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Madrid tape vows 'blood for blood'

The Madrid bombings killed 190 people and wounded more than 1,800.

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Train attack suspects among those killed by blast in Madrid suburb.
Madrid (Spain)
Acts of terror

MADRID, Spain -- A videotape left behind by the terrorist suspects who blew themselves up in a suburban Madrid apartment promises to inflict "blood for blood, destruction for destruction" unless Spain withdraws troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, police have said.

Spanish investigators said the suspects made the tape just before detonating their explosives Saturday in the Madrid suburb of Leganes.

The men were wanted in connection with the March 11 bombings of commuter trains around Madrid, which killed 190 people and wounded 1,800.

"The brigades in al-Andalus have decided they will continue to struggle until the troops are taken out of the Muslim territories immediately," a speaker on the tape says, using the name for Spain before the end of Islamic rule in 1492.

"If you do not do it within a week starting from today, we will continue our jihad."

The blast killed at least four men, including a Tunisian and a Moroccan suspected of being the ringleaders of the Madrid bombings.

Spanish investigators said as many as three others may have been killed in the blast, but their badly mangled remains have not yet been identified. (Full story)

The explosion also killed a Spanish police officer participating in the raid.

According to a transcript of the tape released by police, the suspects warned Spaniards that they "will not be able to enjoy security" because of Spain's support for the U.S.-led war on the al Qaeda terror network and the invasion of Iraq.

"Our innocent die by the thousands in Afghanistan and Iraq," the speaker states. "Is your blood worth more than ours?"

It concludes, "Our jihad is everything because our brothers are being assassinated. Blood for blood, destruction for destruction."

A total of 17 people, including 13 Moroccans, have been jailed and charged in the bombing case.

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