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Get involved: Middle East

Crystal waters of Egypt's Red Sea coastline -- photographed by Julian Feldmann.



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Hello, I'm originally Lebanese (but currently live in Chicago)... I was just back in Beirut this past summer and really enjoyed a club called "Element" (at one point during the evening they bring down a huge screen and play a couple songs from a concert: which makes everyone in the club go wild as if they were part of the audience).

My friends and I also enjoyed spending time at the beach: in southern Lebanon there is a beach called Guava where you can rent out a bungalow for the night and invite your friends over for a party around the outdoor hot tub... or you can just waste away on the sand and enjoy the sound of the waves hitting the beach.

And for good food: downtown Beirut (see picture)... they have a wide variety of little cafes and restaurants: from traditional Lebanese style (hookah included!) to Asian, Italian, or French. By far, some of the finest meals I have eaten were in the city of Beirut.
Lama; Chicago

Beirut is certainly a unique city, not only in the Middle East, but in the whole world. What's special about this city is that it can neither be labelled as typically eastern nor can it be characterized as western! Wherever you go in this town you will be faced with contradictions: High-rise next to low-rise residential blocks, modern office buildings next to old traditional houses, Roman ruins next to fashionable boutiques, exclusive restaurants and bars next to wartorn buildings. But amazingly, all this mad world of contradictions and juxtapositions somehow ends at the feet of the Mediterranean the city's Corniche, where many people go jogging in the morning or for a stroll in the evening, everyone is equal, no matter what background, social status or religion one has! So be sure to stop by Beirut during your "The Scene" tour!!
Mohamad Ali; Germany

Hey, just wanted to tell you guys that you have to stop by in Beirut during your "The Scene" series. It is by far the throbbing party capital of the Middle East, with buzzing clubs, classy restaurants, and bustling bars. Lebanese are born with "partying" in their blood, we are sociable, friendly, and simply love to live. What makes Lebanon and Beirut in particular so special is that tourists, unlike other tourist destinations, are not the only essential ones in giving the city its buzz, it is the local crowd that gives the nightlife its edge. This summer, we have attracted the best DJs in the world to come show us what they've got -- Paul Van Dyk (#2 DJ) was here in July, Ferry Corsten (# 5 DJ) was here in August, we just had Tiesto (#1 DJ) here, who mixed his beats to a massive 15-18,000 strong crowd for four hours, and we are expecting Armin Van Buuren (# 3 DJ) here in November. There is no high and low season in Beirut, the party never dies. In the day cool off by the beaches or go skiing depending on the season in the evening dine in dazzling Downtown and later party like crazy among the mixture of bars and clubs in Monot Street. In Beirut you'll find variety, class, wildness, and unlimited fun all rolled into one.
Ziad Ghusayni

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Get up-to-the minute news from CNN gives you the latest stories and video from the around the world, with in-depth coverage of U.S. news, politics, entertainment, health, crime, tech and more.

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