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INSIDE POLITICS readers to Bush: Focus on home


George W. Bush
White House

(CNN) -- A year after President Bush was elected to a second term, he and his administration face an array of troubles, including rising energy prices, the indictment of a former top White House official and waning public support for the war in Iraq.

How can Bush turn his presidency around?

When asked readers to send in their advice for the president, some suggested he turn his focus toward domestic issues. Here is a sampling of those responses, some of which have been edited:

President Bush can help his approval rating by focusing on the lower and middle class people's needs. The cost of heating homes and putting gas in our cars is taking away from food on our table.
Robin Ramkissoon, Brentwood, New York

I would like to see Mr. Bush temporarily divert money going to foreign aid and use it to help rebuild the U.S. economy, especially in the wake of the recent hurricanes. In order to properly support foreign aid, we need to strengthen our foundation.
R. K., Falls Church, Virginia

Mr. Bush's (dis)approval ratings are well-deserved, but if he wants to raise them, he could try to show that he really cares about the middle class, and especially the poor people of this country. So far, tax cuts for the wealthy and his clear preference for corporations over people do not leave much hope for the remainder of his term.
Richard Painter, Sun Lakes, Arizona

Push legislation to regulate oil companies as public utilities -- just like electric, natural gas and telephone companies. This would require that companies obtain regulatory approval before raising gas prices.
Andy Park, Largo, Florida

In light of recent news that U.S. oil companies have set record quarterly profits, the president could take a very public position and invite the CEOs of U.S. oil companies to the White House. He could use this opportunity to remind them that they have had enormous success over the years because of the blessings of the remarkable nation they are a part of. Then for the good of the country, he could ask them to return the favor and help the country out by reducing gasoline prices.
Chris Denney, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Stop spending like a drunken sailor and close the borders and kick out a few million illegals. That will shake loose some jobs and raise wages because of less cheap workers who can work for 12 to 13 bucks and have a nice car or a house.
Andrew M. Herold, Beltsville, Maryland

Mr. Bush, please remember the middle class. Your trickle-down economic mind-set is obviously not working for the majority of the United States. We do not all make $200,000-plus a year. As a college student, I am feeling the attack against the school system ... please remember our children. No Child Left Behind is the most absurd action imaginable. You are hurting our future, by not only taking from our funds, but also disadvantaging our children. So please stop and listen, the far-right tactics are not important. Abortion is not a pressing issue for everyone. Please stop catering to the moral majority and see the whole country. My plea is for you to see what America is, diverse.
Kristen Acklie, Aiken, South Carolina

President Bush needs to scale back the scope and size of government. Under his watch, government has grown and gained powers unlike under any other presidency. The question everyone now has is, how are we gong to pay for all of this disaster relief, new programs and war efforts? The answer seems to be from higher federal interest rates and import taxations. Can we expect a recession in 2006? Should make for interesting presidential campaign politics.
Mark Vetanen, Beaverton, Oregon

We the American people feel like we are the last ones to be considered in any and all matters. We are fighting a war in a faraway country that has been fighting each other since time, and we can't even fight the war going on in our own country. We open our borders to any and all who want to be here, but they do not want to conform to the American culture. It is time for Americans to stand up for our own country. I guess what I am saying is bring back the jobs to this country that are being sent overseas or make it tough to sell those products in this country by levying a tax or import fee that would make it more feasible to manufacture those products in America.
Larry Cox

President Bush could salvage the legacy of his presidency by a single act for the American people. In [one] of his initial town hall meetings prior to his first term, he told the American people that one of his top priorities was to find a way to make health insurance affordable for the American people. He has yet to accomplish that promise. ... If President Bush would put the full weight of the White House behind this issue, it would most certainly pass the Senate and provide thousands of small business owners a cost-effective way of providing health insurance to their employees.
Ray Moore, Wake Forest, North Carolina

1. Secure the Mexican border at all costs. Even if it means mining our side of the border.
2. Stop issuing H-1B visas. The U.S. does not need any more foreign workers.
3. Stop the flight of American manufacturing overseas. A country that doesn't produce anything cannot remain a superpower very long.
4. No more tax breaks to big oil or any other company.
5. Make companies that use off-shore addresses and subsidiaries pay a tariff on goods shipped back into the U.S. Also make them pay taxes on all their income, here or overseas.
Ralph A. LaPaugh, Galveston, Texas

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