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Quick Guide & Transcript: Allawi chased from shrine, al Qaeda leader killed


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(CNN Student News) -- December 5, 2005

Quick Guide

Allawi Chased From Shrine - Get the details of what Iraq's former prime minister believes was an attempt on his life.

Al Qaeda Leader Killed - Journey to an area of Pakistan where al Qaeda reportedly suffered a significant setback.

Face Transplant - Discover how French doctors were able to perform a partial face transplant.



VIRGINIA CHA, CNN STUDENT NEWS ANCHOR: Hello and welcome to CNN Student News on this Monday, December 5th! I'm Virginia Cha in Atlanta. A rush to escape: How did Iraq's former prime minister react to an incident that he described, as an attempt to assassinate him? al Qaeda reportedly suffers a blow: but what caused the blast, that claimed the life of a terrorist leader? And an implosion gone awry: What's up with a building in South Dakota, that's imitating a structure in Italy?

First Up: Allawi chased from shrine

CHA: Iraq's former prime minister was literally chased away yesterday, from a Shiite Muslim shrine in the holy city of Najaf. Ayad Allawi hopes to be elected to Iraq's parliament on December 15th, in that country's first election since its new constitution was approved. He said Sunday's incident only strengthens his resolve to chase down what he described as "outlaw groups." Nic Robertson was on hand when trouble broke out.


NIC ROBERTSON, CNN REPORTER: On the run, being chased by an angry mob. Not the image former Prime Minister and parliamentary candidate Ayed Allawi would like to have..His trouble began minutes after he arrived at Iraq's holiest shrine in the city of Najaf. Allawi a secular shia was on his way to meet religious leaders..but for reasons not entirely clear, anti-Allawi chanting broke out.. and within 30 seconds he was fleeing...later he was to say to save his life..

ROBERTSON: As Allawi sped away.. gunfire erupted.. his security shooting back in the direction of the crowd...It's just a few minutes now since Mr. Allawi was chased out of that shrine and it looks like is leaving town, driving out of Najaf. As his team stopped to regroup they realized three people had been left behind..Once underway again.. Apache gun ships escorted the convoy.. Politician Safia al Souhail was one of the three left behind. She made it out OK.

SAFIA AL SOUHAIUL, IRAQI NATIONAL ALLIANCE: When we entered the place from the main gate we started to see some faces, some forces who were prepared to assassinate Dr Ayed Allawi.

ROBERTSON: As Allawi's team regrouped in the safety of a U.S. base.. an Iraqi journalist who fears retribution if he is recognized told me he was inside the shrine with Allawi.

EYEWITNESS: I think the army of Mahdi because they were young men...

ROBERTSON: He believes a militia belonging to firebrand cleric Moqtada al Sadar was responsible. After a ride back to Baghdad on U.S. helicopters, Allawi seemed to have made a similar assessment.

AYED ALLAWI, FORMER PRIME MINISTER: About 60 people dressed in black carrying machetes and pistols started chanting against us and it appeared to be an assassination attempt.

ROBERTSON: Allawi's day was meant to be all about building popularity...he casts himself as a secular strongman, able to fix Iraq's security problems. But maintaining that image, in the face of these pictures will take powerful rhetoric. Nic Robertson, CNN, Najaf, Iraq.


Word to the Wise


secular (adj.) relating to the state rather than the church


Saddam Hussein Trial

CHA: In the Iraqi capital, the trial of Saddam Hussein resumes today. An attorney for the former Iraqi dictator plans to bring up the issue of security for Hussein's lawyers. Two defense attorneys in Hussein's trial have been killed. On Sunday, an Iraqi official said that security forces uncovered a plot to attack the site of Saddam's trial in Baghdad. The official said insurgents had planted mortars, or portable cannons, aimed at the trial's location.

Al Qaeda Leader Killed

CHA: Now we'll jump about 1,700 miles east to Pakistan, where officials are searching through the wreckage of a home where an explosion occurred. Why? Because the blast reportedly killed an Egyptian man in his thirties, who U.S. officials say was al Qaeda's number three leader. Elaine Quijano tells us just what Abu Hamza Rabia's role was in the terrorist network.


ELAINE QUIJANO, CNN REPORTER: U.S. intelligence officials are celebrating what they see as a major blow to al Qaeda:...the death of Abu Hamza Rabia ... The head of operations for the terrorist group. His death on Wednesday ... Was confirmed this weekend ... By U.S. and Pakistani officials.

