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INSIDE POLITICS readers to Bush: Bring troops home


George W. Bush
White House

(CNN) -- A year after President Bush was elected to a second term, he and his administration face an array of troubles, including rising energy prices, the indictment of a former top White House official and waning public support for the war in Iraq.

How can Bush turn his presidency around?

When asked readers to send in their advice for the president, some suggested he bring troops home from Iraq. Here is a sampling of those responses, some of which have been edited:

I am currently serving as a U.S. soldier in South Korea. I will not bash the Army or the president. But what I will suggest is to bring some of the many soldiers home from Iraq. Every day we spend over there, more and more soldiers are dying. This is not a popular war anymore like it was after 9/11. Bush could probably save face for his presidency by showing humility to the U.S. soldiers in both Iraq and Korea and let them come home (even if they just come home for long R&R tours instead of the measly two weeks) and be with their families.
An anonymous soldier, Pyongtek, South Korea

Mr. President, I supported the Iraq war for getting rid of terrorists, WMD and Saddam [Hussein]. Please justify the cause again and tell all Americans the plan to get out of Iraq. Spend that money to provide jobs, health care and medical research. Make this a land of peace and hope for all again.
Dee, San Francisco, California

I don't think Bush is as far out there as people think, but he could certainly step it up on some issues. First, pull the troops out of Iraq once Saddam has been tried and convicted. Second, get with some economic advisers and hammer out a plan for the nation's most pressing needs such as health care reform, alternative forms of energy and some tax reform where middle-class America does not take the brunt of every economic downturn.
Mike Webster, Boston, Massachusetts

I would start with forming an exit plan in Iraq, then reach out to his oil buddies and get the prices down, then nominate a Supreme Court justice that will not divide the country but rather unite, and finally put together a drug plan that really helps our seniors, not the drug companies. Very simple, Mr. President, just keep your promises.
Michael Seibert, Buffalo, New York

I think the war in Iraq should be taken to its logical conclusion -- when America went into war its immediate goals had been freeing Iraq of decades of tyranny and oppression, and at the same time preserving Iraq's territorial integrity and sovereignty. But the sooner these goals are realized, the better it is for America. In the long term, America should strive for reconstruction of Iraq that would make Iraq a free democracy, and this alone will accord due respect and appreciation for America in the world. As far as the mounting figures of American soldiers killed /injured in the war is considered, I feel this is the primary cause for unrest in its citizens, and Mr. President, I think you should seek immediate international help of like-minded countries to bring this war immediately to a logical end, allowing no further delay, and respect the sentiments of your people back home.
Rammohan, Hyderabad, India

I would tell President Bush as America's leader to live in the real terrorist world of making the capture of Osama bin Laden his utmost priority, not living in his personal fantasy terrorist world of Saddam Hussein. Iraq and 9/11 had nothing to do with each other. Hussein never supported the terrorists who attacked America. Bin Laden attacked America, not Saddam Hussein. Your personal war in Iraq is killing America's sons and daughters for nothing. This fantasy terror war of yours is leaving young children parentless and dividing this country like the Vietnam War did.
Mark, Charlotte, North Carolina

There are no terrorists in Iraq that are a threat to America. Iraq is having a civil war. Just like Vietnam, and we found out after 50,000 young Americans died we should not have been there either. Pull out; stop killing our youth for nothing. The war is what is hurting Bush. Americans know he didn't want to go to Vietnam and take a chance of dying. But he sends our young boys to do what he wouldn't do.
Larry Spry, Elkton, Maryland

Do something that is genuinely beneficial to the American people. Like capture Osama bin Laden, or bring the troops home from Iraq, or protect whistle-blowers who report corporate crime that is in collusion with government actions of extortion.
Joshua Shakopee, Minnesota

I do not think there is a lot he can do to regain the rating he once had. I think pulling our service people out of Iraq would help, but we have gotten ourselves so deep already that pulling out now would only put our country at greater risk of terroristic attacks or worse. And pulling out of Iraq now could likely lead to Saddam regaining control in Iraq.
Martha Prater, Rusk, Texas

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