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Police: Man puts staples and paper clip in McDonald's sandwich

(Court TV) -- When Jose Rodriguez sat down to take a bite of his McDonald's chicken sandwich, he was also hoping to take a financial bite out of the restaurant.

Police in West New York, New Jersey, say the 48-year-old man slashed his mouth with a razor blade and stuffed his sandwich with staples and a paper clip so that he could attempt to sue the fast-food eatery.

According to Capt. Robert Antolos, officers responded to a January 18 call from a local McDonald's about an injured patron. At the scene, a bleeding Rodriguez showed officers his sandwich, which had a row of staples and a paper clip sticking out of it. He was taken to a hospital while police gathered evidence. The investigation soon uncovered Rodriguez's scheme.

Antolos said Rodriguez purchased his meal and then went into the restroom, where he took a bite of the sandwich, spat it into the garbage, and then placed a row of staples and a paper clip in the other part of the sandwich. After rewrapping the sandwich, Rodriguez used a razor blade to slash the inside of his mouth.

He reportedly returned to the restaurant's eating area, pretended to take a bite out of his sandwich, and then screamed that he had been cut.

Police and hospital officials were able to determine that Rodriguez's wounds were not consistent with the incident that he had described.

"He had a slash inside of his mouth instead of puncture wounds," Antolos said.

Rodriguez confessed when he was confronted with the evidence. He was arrested and charged with making a false police report and fabricating evidence. He was released on his personal recognizance.

Robber holds up bank with beer bottle

It took a temper tantrum for bank tellers to take Bobby Tyrone Hill's robbery attempt seriously. His choice of weapon may have been the problem.

When the 45-year-old man walked into a Bank of America in Norcross, Georgia, with a beer bottle and demanded money, the bank tellers did not feel particularly threatened, Gwinnett Police spokesperson Kevin Moloney said.

Hill allegedly became frustrated and began to bang his bottle on the counter repeatedly until it broke. A teller then gave the robber an undisclosed amount of money. When Hill attempted to flee with the money, which he had placed in a bag, he tripped and fell, spilling some of the cash.

The robber's getaway woes continued outside the bank, where he approached two people in a parking lot and asked for the keys to their cars. Both refused. Moloney said Hill then forced a third person out of her pickup truck and fled toward the highway.

Four law-enforcement agencies engaged Hill in a high-speed chase that caused five accidents and sent three drivers to the hospital before he was captured. Hill was arrested and taken to the Gwinnett County Detention Center.

Robbery suspect likes doorknobs

When police in Mequon, Wisconsin, charged Thor Laufer with robbing several construction sites, they got an unexpected confession.

Laufer, 42, told officers that he stole tools and other home furnishings to divert attention from his intended target -- doorknobs.

According to the Milwaukee Sentinel, the burglar admitted to having an obsession with doorknobs and said he stole other items to fool police into thinking they were investigating typical robberies.

Laufer is reportedly responsible for a series of construction site thefts from December 17 to December 21. In addition to several doorknobs, he allegedly stole four custom Tudor posts, a chandelier, a bar sink, tile, and tools. He also broke into a single home and stole 25 doorknobs and handles, the report said.

Most of the stolen items were recovered in a storage locker. Laufer told police that he kept the knobs for his personal collection but sold the other items.

Laufer was charged with six counts of felony burglary. He's being held in the Milwaukee County Jail on $10,000 bond.

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