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Get involved: Europe

London -- photographed by Julian Feldmann



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Lisbon is one the most beautiful cities in the world the old trams going down the hills in the sunset, the surfing in the beach, the amazing Portuguese cuisine are some of the things you can't miss in life. Recent history brought a new light to Lisbon, as Portugal was getting richer the city become a melting pot of influences from all the Portuguese speaking world. You can now try the samba in Brazilian bars, or the delicious food from Cape Verde in the narrow streets of old Lisbon. The town has a lot of new shops where all the modern European tendencies can be found. Portugal's own youth are making modern art pieces and interesting architectural places that are worth visiting. Lisbon overflows with confidence, from its funky new avant-garde buildings and its ever growing number of tourist attractions, through to its trendy bars and world-class nightclubs. With whole areas of the city being turned over to the pursuit of pleasure and traffic jams at 04h00-05h00 at the weekend, it is obvious that Lisbon is a city that takes its nightlife seriously. Traditionally the nightlife center has been Bairro Alto, canteen-style bars and upscale discos. The simplest thing is to walk in and out of a number of them, and to hang out in the streets drinking. Lisbon is the only European capital city with beach, so it means that in the summer when temperatures can reach 40ēC everyone heads on to the beach after work.
J.B. Santos

Republic of Ireland
I live in Dublin, Ireland. It's one of Europe's fun cities. It has a pub for every day of the year and a young population, steeped in a rich and troubled history. It is one of my favorite cities in the world, jus for pure atmosphere.
David Lafferty

I would like to propose myself as "The Scene" guide to Vienna. I love this city very much and know it well. It is immensely rich in art and culture, since it has been the heart of the Austro-Hungarian empire since nearly 1000 years! The Habsburgs have played a pivotal role in this empire, and this is grandly represented in the extraordinary architecture, and the contents in some of the most magnificent museums in Europe. Vienna has a lively coffeehouse life, as well as an incredible theater and opera tradition. At the same time Vienna enjoys a vibrant contemporary art scene. I work closely in that field, and also embrace what is happening in that field from Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and the Czech and Slovak republics as well as the numerous contemporary artists living in Vienna.
Francesca von Habsburg

For anyone who likes to get off the beaten path, Sarajevo is a wonderful place to visit, especially in spring. Surrounded by mountains, the city is a unique mixture of Turkish and Central European culture mixed together. There is nowhere else like this in the world; it is at the same time very traditional, with a beautiful old town filled with mosques, and also very fashionable and modern.
Nick; Eger, Hungary

My advice to tourists is:

a. Take a ferry trip down the Thames (with commentary) from Westminster to Greenwich and back.

b. Go on the London Eye with a camera -- the very best views of London.

c. Go to the National Art Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Britain Gallery. Forget the Tate Modern - it's appalling!

d. Go to the British Museum -- but you can't do it justice in one day.

e. Walk along the South Bank from Waterloo Station to Tower Bridge - great views of London and various pubs and restaurants on the way. You can pick up The Clink and The Globe on the way.

f. Visit the Clink -- the centuries old and awful prison which gave rise to the phrase 'being in clink'.

g. Near the Clink, visit Southwark Cathedral.

h. Visit the re-built (to original 16th century specifications) Globe Theatre on the South Bank, opened by Shakespeare originally. Try to catch a Shakespeare play while you are there.

i. Visit HMS Belfast, the last surviving cruiser from D-Day. Again, this is on the South Bank walk. Note that Waterloo Underground Station to Tower Bridge and back is a fair old hike.

j. Go to the Tower of London - a must for anyone interested in British history many centuries old. If there is one, take a guided tour.
Stewart Noble-Hendry; UK

The greatest city in Europe. Nice musicals, great night life!
Julian Feldmann

Pastries and Specialty cakes: Stephane Chrocher, 59 Avenue des Ternes Paris 17 eme. Bars: Chill/Relax hangout- FUBAR, Metro stop Odeon. Similar to American college bar, reliable good place - Frog and the Princess, Metro stop Odeon. Dancing, good vibe, big - Barrio Latino, Bastille area. American/Canadian sports bar (with good burgers) - Moose Head, Metro stop Odeon. Chinese Restaurants: St. Michele, Shanghai. Shoes: Saint Michele. Chocolate - La Maison du Chocolate (not sure exactly where, near the Four Seasons/Saint Lazarre). Paris a Velo, C'est Sympa is an awesome bike tour group.
Maura Brosnan

With all that bad news coming from France and its capital, Paris this is my way of sayin hi and thank you, merci, to all the good people there for their warm hearts. These riots will end, and again the "city of light" will open it's great heart to all the guests, tourists, and anyone else willing to have fun there, as I had in Paris especially at New Year, a few years ago, whan I took this picture (above).
Zlatko Tkalcevic; Zagreb Croatia

