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Latest on Iraq hostages

A uniformed man who identified himself as Pfc. Keith Matthew Maupin is shown on a videotape broadcast Friday by Al-Jazeera.

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Officials fear the delayed release of 3 Japanese hostages may mean new demands.

Kidnappings increase; militants show off their hostage to a TV news crew.
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(CNN) -- Here is the latest information CNN has on hostages or those missing in Iraq:

Believed to be held (7):

  • A U.S. soldier. Al-Jazeera broadcast videotape Friday of a man who identified himself as Pfc. Keith Matthew Maupin. He is seated and surrounded by armed men with covered faces. Maupin had been listed by the military as "duty status whereabouts unknown" since an attack April 9 on his convoy west of Baghdad.
  • A Danish citizen who is presumed to be detained, according to a statement from the Royal Denmark Ministry of Foreign Affairs released Friday.
  • Three Italians. One of the original group of four has been executed. The men were believed to have been abducted Monday. The Italian government says they work for private companies; captors claim they are intelligence officers and list several demands to be met for their release.
  • Thomas Hamill of Macon, Mississippi, an American contractor with Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root. Believed to have been abducted April 9 near Baghdad. Deadline to meet demands from hijackers has passed.
  • An Arab from Jerusalem abducted April 7 or 8 along with a Canadian Arab; the latter has been released. The captors, in a videotape that included images of the two men, demanded the release of Sunni and Shiite sheikhs being held by the coalition.
  • Missing/ status unknown (9):

  • One U.S. soldier and 6 civilian contractors of Kellogg, Brown & Root who are "unaccounted for" after an attack on a fuel convoy April 9. Those six KBR employees are in addition to Hamill; their names have not been released.
  • Four bodies were found west of Baghdad on Tuesday. They have not been identified. However, Halliburton and the State Department have contacted the families of the missing contractors about the discovery of the bodies.
  • Two Germans, attacked April 7 while driving from Jordan to Baghdad, are presumed dead.
  • Released (41 to 43):

  • Three Czech journalists who had been reported missing, two since Sunday and one since Monday, but whose abduction had not been confirmed were released Friday.
  • A Canadian Arab abducted April 7 or 8 was released Friday, April 16
  • A Chinese national, whose detention in Iraq had not been reported, was released, Sunni clerics who are mediating with hostage-takers announced Friday April 16.
  • Three Japanese -- a journalist, an aid worker and a health researcher -- abducted April 8 were released Thursday. Two more Japanese were released April 17.
  • Two French journalists working for Capa Television. They were separated Sunday when taping an engagement between U.S. troops and insurgents and were abducted by different groups.
  • Eight employees of a Russian power consortium in Iraq; the five Ukrainian nationals and three Russians were released Tuesday. Another employee was taken Monday but released soon afterward.
  • Seven Chinese hostages kidnapped Sunday in central Iraq while traveling from Jordan to Baghdad.
  • Briton Gary Teeley, who was released Sunday.
  • Seven South Korean missionaries kidnapped April 8 were released hours after their abduction.
  • Eight civilians from Pakistan, the Philippines, India and Turkey; video of their release was shown Sunday on Al-Jazeera; however, no government agencies have confirmed that the civilians were taken hostage.
  • Killed (1)

  • Italian Fabrizio Quattrocchi was killed while being held by kidnappers, authorities in Italy confirmed April 14. Quattrocchi had been working in Iraq as a security guard.

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