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Plea leaves Lyons 'extremely disappointed'

Emily Lyons, a nurse, was injured in an attack on an abortion clinic.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Serial bombing suspect Eric Rudolph has agreed to plead guilty to all charges against him, sources tell CNN.

Rudolph is accused of the 1996 Olympic park bombing that killed one; attacks on two abortion clinics, including a deadly 1998 bombing in Birmingham, Alabama; as well as a bombing at a gay nightclub in the Atlanta area in 1997.

Emily Lyons, a nurse who lost an eye in the 1998 Birmingham bombing, joined CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Judy Woodruff and Kelli Arena to discuss her reaction to the plea deal.

BLITZER: Let's bring in Emily Lyons. She's on the phone. She was wounded in one of those attacks at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. Emily, I'd love to get your reaction to this plea agreement.

LYONS: Well we -- my husband and I are disappointed. We felt that the crime fit the punishment of death and so we are extremely disappointed. But we knew that it was the best -- the best choice to protect others.

WOODRUFF: Ms. Lyons, it's Judy Woodruff. Have you shared your thoughts on this with the authorities?

LYONS: Yes we have.

BLITZER: Did they ask you in advance, Ms. Lyons, what you thought about this?

LYONS: Yes they did.

BLITZER: And you made it clear that you wanted him to stand trial and potentially face the death sentence, is that right?

LYONS: Right but we -- we knew other information that we knew other people's lives were in danger.

BLITZER: Did you get the sense, based on what you heard that some of the other victims, some of those who were injured in Atlanta at the Olympics, for example, that they shared your thoughts, or was there some sort of mixed assessment that was provided [to] law enforcement?

LYONS: The only thing I heard is the family members of the victims that were killed is they did not want the death penalty. And those are the only ones that I've heard of.

ARENA: Were you aware of the information that Eric Rudolph had to offer in terms of those explosives that he had hid and the possibility that others may have gotten their hands on those explosives?

LYONS: We had discussed that a few weeks back.

ARENA: And do you think it was a fair exchange? That information, safety of others -- for the life sentence?

LYONS: That was a hard one to answer. Yes, you want to make sure no one else is hurt. But for me, four life sentences in prison is not punishment enough.

WOODRUFF: Ms. Lyons, finally, any comment you want to make to the public watching this news.

LYONS: Just that we hope that this is the end of this -- this cycle for us. And that we know that others will not be hurt.

WOODRUFF: Emily Lyons is a nurse, Birmingham, Alabama, who was injured in one of the bombings Eric Rudolph was alleged and now charged with having been involved.

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