During it's long history, Georgia had to fight permanently to survive and be independent. Oriental empires tried to extend their power over Georgia, however, even during the most difficult periods, the Georgian culture and beauty developed and became richer. When you first see Tbilisi (capital of Georgia) the beauty of it will nearly took your breath away!
Vato Gogotishvili

Berlin... and Potsdamer Platz. Always full of action, safe and good food!
Yves Brosseau

When in Athens, do as the Athenians... Sure tourist places like Plaka are great but to get a glimpse on how modern Athenians enjoy themselves explore the Psirri area of Athens. The Psirri area is comprised of renovated warehouses and small factories all turned into stylish bars, restaurants, clubs, galleries, theatres etc. all in the shadow of the Acropolis in the city center. The best thing about it, is that it's so lively every day of the week. For further information on this fun place you can also check out the following link: link
Eri Nika, Athens

Germany's secound biggest city has the most important parties in the north of the country. There is the biggest port of Germany, it's one of the biggest port in Europe. The "Reeperbahn" is one of the most known attractions of Hamburg. It's the best place to go for your night life. You can see the most known church in the picture, it's "St. Michaelis Church", it's called "Michel". The "Fischmarkt" (fish market) is a weekly event early Sunday morning. You can buy plants, bananas and above all fish!
Julian Feldmann

Media center, nice place where you can relax. The city in the middle of Germany. Old buildings, nice food and more!
Julian Feldmann

If you happen to go to Budapest don't miss to go on a boat trip on the Danube! Absolutely splendid!
Andrea Talaber; Budapest, Hungary

I would like to share a couple of nice shots (above) and hints about my beloved Venezia (or Venice for english speakers). My first and main advice is to run away from the main flow of people and get lost, literally, get lost into the neverending "calli", "salizade", "rii terā", "fondamenta" -- it's the only way to enjoy the inner beauty of Venezia.

Vital, to your budget, is to avoid the most central areas (San Marco and Rialto) to have something to eat, try to reach popular a popular "sestiere" (neighborhood) like Castello, and look for "Al Garangheloexternal link" -- you may experience the venetian "fast finger food", nothing in common with worldwide known burger chains. Last but not least, don't forget Venezia is an archipelago, there are plenty of nice isles to visit, try to reach the "Lido" and experience another Venezia.

When traveling around the world, you can tell people you come from the Netherlands and there will be a big chance that they have no idea where it is. However, tell them you are from Amsterdam and it's a completely different story. Amsterdam is recognized worldwide as being the most liberal city in the world. The city attracts tourists from around the globe, who come to check out the nightlife, the coffee shops, the red light district and the many historical sites that can be found in Amsterdam.

There is no other city in the world that can offer the same things that Amsterdam has to offer. It is truly one of the most unique cities in the world to visit. Every weekend you can go to check out a major international DJ perform. Events range from techno to R&B to punk, some of the largest events attract more than 80,000 visitors in one day. Lowlands, Dance Valley, Free Your Mind, Awakenings, Mysteryland, Extrema, Amsterdam Dance Event are just some of the major festivals that took place this summer.

In the center of Amsterdam you can find numerous trendy cafes and restaurants such as Supperclub, where you can dine while lounging on a bed, to the sounds of a DJ spinning loungey house music. For those who want to go to watch a play or musical, they can visit one of the many theaters in Amsterdam. The city is also home to Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, Anne Frank, Ajax, Van der Bourse (The Stock Exchange), DJ Tiesto (the worlds no. 1 DJ) and many more significant historical people.
Heiko Hampsink; Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Northern Ireland

Belfast is experiencing a rebirth -- and is safe for visitors. Long a place of heavy industry including shipbuilding (the Titanic was built here) and aerospace, Belfast has a lot to offer on the cultural scene -- the Belfast Opera House has been restored to its original Victorian opulance. Bars and nightlife are widespread and the Crown Liquor Saloon will be a memorable experience -- this is a tremendous pub. Belfast City Hall is a fine example of classical renaissance architecture. The Ulster Museum and the surrounding Botanic Gardens are worth the time, for shopping St George's Market is newly restored and full of interest.
Julian Feldmann

Easily one of the best cities I have ever visited. Amazing sights and the Baltic is perfect. The new Roads to Freedom museum in the shipyard is a must. It traces the rise of Solidarity, and it left me proud to just walk the streets of Gdansk.
Kristi Weidlein; Minneapolis, MN

