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Child staves off stalking dingo

A file picture of an Australian dingo baring its teeth.

QUEENSLAND, Australia -- A mother holidaying with her family on Fraser Island off the Queensland coast has described how her five-year-old daughter held off a wild dingo after the dog entered their hotel room.

Belinda Corke told national broadcaster ABC her daughter Georgia was alone in the room with her three-month-old sister on Wednesday when the dingo came in through patio doors which were slightly ajar.

Georgia is believed to have stood between the dingo and her sister, before calling out to her parents, who were in an adjoining room.

"I heard my five-year-old daughter starting to scream when I was in the bathroom. At first I thought she was just messing around so I didn't immediately run out, and then my husband sort of heard her shouting 'dingo! dingo'!" Corke told the ABC News Online Web site.

The parents chased the dingo away. They are allowed to roam freely throughout much of the island.

"We had our three-month-old baby lying on the bed and Georgia was standing in front of her very bravely. The dingo was about two foot away from the baby," Corke told ABC.

"It stood its ground, too. My husband had to really stamp his feet and run at it and shoo shoo and clap his hands to get it out of the room."

The mother said she was very shaken: "If it had of just grabbed the baby and yanked it off the bed, it wouldn't have been very nice."

The scare follows a more sinister encounter three years ago, when a nine-year-old boy was mauled to death on the island by a pack of dingoes.

The ABC has reported that the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services will put the dingo down if it is found.

Fraser Island is Australia's last bastion for pure-bred dingoes, a wolf-like wild dog that migrated from Southeast Asia millions of years ago.

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