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Saudis: Two more militants killed

Two U.S. Army officers attacked in Riyadh, one wounded

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A dramatic raid using helicopters ends the 25-hour hostage standoff.
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(CNN) -- Saudi security forces have killed two militants the government said were linked to the deadly weekend attacks in the eastern oil city of Khobar.

The two militants were shot after an overnight standoff in Taif, near Mecca, the Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement Wednesday.

Security forces surrounded the two men in a remote mountainous area in al-Hada, on the Taif-Mecca highway in western Saudi Arabia, and killed them after they threw grenades and shot at the troops, the statement said.

The government did not elaborate how directly the two were involved in Saturday's rampage in Khobar that killed 22 people. Nor did it name the men for security reasons.

Earlier, security sources said the men were not linked to the Khobar attack but that they were important "terrorists."

Saudi forces have embarked on a massive manhunt for three terrorists involved in the weekend shooting attack and hostage-taking spree on the oil workers' compound in Khobar.

The 25-hour rampage began Saturday when gunmen clad in military-style uniforms went on a shooting raid inside two oil compounds of APICORP (Arab Petroleum Investments Corp.). (Full story)

One of the gunmen was killed, but the remaining three were allowed to escape after they claimed they would set off suicide belts and kill the human shields they were holding.

In the capital of Riyadh, two U.S. Army officers came under fire Wednesday after leaving a residential compound and one suffered minor wounds, according to Pentagon officials in Washington, D.C.

A group claiming to be linked to al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement on the Internet.

Most U.S. troops have been withdrawn from Saudi Arabia, but the United States has a small number of liaison and other personnel connected to the U.S. Embassy, Pentagon officials said.

After the Khobar attack over the weekend, the U.S. Embassy urged American citizens to leave the country.

The Khobar attack sent shock waves through oil markets when they resumed trading Tuesday, sending the price of oil shooting up on fears the Saudis would not be able to fulfil their pledge to increase production and bring down oil prices.

On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia's oil minister sought to calm jittery markets, declaring his country's oil infrastructure secure against terrorist attacks. (Saudis try to calm oil fears)

A senior Saudi official said oil facilities such as refineries continued to be under tight security.

Terrorists have not targeted oil facilities but residential areas where oil workers are housed, and extra measures were being taken to protect those compounds.

CNN's Jamie McIntyre and Caroline Faraj contributed to this report

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