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Your e-mails: When should troops leave Iraq?
President Bush said Wednesday that U.S. troops will "stay as long as necessary" in Iraq.


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(CNN) -- The White House released a 38-page document Wednesday that outlines a plan for victory in Iraq, including a definition of victory and eight objectives toward achieving that goal. asked readers for their opinions on what needs to be achieved in Iraq before U.S. troops head home. Here are some of your responses:

The moment Saddam Hussein was captured should have been the last moment the US should have been in Iraq. The blood of the 2100+ US soldiers is on the hands of George "Worst President Ever" Bush.
Gerry Leacock, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I really think that it will be tough to pull out of Iraq but if they want us out, then we need to leave. Our foreign policy has already suffered enough because of this fiasco, so we need to end it as soon as we can. No matter what we do, things will not change in Iraq. They do not see the advantages to Democracy. The Middle Eastern countries over there do not want a Democracy there. They will continue sending insurgents into Iraq to interfere with the plan.
James B., Wheeling, West Virginia

The Administration's plan is the same old spin -- making progress, defeating insurgents, etc. We're oppressing a people whose culture is not one that will support an American-style democracy. Too many lives -- both American and Iraqi -- have been lost thanks to the Administration's ill-conceived "war on terror." We need to get out, and get out now.
Julie F., Richmond, Virginia

We never should have gone there. The longer we stay only compounds that first mistake.
Harvey Hess, San Diego, California

I think that the U.S. should withdraw its troops NOW! There is no need for us to be over there and have more of our men killed. They need to be home with their families. Our countries will never get along and nothing is being solved. This war should have never happened. SEND THEM ALL HOME NOW!
Carrie, Bloomington, Illinois

What needs to happen is that the Iraqi security forces need to be fully trained and fully ready to take over the security of that country so that it does not succumb to governance by the likes of al-Zarqawi. Whatever it takes, however long it takes. People need to look at the bigger picture and remember that some things in this world are worth fighting and sacrificing for: freedom, democracy, security. Freedom is not won cheaply; to just cut and run from Iraq before it is ready to handle its own security would create a black hole of terrorism in the Middle East, and we would come to be regarded as cowards without the stomach to see things through when the going gets tough. Needless to say, this would only embolden those terrorists who attacked us without provocation on 9/11. The bottom line: we need to stay until the job is done.
Kateri Bousaleh, Braintree, Massachusetts

I believe the majority of American troops can and should be brought home immediately. Americans should just play an advisory role, helping provide training, weapons, and military and technical support, but we should not be on the front lines. That's the Iraqis' job, because it's their country.
Tristan Yates, Bethesda, Maryland

Our troops have done their jobs very well. We need them home now. I support the President on everything. I just think we have done all we can. God bless us all.
Diane, Waco, Texas

The future leaders of Iraqi should inform the world when they are ready to take responsibility for their country, including security. When that happens, we should respect that decision and leave. The accomplishment of removing the corrupt previous regime and replacing it with something more democratic should be enough of an accomplishment that the Bush administration can declare at least a partial victory.
Fred Snyder, Charlotte, North Carolina

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