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What irritates business travelers

Big bags and blubbing babies are executives' top peeves in-flight.
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What irritates you the most when you travel?
Airport security lines
Screaming children
Oversized luggage in the cabin
Overpaying for tickets
Those who disturb me working
Biz Traveller

(CNN) -- When it comes to annoying business travelers, a number of topics top the list, including those who stuff oversized pieces of luggage into overhead lockers and the long lines for airport security.

According to a new survey, these pet peeves have a greater impact on executive flyers than concerns about terrorism or flight delays.

Almost a third of business travelers get angry over hand luggage that should have been stowed in the hold, while crying babies were cited by 13 percent.

Temperatures also rise when executives find out that other passengers paid less for their tickets (19 percent).

The survey was conducted among 1,200 business travelers and 300 travel managers in North America.

Twenty three percent of business travelers also said that being on the road had a negative impact on their work-life balance.

The biggest irritation for Canadian business travelers were those who disturbed them by not letting them work, sleep or read on a trip.

And if you thought there were enough business people jamming up the overhead lockers and check-in counters, it could get worse -- with 34 percent of executives on the road expecting to travel more in 2005.

"All signs point to a healthier business travel environment this year," says Jack O'Neill of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, the travel management company who commissioned the research.

"We have been very encouraged with the pace of business ... over the past six months and this survey confirms ... that business travel may finally bounce back to something akin to pre-9/11 days."

Despite varying annoyances, business travelers are welcoming more security precautions.

They believe that new fingerprinting or iris-screening technology is the most effective way governments can ensure the safety of flying travelers.

"I despise flying now, with all the security -- which is warranted -- and the need to cut costs while up in the sky, it is like getting a ride in a cattle car," Canadian business traveler Robert Foerster told CNN.

The survey also found that just over half (52 percent) of business travelers do the majority of their booking on the Internet, with nine out of 10 executives saying they would be hesitant to travel to the Middle East on business.

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