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Non-nationals: Hundreds dead, thousands missing

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(CNN) -- At least 390 non-nationals are confirmed to have been killed in the tsunamis of December 26, and thousands more are missing. Thai officials, however, say at least 1,300 of their 5,300 dead are non-nationals.

Following is a breakdown from official sources in the citizens' countries, unless otherwise noted.

Australia: 13 dead; the government says it has "grave concerns" about 46 others; another 303 Australians are unaccounted for

Austria: 6 dead, nearly 500 missing

Belgium: 6 dead

Canada: 4 dead, 13 missing and another 74 unaccounted for

China: 15 dead (10 from Hong Kong; 3 from the mainland and 2 non-Chinese residents of Hong Kong), 29 missing, according to Chinese state media

Czech Republic: 1 dead, 7 missing

Denmark: 7 dead

Finland: 5 dead, 214 missing

France: 22 dead, 74 missing

Germany: 60 dead, 668 missing

Israel: 5 dead, 5 missing

Italy: 20 dead, 310 missing

Japan: 8 dead

Netherlands: 6 dead, 30 missing

New Zealand: 2 dead, 64 missing

Norway: 16 dead, 88 missing; Another 820 Norwegians are listed as "unknown" -- these are people who were traveling in southern Asia last weekend and the government has been unable to contact

Singapore: 8 dead, 16 missing, 15 "uncontactable"

South Africa: 11 dead, 4 missing

South Korea: 11 dead

Sweden: 52 dead, 637 missing, 1,201 unaccounted for

Switzerland: 23 dead

Taiwan: 3 dead, 45 missing

United Kingdom: 51 dead, 359 missing and feared dead, 624 other Britons unaccounted for

United States: 18 dead, 16 presumed dead (456 inquiries remain)

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