Brasov, Romania is fabulous. Nestled in the Transylvanian Mountains. It's got German architecture from the 1400s. Downtown Brasov has cobblestone streets and new shopping stores. A great combination of old and new. I heard many people throughout Europe go there for spectacular hiking. I've been three times since 2001. Yes, Dracula's castle is nearby and fun to visit.
Bernice Brumari; Atlanta, GA

Steeped in history and set among the geographic splendor of extinct volcanoes, Edinburgh has to rank as one on north Europe's most beautiful cities. Explore the castle in the morning, climb Arthur's Seat, an extinct volcano, in the afternoon and sip down a pint of eighty shilling ale and a single malt scotch at five o'clock in Edinburgh's oldest pub The Sheep Heid, which dates back to 1475. All of this can be done without ever getting in a car or on a bus. Eat like a Scots king at many of the traditional restaurants or be very cool and trendy at the various watering holes on elegant George Street. From the historic splendor of the Old Town to the sweeping crescents and terraces of the New Town you will encounter the very best in galleries, museums, shopping and dining. All this and nary a need for transportation other than your own two feet.
Iain Tyndal

Belgrade is a new city arising from a new nation. This summer I visited Belgrade and was pleased to see its mosaic of culture. Belgrade is the combination of the old and the new. You can go to some of the trendiest nightclubs during the night and stroll inside the ancient Kalemegdan Fortress during the day. In the morning you may visit the illustrious museum dedicated to the Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla and by the afternoon take up shopping for Europe's most famous designer clothes. For those who wish to experience culture, history and art while staying in sight of some of Europe's greatest nightclubs I definitely recommend Belgrade.
Savic; Windsor, Ontario, Canada

1. If it's a sunny day (which it usually is in Madrid), take the Madrid Vision Tour Bus -- a double decker open top bus. Sounds hokey but it's fun and relaxing. You can pick up the bus all over the city and get on and off all day. Provides a good overview.

2. If you have kids, take them to Faunia (easily accessible by the Metro stop: Valdebernado) -- an ecosystem park that is interesting for the whole family. Don't miss the Rain Forest, the Artic, or the Volcano!

3. Go to Loewe (at Plaza Colon on Calle Serrano) for wonderful quality leather goods, scarves and clothing, which can't be found in the U.S. Expensive but well worth it.

4. For the best childrens books (in French, English, or Spanish), go to "Bibleoketa" located at Calle Justiniano, 4 (Metro stop: Colon).

5. Go to a newstand and ask for the "Guia de Ocio" - a guide that tells you everything that is going on in Madrid. It's in Spanish but very organized and if you know some basic words, you can use it. Comes out every Friday.

6. Go to lunch at La Paloma at Jorge Juan 39 (Metro stop: Principe de Vergara) and order the eggplant fritters drizzled with honey or the lobster eggrolls followed by the sea bass and apple tart (which must be ordered when you order your meal as each is made to order). Phone number is 91 576 8692. Afterwards, walk down Calle Jorge Juan as this area is known for up and coming designers.

7. If you're craving a great burger or real chicken tenders and french fries made in olive oil, go to "Fast Good" at Calle Padre Damien 23 (Metro sto: Cuzco). According to my 9-year old (and I agree!), no one mades chicken tenders and french fries like "Fast Good."

8. For Fashionettas, go to the "Museo De Traje" -- the recently opened Fashion Museum. Located at Av. Juan de Herrera, 2 (Metro Stop: Ciudad Universitaria), this is a must see if you have any interest in the history of fashion: Balanciaga, Manolo Blanhik, etc.

9. To see a great market, go to Mercado de la Paz in the neighborhood ("Barrio") of Salamanca. The market is open everyday from 10-2 and 5-8. Best to go between 10-2 to really get the feel of the market -- the people, fishmongers, fruit and vegetable vendors, cheese, and olive vendors, too. Go to La Boulette, which is in the center of the market and ask for Sal; he will provide you with tastes of any of the hundreds of cheeses and Serrano hams they carry.

10. Make sure you have a Michelin city map - invaluable because they have an alphabetical listing of streets to help you find where you are going.

11. For the best ice cream and gelato in Madrid, go to "Giangrossi" (my daughter says "Get Fat") located at the corner of Velazquez and Hermosilla in the neighborhood of Salamanca. They also deliver everywhere: 900 555 009.

12. For tea and pastries, go to "The Embassy" which is located at Calle Ayala 2 (corner of Ayala and Paseo de Castellana).

13. Be prepared for smokers ... although non-smokers rights are starting to evolve, Madrid has a long way to go. So eat lunch at 1:30 instead of 2:00, 2:30, or 3:00 when the smoke tends to be overpowering.

I could go on an on, but I will leave that as the highlights outside of the normal Prado, Thysson, Reina Sophia museum tours and the Casa Lucio meal.
Anne Paddock

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