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Snowstorm skirts Northeast

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NEW YORK (CNN) -- A snowstorm passed over the Northeast on Wednesday morning, but most of the precipitation fell offshore, according to the National Weather Service.

"The easternmost parts of Long Island received 2 to 4 inches overnight, and New London received up to an inch on the far eastern tip of Connecticut, but other than a flurry of snow here or there, most inland areas avoided snowfall," said Nelson Vaz of the National Weather Service.

Initial forecasts Tuesday afternoon predicted 4 to 6 inches of snow scattered around the Northeast.

"We ended up just getting a glancing blow from the storm," Vaz said.

"There was a thin line between having 6 inches of snowfall from this storm and virtually no snow," he said. "If the storm had been just 50 miles farther north, it could have meant significantly more snow in New York City and Connecticut."

The snowfall is expected to stop sometime Wednesday morning.

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