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E-mail appeals: Seychelles

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(CNN) -- We received thousands of e-mails in the days after December's tsunamis from people seeking news of friends and relatives in areas affected by the disaster.

The e-mails are alphabetized by the missing person's last name.

Abera, Halen Alemu
Trying to confirm that Halen Alemu Abera and her family on Mahe Island, Victoria, Seychelles, are safe. Please tell Halen that any news would be greatly appreciated! Richard -- Houston, Texas.

Adrienne, Terry
I'd like to know if my dear friend, Terry Adrienne, and his family living in Mahe, Seychelles, are OK? Thank you.

Arneng, Karin; Riddermark, Hans
I would like to know if my friends are OK. Karin Arneng, Hans Riddermark and their children, Julia, 15, and August, 11. They are on vacation on the Seychelles.

Ballance family
Wanting to hear news of Desmond Ballance and family in Seychelles.

Barker, Monique
Mrs. Monique Barker, are you all OK? Waiting to hear from you. Hilda.

Benson, Leif; Cristina Johns
Cristina Johns was traveling with my brother, Leif Benson. Both are from Carrolton, Texas. We have not heard from either of them since December 25 at approximately 10:00 p.m. ET. Cristina is Malaysian. Leif is American. They are traveling together. Please contact with any information.

Brain, Dr. Archie
Please, I want to know if Dr. Archie Brain, who lives in Seychelles, is all right. Thank you for any information. Cristina Molina.

Arneng, Karin; Hans Riddermark and their children
I would like to know if my friends are OK. Karin Arneng, Hans Riddermark and their children, Julia, 15, and August, 11. They are on vacation in the Seychelles.

Both, Sabrina
I would like to know the situation of my friend, Sabrina Both, (mother: Monette Both) who lives on Praslin in the Marie-Jeanne-Estate and works at the Hotel Berjaya. I have no telephone number and I want to check if she is all right after the tsunami hit the island. Thanks you for any information that you can give me.

Butler-Hopkins, Scott
My brother, Scott, was on holiday there with his wife, who is from the Seychelles. I managed to contact my sister-in-law's mom. She said they were OK but on an island trying to get back. Scott, 42, is from England [and] has three kids: 10, 5 and 8 months. Not sure how their condition is. His name is Scott Butler-Hopkins. May just use the name Butler. I have not heard anyone report on the Seychelles, and we have only found a little information on the Internet. If we could perhaps find out how he and his family are, that would be lovely. Thank you.
My brother is fine. I am thankful for all who prayed for him. Our prayers are with all those who are still looking. May God bless each and every person. Also all those helping and the many people who are giving.

Davison family
Looking for the George Davison family who live on Seychelles.

Delorie, Shirley
I'd like to know if my pen pal, Shirley Delorie of Macabee, Mahe, Seychelles, is OK. Thank you.

Essiful-Johnson, Rebecca Y.
I am trying to find out if my friend Dr. Rebecca Y. Essiful-Johnson is alright. She is a German national of African descent.

Fournier, Reni and Claude
Please, help me and my family to find out if my aunt, Reni Fournier, and her husband, Claude Fournier, are OK. They went on vacation in the Seychelles and we haven't heard from them.

Garrett, Alfred
I am looking for a friend that was visiting the Seychelles for Christmas with his girlfriend who is from there. My friend's name is Alfred Dean Garrett and he is from Folly Beach, South Carolina. His girlfriend's name is Olivia, last name unknown. Any information appreciated.

Glazer, Joe
Looking for Joe Glazer, possibly living in Seychelles when tsunamis hit. Any information confirming Joe's safety would be appreciated.
Update: Joe Glazer confirmed alive and safe.

Hodgman, Christopher and Joanna
Anyone knowing the status or whereabouts of Dr Christopher Hodgman and Mrs Joanna Hodgman of Rochester New York (73 and 72 respectively)? The Hodgmans were in the Seychelles and not due to return home to the states until Jan 20. Please contact me asap -- many thanks.

Hogendoorn, Cathy; Gerry Stephenson
Trying to locate my friends Cathy Hogendoorn and Gerry Stephenson. They are vacationing in Seychelles, and I believe they were on a live-aboard sailboat. Any information is appreciated.

Hoareau family
I want to know if any of my family members have been hurt in the floods. There are too many names to write down but the last name is Hoareau, they all live in the Seychelles and any information would be appreciated.

Katz, Lisa; Allan Turner
My sister, Lisa Katz, and her friend Allan Turner were vacationing in the Seychelles. They arrived on Sunday, December 26, from South Africa, and we have not heard from them.
Update: Lisa Katz and Allan Turner. I am happy to report that we have heard from my sister and her friend and that they are safe.

McPhetres, Samuel
Samuel McPhetres, author of books on the Marshall islands, [who lives] on the island of Saipan.

Medor family
I am writing in regards to my family's whereabouts. They reside in Mahe Island, Victoria/ Mauritius/ Seychelles and I would like to know if my family is all right. Their names are Faustin Philoe, George, Angeline, Agnus, Emmanuel, Selwyn, or any other Medor family members that can contact me by e-mail. My name is Georgette Medor and I am the daughter of Virginie Medor of Mahe Island, Victoria, Seychelles. I hope that somebody can help me find them. Thank you.

Morel, Christienne and Peter
We are not sure if they are missing. My fiancee is from the Seychelles. She has not been able to see her mother and brother in 24 years. Maybe you might be able to help us locate them and let us know they are OK. Her name is Christienne Morel; her brother's name is Peter Morel. They were last known to live on the island of Mahe in the Seychelles. We are both very concerned. Could you please help? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

Moulinie, Marie-Luce and Monique
I am seeking information about a former schoolmate and friend, Marie-Luce Moulinie and her sister Monique. We attended St. Mary's in Folkestone, England, together. Thank you.

Naiken, Henry
Looking for any information on my friend Dr. Henry Naiken. I have been unable to reach him. Thank you in advance, and God bless and comfort those with a loss and those still searching.
Update: Thank you to all for your kind thoughts and prayers. I received a message from my friend yesterday and he is alive and well.

PedersÚn family
Does anyone have any information about family PedersÚn, Karin, Marc 14 yrs, and Valerie, 17 yrs, from Sweden? They were in the Seychelles on vacation with their father, Thierry Schoendal.

Pritchard, Sandra
I'm hoping that anyone with any information about my sister, Sandra Pritchard, a resident of Seychelles, and my other relatives with the last name Arnephy will please contact me. Thank you, and God bless to the people who lost their loved ones.

Roucou, Stella
Looking for Stella Roucou and her two children, Kelsey and Kayla.

Zarl, Christine
I am looking for any information regarding Christine Zarl and/or her family. Her sister's name is Maria. The family is from Vienna, Austria, and arrived on holiday around December 26. Christine is 29 years old, brunette, with a slim build. Her sister is blond with a medium build.

Zimmerman, Jamie
I am looking for Jamie Zimmerman and her two children, Zoe and Charlotte Chazen. Please.

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