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Spain bombs: Moroccan group named

The bombs exploded on four commuter trains in Madrid.

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Madrid (Spain)
Acts of terror
Great Britain

MADRID, Spain -- Spain's interior minister has named a Moroccan extremist group as the focus of the probe into the Madrid bombings that killed 190 people and wounded more than 1,800 others.

The minister also said that despite British statements to the contrary, at least one of eight people arrested during raids in Britain on Tuesday may have a connection to the March 11 attacks. Police are investigating, he said.

Two more Syrians and a Spaniard were arrested Monday in connection with a dwelling east of the Spanish capital that investigators think may have been the location used to assemble the bombs, Acebes said, bringing to 18 the number of people currently in custody related to the bombings.

Published reports have said numerous fingerprints were found there.

Ten bombs on four trains in three stations exploded nearly simultaneously at rush hour on March 11, killing 190 people and wounding hundreds more.

Acebes said the Moroccan group known as the Moroccan Islamist Combat Group (GICM) is a principal focus of the investigation.

Last week, Moroccan authorities named another Moroccan extremist group, Salafiya Jihadiya, as a focus of the investigation.

Both groups, however, are believed to be at least ideologically linked to al Qaeda. The GICM is on the U.S. State Department's list of terrorist organizations.

Of the 14 suspects charged in the case to date, 10 are Moroccans, including a woman. A Syrian man, a Spanish man and two men born in India also have been charged.

The Syrian, identified by witnesses who said they saw him near the trains on the morning of the attacks, has been charged with 190 counts of murder; 1,430 counts of attempted murder; four counts of terrorist damage to the trains; and one count of belonging to a terrorist group.

Basel Ghayoun told the judge he was innocent of the charges.

Five more people were arrested and arraigned but not charged, including one man who was returned to jail where he was already serving a 4-year term for robbery and assault in a separate case.

Acebes said Spanish police have been working with their counterparts from Morocco, Britain and Germany in the investigation.

CNN Madrid Bureau Chief Al Goodman contributed to this report.

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