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More injuries by Pamplona bulls

From CNN Madrid Bureau Chief Al Goodman

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Spain's annual running of the bulls.

MADRID, Spain (CNN) -- A 44-year-old Spaniard was butted in the rear on the fourth day of the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

He was one of two Spaniards gored by one of the bulls Saturday, according to a Navarra regional government spokesman.

Three others -- including an American -- were injured in the San Fermin bull run, of which every detail is closely followed by Spanish media.

The other Spaniard who made contact with one of the bulls' horns was gored on his foot, on the straight part of the course.

Two other Spaniards were injured, along with Anthony Amante Schepers, 20, of Michigan, who suffered knee and chin injuries after mistakenly running into a corral and falling just before the bulls entered the corral.

Pamplona official pamphlets on how to run with the bulls advise runners who fall down to stay on the ground, curl into a small position, and remain still, because the bulls will instinctively try to step over them.

State television's veteran play-by-play announcer for the running of the bulls, Javier Solano, criticized one of the Spanish runners who was injured Friday, saying he had made a mistake by trying to get up.

A total of 28 runners have been taken to hospital in the first four days of the running, which began on July 7 and concludes on July 14.

The injured included six Americans, an Australian woman, South African, a Portuguese and numerous Spaniards. Most had non-goring injuries.

On Friday, an American from Louisiana was gored in the left knee on Mercaderes Street, which is part of the half-mile, or 800-meter, course from the corrals to Pamplona's bullring.

Another American, from Georgia was gored in the scrotum, in the bullring, in what the government spokesman said was a "slight injury."

More than a dozen runners have been killed since early last century, when record keeping began.

The last run-related death came in 1995, when a 22-year-old American was killed by one of the bulls.

The running of the bulls in Pamplona started 400 years ago and became popular worldwide after Ernest Hemingway wrote about it in the 1920s.

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