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Woman arrested for DUI after getting drunk on mouthwash

(Court TV) -- It's very likely that when Carol Ries was arrested for driving under the influence, she smelled better than most drunks.

When the 50-year-old Adrian, Michigan, woman rear-ended another vehicle at a stoplight January 9, an officer at the scene observed that she appeared intoxicated. Although Ries failed a breathalyzer test, she denied consuming any alcoholic drinks, according to Adrian Police Sgt. Mike Shadbolt.

Instead, Ries allegedly told the officer that she had consumed three large glasses of Listerine prior to driving.

The average alcohol content for most commercial beers and malt liquors is between three percent and eight percent. The Listerine mouthwash brand contains between 21.6 percent and 26.9 percent alcohol.

Ries' arresting officer also found an open Listerine bottle in the car, Shadbolt said. Ries was charged with driving under the influence and released on her personal recognizance.

Woman uses sausage in rampage against ex

When Katrina Ackermann showed up at the home of her ex-boyfriend's female friend, she came prepared to do serious damage -- with slabs of salami.

Police in Newton, Massachusetts, say the unidentified ex-boyfriend was visiting a friend January 13 when Ackermann, 21, showed up at about 12:31 a.m. and got into a verbal argument with the duo. Ackermann reportedly struck the man in the face several times and kicked him in the leg with the heel of her shoe. She also threatened to kill the other woman.

Newton Police Sgt. Ken Dangelo said that Ackermann left after her ex's friend called police. The woman told officers that during the altercation she had observed Ackermann standing around her car. When officers investigated the woman's vehicle, they found several slabs of salami on its trunk, as well as peeling paint.

Chemicals used to preserve the meat had damaged the car's paint job, Dangelo said.

Ackermann was arrested 15 minutes later and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for using the heel of her shoe during the fight, malicious destruction of property and threats to commit a crime.

She has a pretrial hearing scheduled for January 21.

Men ask directions from robbery target

After an hour and a half of driving around Poulsbo, Washington, Jared Persitz and Matthew Barela decided that they were lost and stopped at a Chevron service station to get directions.

Police are still not sure why two men failed to recognize that they had stopped at the same gas station they had allegedly attempted to rob earlier in the evening.

According to Poulsbo Police Sgt. Bill Playther, Persitz and Barela, both 22, were visiting from Vancouver and targeted the gas station December 25 when they decided that they needed money. Persitz allegedly walked up to a female clerk with a knife and demanded money. Undaunted by Persitz's threat, another clerk grabbed a nearby phone and started to call police.

Persitz attempted to cut the phone cord, Playther said. But the clerk moved the phone out of his reach. The would-be robber then ransacked the merchandise on the counter and left the store empty-handed. Police were unable to locate the men immediately after the incident because of an inadequate vehicle description.

However, Persitz and Barela returned to the gas station 90 minutes later to ask for directions. Persitz reportedly showed no indication that he recognized the gas station or the clerks, but the clerks remembered him and took down a detailed description of his vehicle for police.

The two men were arrested after a high-speed chase and also admitted to robbing a Blockbuster video store the night before.

Persitz pleaded guilty to two counts of felony robbery and burglary. He will be sentenced January 24.

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