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The Michael Jackson Trial

Jackson accuser's brother recounts seeing sexual contact

Sibling recalls singer nude, being shown provocative pictures

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Jurors in Michael Jackson's trial hear explicit testimony.

A look at the first week of the Jackson child molestation trial.
Michael Jackson

SANTA MARIA, California (CNN) -- The younger brother of the teenage boy accusing Michael Jackson of child molestation testified Monday that he twice walked into the singer's bedroom and found Jackson masturbating, with his other hand down the sleeping boy's pants.

The brother's testimony was the first direct eyewitness account of sexual contact between Jackson and the accuser, who was 13 at the time of the alleged incidents two years ago at the singer's Neverland Ranch.

Taking the stand for the prosecution, the brother painted a picture of the time the two boys spent with Jackson, which he said included viewing sexually explicit images from the Internet and pornographic magazines, drinking wine and making crank phone calls to strangers. Jackson and the two boys often slept together in the same bed, he said.

The brother also said Jackson once walked naked into his bedroom at Neverland Ranch, where he and Jackson's accuser were sitting on the bed watching a movie, telling them that it was "natural." Jackson had an erection, the boy said.

"We were grossed out," he testified.

Hearing the boy's revelation, even members of Jackson's own defense team turned to look at him. But Jackson did not visibly react.

The brother also testified that Jackson asked him if he masturbated. When he said no, Jackson responded, "Everyone does it. You should try it," the brother said.

The brother said that he returned to Jackson's two-story bedroom suite at Neverland after watching a movie in the ranch's theater, planning on going to sleep. He said he found Jackson on his back, eyes closed, with his right hand in his underwear, while Jackson's left hand was in his brother's pants. His brother, turned away from Jackson, was asleep and "kind of snoring," the brother said.

"He was masturbating, rubbing himself," the brother testified, referring to Jackson. "I didn't know what to do."

The brother said he left the bedroom after about four seconds and went to sleep in a guest room. He said two days later, he witnessed a similar scene, while his brother was on his back, again asleep, with Jackson in the bed beside him.

Jackson was masturbating "while he had his left hand in my brother's underwears," said the brother. This time, he said he left after three seconds.

Both incidents occurred when the boys were staying at Neverland after the airing of a controversial video by British journalist Martin Bashir in February 2003, in which Jackson and his accuser were seen holding hands and Jackson defended his practice of letting children share his bed.

The brother said he told no one about what he had seen until he disclosed the incidents to a therapist brought in to discuss the molestation allegations with family members.

The brother also testified Monday that on numerous occasions, the boys and Jackson drank wine, which the entertainer referred to as "Jesus juice," in his bedroom and in the ranch's wine cellar.

The brother also said Jackson gave them wine on a flight from Florida to California. Both the pop star and his accuser appeared to be intoxicated, and Jackson used the aircraft's phone to make obscene phone calls, he said.

The brother said that on his second visit to Neverland, he and the accuser were in Jackson's bedroom with the singer and his associate, Frank Tyson, along with two of Jackson's children. He said at Jackson's suggestion, Tyson used a computer to call up several sites with photographs of scantily clad women.

After viewing one image of a topless woman, the brother told jurors that Jackson turned to them and said, "Got milk."

At another point, Jackson whispered into the ear of his sleeping son, Prince Michael, about what he was missing, spelling out a euphemism for female genitalia, the brother testified.

The group spent 10 to 15 minutes viewing the images, and Jackson then cautioned the accuser and his brother "not to tell your parents what we did," the brother said.

The brother said he and his sibling later went to sleep on Jackson's bed while the entertainer and Tyson slept on the floor.

The brother also related another incident in which he saw Jackson, fully clothed, simulating sexual intercourse with a mannequin of a light-skinned black child. He also identified a suitcase where he said Jackson kept pornographic magazines, which he said Jackson showed the boys on at least two occasions.

The brother testified that the first overnight sleepover occurred during his family's second visit to Neverland.

That contradicts testimony by the accuser's sister and the prosecution's opening statement in which the first overnight sleepover was said to have occurred on the family's first visit to Neverland. (Opening statements)

The brother also told jurors that he saw the accuser "acting funny" and drinking some sort of red fluid from a 7-Up can while in Jackson's hotel suite at a Miami resort in February 2003, where the family had been flown by private jet the day before Bashir's documentary aired on ABC.

The brother also said that Jackson had ordered all of the televisions in the suite turned off so that they could not view the documentary, "Living With Michael Jackson."

As Jackson's camp tried to deal with the fallout from the video, the brother testified that he was urged by Jackson associate Dieter Weizner to "always say good things about Michael Jackson."

Weizner also related a threat from Tyson that Tyson knew of "ways that my grandparents could disappear," he testified.

The brother -- who is now 14 and was 12 at the time Jackson is accused of molesting his brother -- also said that some of the positive comments he made about Jackson in a video prepared by the Jackson camp to rebut the Bashir documentary were untrue.

Tape paints warm image of Jackson

The brother was called to the stand shortly after jurors heard an audiotape in which the accuser, his brother, his mother and his sister described Jackson in glowing terms.

The accuser also said that during his chemotherapy treatment for cancer, "Michael would always put a smile on my face" and that "I would love to spend nights with Michael Jackson."

Jackson's accuser was suffering from cancer when they met in 2001. His cancer has since gone into remission.

The nearly 40-minute tape, introduced by the defense during the cross-examination of the accuser's sister, was made for Jackson's attorney by a private investigator on February 16, 2003, about two weeks after the Bashir documentary was first broadcast on British television.

On the tape, family members described repeated incidents of physical abuse at the hands of the father. The mother and father have since divorced.

"I knew Michael was going to protect us," the mother said on the tape.

Jackson attentive

Jackson, 46, dressed in a black jacket without his trademark armband, arrived at court with his brother, Jermaine, his mother, Katherine, and his father, Joseph, who was making his first appearance at the trial.

Jackson appeared very attentive and somewhat agitated during Monday's testimony, at points shaking his head and putting one finger to his face.

The singer at one point stood up during his attorney's questioning of the accuser's sister, prompting Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville to call for a brief comfort break.

During the afternoon session, as the defense and prosecution argued over the admissibility of evidence, the defendant complained to the judge.

"I can't hear you. Please speak up," he said.

Jackson was indicted in April by a state grand jury on 10 felony counts for incidents that allegedly occurred in February and March 2003: Four counts of committing a lewd act on a child; one count of conspiracy to commit child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion; one count of attempting to commit a lewd act on a child; and four counts of administering an intoxicating agent to assist in the commission of a felony.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

CNN's Dree De Clamecy and Miguel Marquez contributed to this report.

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