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Your e-mails: Advice for the president readers offer ideas on what Bush should do




George W. Bush
Colin Powell
Salt Lake City (Utah)

(CNN) -- Just a year after President Bush won a second term in a tight election, his administration faces plummeting approval ratings and troubles including rising energy prices, an indictment at the White House and waning support for the war in Iraq. asked readers to pose as advisers to the president and offer suggestions for ways the administration could get back on track. Here is a sampling of those responses, sent in by e-mail. Some of them have been edited for length and clarity.

The president vested too much room and power to Vice President Cheney, hence the consequence of his problems. My advice to the president is: Kindly reshuffle the cabinet. The Vice President must step down for the sake of his health. Replace [political adviser] Karl Rove and [Secretary of Defense Donald] Rumsfeld. Begin to bite the bitter pill of bringing the troops home and not consider the aftermath. America would still remain strong. America was strong because of our great economy and not our military might.
John Jacobs, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Approval ratings are a waste of time. Most of this country is all too eager to blame someone else for their problems. The president needs to choose his advisers carefully, weigh their advice and then follow the path he knows to be true and just. We as the country need to stop whining, to be thankful for what we have and show the world we can be united in the good and the bad.
Mary Jo Grebner, Washington, Illinois

If 51 percent was a "mandate" following your re-election, isn't a 60 percent disapproval rating as much a mandate for change? The Iraq war, tax cuts, energy policy and the Supreme Court might be good places to start...
A. K. Wagstaff, Salt Lake City, Utah

Stop being a puppet of those intellectually superior than you are (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, etc.). They pretend to be loyal subjects when in reality they are pushing their own agenda by using you as a rubber stamp. Study history.
Manuel B. Gatdula, Monroe, Wisconsin

I am just curious why we are focusing on President Bush's approval rating. I think we need to spread the wealth and rate Democrats and Republicans in office and see who is doing the better job. I think we will see that both political parties are in a slump. I haven't heard anything from Democrats except complaining, to put it in simple terms. I would like to hear their resolutions about the war in Iraq, their plan to withdraw the troops in Iraq, etc... My advice to President Bush, motivate politicians to WORK TOGETHER! L. Tran, Minnesota

If you were like Clinton, I would do whatever you could to raise them right or wrong. But you are not (thank God)! Therefore, just keep doing what you know is right. Jesus Christ's approval ratings were not very good either.
Dr. Stauff, Athens, Georgia

President Bush should ignore any distractions that keep him from pursuing to keep our country safe as well as helping other countries. Let's not forget "terrorism" and 9-11. [To] Pull our troops from Iraq when the job is not done is a slap in the face for all the soldiers who died for this country as well as the brave soldiers who are still fighting. Terrorism is the worst fight ever encountered in the face of the earth. The USA stands for "FREEDOM FOR ALL" and that's what my sons who are in Iraq are fighting for "Freedom". Democrats and anyone that undermines our mission to fight the terrorist should just stay home and shut up and let our president do his job... How many more lives have to be terrorized? How many more beheadings? How many more children have to die? Let our troops do their job bravely and maybe none of you anti-President Bush persons become the next victim of terrorism.
Myrna Vine, Rancho Cucamonga, California

Do not back the next Republican candidate for the presidency. The party already has its woes and any endorsement on your part would simply make the hill the candidate has to climb steeper.
Steve Licavoli, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Corporations will do anything to be on top and make money. The war is an example of this. In order to serve this country, the troops need to come home to help the home. Why keep stabbing an open wound? The separation of church and state is no longer in effect. We are asking for World War III! What has happened to the morals and standards that this country was founded on? This is a breach of civil rights. America is the terrorist; we have the weapons of mass destruction. We are not stupid. We know that the war is an advertisement to fill the pockets of the wealthy and strip the poor. Blood for money is wrong and should be eradicated.
Eric Culshaw, Phoenix, Arizona

Work with the Congress to tax the rich and big companies. Use the money to send more troops to Iraq to fight against the terrorists and promote the democracy. At the same time, persuade Japan to share more cost in Iraq, ask UK and other NATO nations send more troops to Iraq.
John, Houston, Texas

Immediately announce to the American public that a major breakthrough has been accomplished in health care reform. A proven system that will greatly increase access to health care and lower costs has been bogged down in the Department of Health and Human Services since the first Bush administration. It's time for some action. Marian Stone, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mr. Bush -- you were responsible for the dissemination of the pre-war information. Criticizing Congress for following your lead is a bit like an orchestra following the director's lead and then the director saying "you should have known better . . . you knew the [musical]score." Bad form, Mr. President, for your failure to take responsibility for related Libby (Cheney, Rove) culpability in outing a CIA agent.
John Morgan, Boise, Idaho

Mr. President, I suggest that you concentrate your efforts on the issues directly affecting the American people such as the high gas and energy price crisis, the health insurance crisis, the high cost of prescription drugs, education, poverty, raising the minimum wage, the illegal immigration crisis, etc, etc. With all my respect, I want to remind you that you are not the president of the world; you are the president of this great country of the United States of America. Please take care of your nation first before you waste taxpayers' money, time and efforts in countries that, in my opinion, do not support our political views and beliefs. Thank you, Mr. President.
Anibal Gonzalez, Laurel, Maryland

I voted for President Bush in both elections, but I think he needs to re-evaluate what has happened and is happening in the war, the economy and various other issues. The president needs to clear out any political ally that is causing media grief. He needs to focus on America first -- our roads, bridges, infrastructure, the elderly, poor and sick Americans. Americans take a dim view of the Senate and Congress because they are such a bunch of rogues -- we all know that most of them are bought and paid for by the oil industry and other large corporations. Anyone who doesn't like it here should be escorted to the borders of their country and told to stay there. Americans for America, Bush for America -- that's my plan.
Marsha Whittaker, Havana, Florida

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