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At least 6 die in car bombing near Ramadi

Separate blast kills 2 U.S. troops in Baghdad

U.S. soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment patrol on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq, on Sunday.
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When to hold elections in Iraq has become a polarizing issue.

Leading political factions call for a delay in Iraq's elections.
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Unrest, Conflicts and War

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- A car bomb exploded Monday near the central Iraqi city of Ramadi, killing at least six people and wounding at least eight others, Iraqi health officials said.

The bomb targeted an Iraqi police station in the town of Baghdadi 136 miles (220 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad, said Dr. Abdul al-Jabbar al-Falahi, deputy of the al-Anbar health center.

Among the dead were four Iraqi police officers. Three police officers and three Iraqi national guardsmen were among the wounded.

Iraqi security evacuated the wounded to a hospital.

That bombing came shortly after an improvised bomb killed two U.S. soldiers, who were part of a patrol in northwestern Baghdad, U.S. military officials said. Three soldiers were wounded.

A vehicle accident killed a third U.S. soldier and injured two more Monday about 31 miles (50 kilometers) northwest of Kut.

The deaths bring the number of U.S. service personnel killed to 1,236 since last year's American-led invasion of Iraq.

Eight suspected insurgents were detained Monday near Ad Duluiyah following an attack on a U.S. combat patrol. The eight were found in a house with weapons and bomb-making materials after two suspects fled the scene, military officials said. They were taken to a detention facility for questioning, officials said.

Allawi against election delay

Interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi is not convinced that delaying the scheduled January 30 elections will make them more safe or secure, his spokesman says.

Seventeen secular, religious and regional groups have called for a delay to the elections in which voters are set to choose a 275-seat transitional national assembly.

The groups have said there was insufficient time to prepare, campaign and create a secure environment for balloting.

"He doesn't want to postpone it," said Allawi spokesman Thair al-Nakib on Saturday. (Full story)

Weekend attacks

Monday's violence follows a string of insurgent attacks that killed 11 people over the weekend.

A roadside bomb hit two civilian vehicles Sunday near Samarra about 75 miles (121 kilometers) north of Baghdad, killing five Iraqis, a spokesman for the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division said.

The bombing is under investigation, the spokesman said.

Earlier Sunday, a car bomb exploded near a U.S. military convoy traveling on a highway to Baghdad International Airport, the U.S. military said. The bomb wounded two U.S. soldiers and damaged a military vehicle.

Also Sunday, Iraqi police arrested two men driving a vehicle packed with explosives in the capital's Al-Jadriya neighborhood near Baghdad University, police officials said.

In addition, Iraqi and the U.S.-led multinational forces detained 24 suspected insurgents in northern Iraq on Sunday, a military statement said.

During operations in Tal Afar, soldiers detained 14 people suspected of planning and conducting attacks against the multinational and Iraqi security forces.

South of Mosul, soldiers detained 10 people suspected of harboring and abetting insurgent fighters in several small villages. Troops also confiscated U.S. currency.

In central Baquba on Sunday, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) north of Baghdad, insurgents fired at least four mortar rounds at the Al-Wahda police station, wounding three Iraqis -- including a police officer, police said.

On Saturday, a U.S. soldier, two civilians and three police officers were killed in three separate bomb attacks, authorities said.

CNN's Nermin Mufti, Nic Robertson and Mohammed Tawfeeq contributed to this report.

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