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Looking for a partner on the road
For some, a life on the road can be a lonely experience.
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(CNN) -- For an executive on the road, the search for a partner has to be squeezed in between flights, heavy work schedules and catching up with friends.

Those executives on the road, with little time for chatting in bars or dancing in nightclubs, have long turned to dating services to find a partner.

Business traveler and investment banker, Jack Worthington, believes he is more likely to meet a partner online or through a dating service than in a nightclub or bar.

"I travel all over Europe and to the U.S., so developing strong relationships is a bit difficult. You cannot be in a place for a couple of weeks or a month and expect a relationship to last," he explains.

In order to maximize both his opportunities and use of time, Worthington subscribes to a diverse portfolio of dating services around the globe.

"You have got to be pro-active about your life, whether it is to do with your job, your family or a relationship," he says.

"And you have got to work on these things. I do not sit back and wait for someone to come to me -- I actually go and look for them."

Speed dating would seem perfect for those with time constraints, though it may not always have a good success rate, while in New York a new phenomenon has caught on -- dinner in the dark.

Here groups dine in the pitch black, relying just on conversation to choose a prospective partner. The service has already crossed the Atlantic, with dateless individuals signing on in London for $50 a head.

Waiters serve up food in the dark, while wearing night-vision goggles and you do not get to see whom you have been talking to until the meal is finished.

While a dating agency called Gorgeous Networks is now offering one exclusive option, where applicants are pre-screened and charged $400 in fees to sign up.

"It is full of a very attractive and successful people. Everybody is on the same kind of wavelength -- you have to vote to let people in," says Worthington.

Gorgeous Networks also offers a cheaper option, called the coffee date.

"The stigma attached to dating agencies has been removed now. With the coffee date, there is no pressure as well, whereas on a dinner date there is quite a lot of pressure," says Lorraine Adams, who runs Gorgeous Networks.

"I like coffee dating because it is just a very relaxed way to meet someone. I do not have hours to spare hanging around in bars hoping to meet people, so it is a good way," says Andrew Scott, who uses the service.

CNN's Shantelle Stein and Rosalind Chin contributed to this report

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