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Keeping fit on that business trip

By Nick Easen for CNN
Keeping fit while away from the routine of regular life is not easy.
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(CNN) -- Endless meetings, buffet breakfasts, irregular schedules and dinner dates, it is not surprising that business travelers find it hard to keep up an exercise routine.

By the time you get to the hotel room the last thing you think about is to swap a suit and tie for exercise gear and head off to the gym.

"When we travel, we cede a lot of control over our schedule, our meals, our workout facilities and so forth, so it is harder to stick to our diet and fitness routine," says Lisa Wheeler, a senior trainer for sports manufacturer Reebok and its university program in the United States.

"When we are on the road, our focus should be on maintenance -- squeeze in workouts, eat right ... and do our best to not totally erode all our good work."

Now hotel chains are trying to make it easier for road warriors to keep in shape, with some even bringing fitness into the bedroom.

At specific Hilton hotels, guests can now book a trainer from outside to come in and give an hour-long fitness session in your room.

Westin hotels are planning to eventually have two guest rooms in each hotel installed with fitness gear.

And at Holiday Inn's Wall Street hotel, you can ring down to reception and get that exercise bike or treadmill delivered right to your door.

Westin hotels have developed an in-room yoga and Pilates inspired fitness program that can be accessed by turning on the television -- where there is a dedicated fitness channel. You can even do this routine in bed.

A number of hotel chains are also offering in-room complimentary fitness kits, which can be picked up from reception. Hilton's mini-gym includes hand-weights, a yoga mat, resistance tubes, elastic bands and a training guide.

The Marriott chain has its own in-room concept with the BodyRev -- a portable exercise device and video routine, providing an aerobic workout in 15 minutes.

And when you check-in to an Omni hotel you are now get given a "Get Fit Kit." The bag is filled with a radio headset, two dumbbells, an elastic exercise band, a floor mat and an exercise booklet.

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