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Colleges across U.S. helping displaced students



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(CNN) -- Colleges throughout the United States are accommodating students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The Louisiana Board of Regents listed assistance being offered displaced students by agencies and out-of-state institutions.

The board has posted displaced student information here.external link

  • The Association of College Admissions Counselors is assisting "students who have been displaced and supporting campus admissions directors and their staff who are dealing with influx of students."
  • The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools' Web site --- -- "contains information about SACS institutions offering assistance to students.
  • The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has started a Web site -- -- providing "information regarding the various efforts among the nation's colleges and universities to assist post-secondary students displaced by Hurricane Katrina."
  • Alabama Department of Post secondary Education: State will "award full tuition and fee assistance on a space available basis; provisional enrollments will be processed with financial aid eligibilities assessed on a case-by-case basis."
  • Alabama College System: -- -- "has offered to award full tuition and fee assistance to students enrolled in Louisiana public community, junior or technical colleges that are unable to reopen due to Hurricane Katrina damage."
  • University of West Alabama: "Registration through September 12, dormitory scholarships for first 30 students."
  • University of Arkansas System: Free or lowered tuition.
  • University of Arkansas: Free or lowered tuition.
  • California Post-Secondary Education Commission offers assistance.
  • California State University System exempting students from non-resident fees.
  • Florida Community College System: Waiving "out-of-state fees and tuition and other admission requirements;" providing "help for students who are homeless and living in shelters, college is raising funds to assist."
  • Florida's Valencia Community College "contributing a $10,000 check ... to assist students devastated by storm. They will work to increase the amount later in the semester."
  • Georgia Tech: "Assistance and support will be offered at various levels with regard to financial aid, tuition and accommodations. Have a fund-raising drive to raise $50,000 for hurricane victims."
  • University of Georgia System: "Some institutions waiving admission requirements and deadlines; some institutions deferring tuition and student fees.
  • Georgia's Wesleyan College: "Welcome as many as 100 female transfer students whose accreditation falls within same parameters as its own" and "transfer students for remainder of fall semester at significantly reduced fees. Financial aid officers are available to assist each student."
  • Emory University School of Law said it "will accept 40 students" from two Louisiana universities -- Loyola University New Orleans and Tulane University.
  • Illinois: City Colleges of Chicago "offering to enroll displaced students without cost."
  • Illinois: John Wood Community College "collecting needed supplies, food and water to assist community colleges in the state."
  • Kansas: Fort Hays State University: "If an academic unit wishes to be relocated, the university can offer to house it for up to one year. This offer includes 4 bedroom apartments, residence hall, could take 300 to 400 students and faculty of about 20 with families; classrooms available morning and night; financial arrangements to be worked out."
  • Louisiana: Pennington Biomedical Research. "Housing 100 Entergy employees; organizing space to welcome LSUHSCNO medical students with courses starting on September 19. Trying to help colleagues at LSUHSC who have NIH grants and need to remain competitive for the research enterprise to be maintained in NO for the long term. Made plans to welcome 15 more scientists and their staff."
  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities offering assistance.
  • Missouri: Westminster College Admissions "offers free tuition and place to stay for the fall semester for up to 20 students."
  • North Carolina: University of North Carolina at Pembroke "offers distance education and economic development. They are offering online capability with perhaps instructional delivery to students who might have need of this option."
  • New Hampshire: Franklin Pierce College "will accept 20 students in good standing to attend the fall semester free of charge."
  • Ohio: University of Findlay: "No charge for fall semester for course work either resident or on-line, in several areas for students. Instruction would be for courses in the College of Business, Education, Health Professions, Liberal Arts or Sciences. Registration by September 9th. Have a few spaces in residence hall to live."
  • East Oklahoma State College "will waive tuition and fees for freshman and sophomore students."
  • Eastern Oklahoma State College and University of Central Oklahoma "working on efforts to 'adopt' institutions that were affected by the hurricane."
  • Oklahoma City University: "Registration through September 9; one semester of free tuition valued at $8,500; alumni opening homes to needy students."
  • Oklahoma State System "extending fall enrollment deadlines; waiving late fees; waive non-resident tuition and waive tuition for Oklahomans returning home. Housing available at some institutions; temporary housing available."
  • Pennsylvania State System "will accept PA students who were enrolled in universities in New Orleans, tuition and fees will be waived at all universities."
  • Community College of Rhode Island "offering to enroll displaced students without cost."
  • Tennessee's Roane State Community College "organizing a fund drive and wants to adopt a community college in Louisiana to receive the funds."
  • Tennessee Higher Education System "coordinating processes to accommodate Louisiana students who want to come to school in Tennessee."
  • University of Tennessee at Knoxville "offering assistance to displaced students."
  • Texas' Austin Community College: "12 week semester beginning September 26 and allowing storm victims in-state residency."
  • Houston Community College in Texas "waiving out of district/state fees; will work with students to assist in housing, temp jobs, food and clothing. Develop and provide short-term training and job placement opportunities for those stranded in Houston."
  • Texas A&M: "Accept for one semester up to 1,000 students; provide a temporary home for faculty to continue their research to the extent we can."
  • Del Mar College in Texas: "Register for one-third the cost of normal out-of-state tuition for fall and spring semester. Fall tuition - $564; spring tuition - $748."
  • Howard University in Washington is processing the applications of 51 students from schools along the battered Gulf Coast.
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