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Entertainment Weekly: The Must List

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig stars in "Layer Cake."
Ben Folds
Don Cheadle
Sandra Bullock

(Entertainment Weekly) -- Thugs, cops and eight other things Entertainment Weekly recommends this week:

1. "Layer Cake" Daniel Craig rises and shines as a London hoodlum battling brutal drug dealers in director Matthew Vaughn's tense, twist-packed film noir.

EW review: "Layer Cake"external link

2. "American Pitbull," by Marc Joseph These fearsome, endearingly ugly dogs (and their equally colorful owners) face the camera in this fascinating book.

3. Secret Machines' "The Road Leads Where It's Led" video Ghostly, Lynchian images flit through this eerie clip for the Brooklyn-based band's propulsive new single.

4. "Crash" A high-octane cast, including Sandra Bullock and Don Cheadle, ignites Paul Haggis' scorching drama of cars, drivers and colliding L.A. cultures.

5. Slang 2 flash cards Wankstas, chill out: All the street vocab you lack is on these handy cards (with crazy clutch retro illustrations). Fo' shizzle!

6. "Songs for Silverman," Ben Folds On his irresistibly tuneful third solo outing, alternative rock's sensitive piano man evokes the gossamer pop stylings of peak-era Elton John and the biting lyricism of Randy Newman at his '70s zenith.

EW review: "Songs for Silverman"external link

7. "The Godfather Part II" It was you, Fredo: The original gangsta-family saga remains unsurpassed on DVD.

8. "Shadow Divers," by Robert Kurson Now in paperback, the true-life tale of scuba divers and a sunken WWII German sub makes for a genuinely riveting deck-chair read.

9. Anthony Anderson on "The Shield" As drug lord and kid killer Antwon Mitchell on the FX crime drama, he's TV's most deliciously insidious bad guy and twister of cops' cojones.

10. "Team America: World Police" on DVD It's musical marionettes versus Kim Jong Il and Hollywood liberals in this scabrously un-PC satire.

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