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E-mail appeals: Tanzania

(CNN) -- We received thousands of e-mails in the days after December's tsunamis from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the disaster.

Bautista, Christopher
I'm looking for my cousin, Christopher P. Bautista, a Filipino working as a social worker in Masassi, Tanzania. He hasn't written if he's safe. Thank you.
Update: Christopher Bautista called from Masassi, Tanzania, to inform us he is well. Thank you very much.

Cranfield, Gordon, Elaine and Rebecca
I'm looking for my parents and sister. Gordon, Elaine and Rebecca Cranfield. My father works in Tanzania. Last I heard they were going to show my sister around and go on safari. Haven't been able to contact them. Any information on their safety would be greatly appreciated.
Update: Gordon, Elaine and Rebecca Cranfield have been in touch. Everyone is safe and sound, thank you for all your help.

Evans, Sean
Trying to get in touch with Sean Evans, an American with the Peace Corps who teaches at Mkonge Secondary School, Tanzania.

Gordon, Matt and Jaime
My daughter and son-in-law are on safari in Tanzania but traveling all over the country. Names: Matt and Jaime Gordon. There are with in-laws Jim and Joanne Gordon of Hudson, Ohio. Jaime is from Mantua, Ohio. DOB: 2/12/77. Blond hair, blue eyes, 5'6", 123 pounds. Matt has brown hair and eyes. DOB: 5/22/77. 6'4". Both have newly issued passports. They arrived in Tanzania on December 20, possibly on KLM airlines (flew in from Amsterdam). Arrival date in Cleveland, Ohio, is January 5.

Kananen, Marvin
Information on my friend, Marvin Kananen, who went to the coast for Christmas. He is home at the Maasi Lutheran Girls School in Monduli/Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa.

Moats, Dara
Has anyone heard from or seen Dara Moats, a Canadian on holiday in Tanzania and Zanzibar for Christmas? Update: Dara is safe and well. I heard from her yesterday. For anyone looking for loved ones who may have been on Zanzibar Island I understand from Dara that they did not see, hear or feel a thing. She and her travel group were on the northwest region of the island.

Morgan, Lawrence
Would like to receive news of my father, Lawrence Morgan, ... in Dar es Salaam. Not been able to get any e-mail reply since Sunday. Update: Lawrence Morgan and family are OK. Just received news that the children, 5 and 6, were at Jangwani on Christmas with their nanny, less than 24 hours before the tsunami hit the same beach and killed five teens. Their home, located 100 miles from the shore, sustained very little damage. Thank you very much for this wonderful service.

O'Neill, James Brendan
Has anyone heard from James Brendan O'Neill, known as Brendan, staying in Malindi, Kenya, with the Cellini family and guests? Possibly on island of Lamu or in Tanzania?
Update: We have since heard from him. Thank you for your good work

Rustemi, Brikena
I am trying to reach my sister who works in Tanzania. Her name is Brikena Rustemi. She is a British citizen. The last time I talked to her was on Monday, December 20. She said that she is going to be in Zanzibar on Thursday, December 23, for Christmas. We have not heard from her since then. She is 170 cm (5'5") tall, white skin, brown eyes and dark hair. I saw the news [that] there are 10 people dead from Tanzania. Could you please keep me posted? Thank you.

Rweyemamu family
Philbert Rweyemamu and family went to Tanzania for Christmas.

Sullivan, Judy
My neighbor's sister is Judy Sullivan, who was vacationing with her husband and two children in Tanzania. On Christmas Day, they headed for an island off the coast of Tanzania to escape the heat. Because this is a remote island, any info is appreciated. Thank you, and God bless you. Betsy Balega, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Update: This is a thank you. Good news. My friend's sister and family were in Tanzania, and went out to sea to escape the heat. Things were not looking positive, but I never give up hope. I lit a seven-day candle to St. Theresa, the Little Flower and many prayers and CNN shows later, I just found out that they are safe and sound, having been out to sea, outside the area where the tsunami hit. Thank God for miracles, large and small. Thank you for all you do. Keep up the good work.

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