they have donated supplies or goods, 30 percent had thought about donating, and 43 percent had given it no thought.

The telephone interviews were done Monday through Wednesday, as nations rushed to pledge donations after the tragedy.

Asked whether the United States was doing enough to aid victims or should do more, 70 percent of the people said the nation was doing enough and 26 percent felt its efforts fell short.

The Bush administration has pledged $350 million in relief -- and has said it will send more money if needed. It also has sent troops and equipment to the region.

Nearly 156,000 people have died since the 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck December 26 off the Indonesian coast, spawning tsunamis from Thailand and Malaysia to Somalia and Tanzania. About 29,000 people are missing.

The poll indicated that few Americans -- regardless of their actions -- can claim they were unaware of the desperate needs of the countries hit by the disaster.

Nearly 90 percent of those surveyed said they had followed the news very or somewhat closely.

The survey's margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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