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Voice seems to be al Qaeda leader calling for uprising

Al-Jazeera TV airs audiotape said to be voice of al Qadea No. 2 leader
Ayman al-Zawahiri, No. 2 al Qaeda leader. Arab TV broadcast an audiotape it said was al-Zawahiri talking.
al Qaeda
Ayman al-Zawahiri

(CNN) -- The Arabic language TV news network Al-Jazeera on Friday aired what it claims is a new audiotape from al Qaeda's No. 2 man, Ayman al-Zawahiri. CNN has not authenticated the tape. CNN's Senior Editor for Arab Affairs Octavia Nasr translated the its message.

Voice purporting to be AL-ZAWAHIRI: Defending Palestine is a duty for all Muslims. You should never give up Palestine even if the whole world let it down. In Palestine we don't face the Jews only, but the anti-Muslim world coalition led by America the Crusader and the Zionist. We do know who killed Ahmad Yassin and Rantissi, it wasn't Israel alone that killed them. The U.S., Europe and our (Arab) leaders supported them in their act.

This is the century of the Islamic resistance after the governments have weakened and kneeled down before the invading crusader.

Let's learn a lesson from Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine where the authority has vanished or was removed from power but the resistance remained. The governments in Chechnya and Afghanistan were transformed into resistance leadership.

We shouldn't wait for the American, English, French, Jewish, Hungarian, Polish and South Korean forces to invade Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen and Algeria and then start the resistance after the occupier had already invaded us. We should start now.

The interests of America, Britain, Australia, France, Norway, Poland, South Korea and Japan are everywhere. All of them participated in the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and Chechnya, they also facilitated a raison d'etre for Israel.

We should not wait anymore than we have already or else we will be devoured one country at a time as they have occupied us in the last two centuries. The Islamic world has entered the period of occupation and division. The resistance foiled the crusaders' and Jews' plans and put them in an embarrassing defensive and they're looking for a way out.

If the mujahideen acted like cowards in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Palestine, the enemy would have taken control of those countries. The people of experience and wisdom should gather forces to create a leadership for the resistance to face the crusaders' campaign as the mujahideen had done in Afghanistan and Chechnya against the will of the occupier and the agent government.

Oh young men of Islam, here is our message to you, if we are killed or captured, you should carry on the fight.

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