REPORTER: Today there was a report in one of the newspapers about the killing of the head of Al-Qaeda operations, Abu Hamzad Rabia, can you confirm that?


QUIJANO: CNN obtained this photo showing Pakistani tribesmen purportedly holding a piece of a missile pulled from the debris at a possible al Qaeda safe house that was destroyed. CNN has not independently verified the authenticity of the photo but a close-up does show words in English. Yet what is not clear: Exactly how Rabia died.

SHAUKAT SULTAN, PAKISTAN ARMY SPOKESMAN: I said that is the information that I have, probably it was an accidental explosion that resulted in his death.

QUIJANO: Pakistan's information minister says Rabia was killed in an accident...As he worked with explosives at a house in Pakistan's northern Waziristan tribal area. But some media reports suggest instead, the blast was a deliberate strike by a hellfire missile like this one ... Launched from an unmanned CIA predator drone. Former acting CIA director john McLaughlin says Rabia was a major figure within al Qaeda's organization

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, FORMER ACTING CIA DIRECTOR: Hamza Rabia is someone who would be well known to bin Laden, who would be involved in any plotting against the United States or our allies, and very directly involved in recruiting people to carry out those plots, so this guy is a very big fish.

QUIJANO: U.S. intelligence officials are not commenting on possible U.S. involvement. And no comment from the White House, where President Bush Saturday met with top advisers in the oval office before leaving for Camp David. The president did receive his usual briefing, but it's not known whether that included details on Rabia's death. One former analyst says the reports of a missile strike are plausible and quote -- "have the ring of truth to them." Adding, if true, it's likely the strike would have to be authorized by President Bush himself. Elaine Quijano, CNN, The White House.


Is this legit?

AZUZ: Is this legit? Visage is a French word for "face." This one's true! Figure is another way to say the word in French.

Face Transplant

CHA:French doctors say they're thrilled with the success of what's believed to be the world's first face transplant. A team of surgeons took part in the operation on a 38-year-old woman, by attaching the skin and nerves of another person's nose, lips and chin. Paula Hancocks has details on why this surgery was performed; we caution you, this report does contain some graphic images.


PAULA HANCOCKS, CNN REPORTER: This is Isabelle Dinoire, and this is the result of the 15-hour operation that made medical history. Dinoire is the first person to undergo a partial face transplant. The tissue came from a woman declared brain-dead, with the permission of the donor's family. Dinoire's doctors say her first word when she regained consciousness hours after the operation was merci...Thank you.

BERNARD DEVAUCHELLE, TRANSPLANT SURGEON: The results have been absolutely excellent. There were no post-surgical problems

HANCOCKS: Dinoire was mauled by a dog in may... Much of her nose, lips and chin were missing. Doctors say when they saw the extent of the damage to her face... They did not hesitate to carry out the operation. Answering criticisms of carrying out a transplant for a non-life saving operation, the doctors insisted it was an exceptional situation that required an exceptional response. A world first, and a success according to Dinoire's doctors... But the risks for the patient are far from over.

DR IAIN HUTCHISON, LONDON SURGEON: this is an immense danger, the fact that the face transplant may fail, and leave her worse off than she was immediately before it and back to square one

HANCOCKS: The medical dangers are just part of what Dinoire now has to face.

DR JAMES PARTRIDGE, CEO, CHANGING FACES CHARITY: Psychologically too there is an adjustment this woman has to make to having some body else's very central part of their face. I hope she is surrounded by a good support team of psychologists and counselors

HANCOCKS: Last Sunday's operation may not be the last for dinoire. Medical experts say she is likely to need more procedures to minimize the risk of her body rejecting the donor tissue. As well as taking medication for the rest of her life. Paula Hancocks, CNN, London.


Before We Go

CHA: Before we go... Children know the expression, "fall down, go boom." For demolition experts, it's the other way around. But what happens when you have the boom, but nothing falls down? An American version of Italy's leaning tower of Pisa, perhaps? An abandoned feed mill was the tallest tower in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And it refused to cooperate when engineers blasted it. So what comes next? A wrecking ball is a possibility!


CHA: An interesting slant to the art of implosion! For CNN Student News, I'm Virginia Cha. Thanks for watching.

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