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German referee denies match-fixing

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BERLIN, Germany -- A referee at the center of Germany's match-fixing scandal has said that he has never deliberately influenced a match result.

Felix Zwayer is a key witness in the affair after he and several other referees informed the German Football Association (DFB) about the activities of another referee, Robert Hoyzer.

Hoyzer has admitted fixing the results of three matches and attempting to influence four other matches.

Zwayer has admitted that Hoyzer asked him to fix the result of a second division match between Rot-Weiss Essen and Cologne. But he told the Tagesspiegel am Sonntag newspaper that he had "a clear conscience."

"I can sleep well because I know I have not manipulated games," said Zwayer. "When I got this firm offer from Robert Hoyzer, I went to my refereeing colleagues.

"That was the moment for me where the situation weighed on me so much that I had to react straight away. I stress once again that I strongly rejected this offer straight away."

Juergen Jansen, the only first division referee under suspicion, also denied any involvement in match-fixing last week.

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