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Militant may be planning car bombing, Saudis warn

Interior Ministry offers reward for information

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(CNN) -- Saudi authorities warned Friday that a militant may be planning a car bomb attack in the capital, Riyadh.

In its statement published by the Saudi Press Agency, the Interior Ministry described a vehicle that might be involved in an attack and asked people to be on alert, especially those who live in Riyadh.

The car is believed to be owned by a wanted militant. The Reuters news agency quoted the statement as saying in part, "The Interior Ministry would like to alert citizens and residents especially in Riyadh that it has confirmed information that a car registered in the name of one of those wanted (militants) has been packed with a huge amount of explosives to be used in a criminal act."

The warning said the dark gray 1991 GMC Suburban was last spotted in the east of the Saudi capital.

The statement also said militants often hide "dangerous explosives in residential areas" and promises financial rewards for information about the suspect and his car.

Saudi authorities are waging a campaign against militants who are believed to be behind two car bombings last year in residential complexes in Riyadh that killed more than 40.

The kingdom has blamed Saudi-born Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network and related groups for those attacks.

British Airways canceled a flight from London, England, to Riyadh on Thursday based on U.S. intelligence linking al Qaeda with a flight into the Saudi capital, according to U.S. law enforcement sources. The nature of the threat was not disclosed.

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