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Notes from the North

From the "Wolf Blitzer Reports" staff

Air Force One
Air Force One is framed through Canadian and American flags as it is de-iced as it prepares to leave Ottawa, Canada, Wednesday.
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CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviews Canadian Parliament member Carolyn Parrish and CNN's own Tucker Carlson on U.S.-Canada relations (December 2)
Wolf Blitzer Reports
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Tucker Carlson

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- We've been inundated with e-mail from viewers about Tuesday's debate on U.S.-Canadian relations. CNN's "Crossfire" co-host Tucker Carlson squared off against outspoken Canadian Member of Parliament Carolyn Parrish -- and the sparks flew.

Carlson: "Canada needs the United States for trade and a lot of reasons. Without the U.S., Canada is Honduras, but colder and much less interesting. I think that makes -- the dependency makes Canadians understandably resentful."

Parrish: "Oh, oh, oh Tucker, you're way out to lunch on this one, my friend."

A lot of our Canadian viewers agreed.

John from Wasaga Beach, Ontario, wrote:

"The USA doesn't need Canada? Tell that to the many Americans who buy prescription drugs here. Wait until you need cheap, clean fresh water. But like oil, I suppose Tucker would just march the army in to take it."

Adrienne from Toronto wrote:

"It is this same egocentric attitude displayed by Tucker that only serves to further anti-American sentiment not only in Canada but all over the world."

Aaron from Ottawa observed:

"Mr. Carlson unfortunately personified the stereotype Canadians have of Americans by being self-important and arrogant."

Speaking of stereotypes, this one struck a nerve.

Tucker: "You know that's true, Carolyn. There's a lot of dog sledding."

Parrish: "No, there's not a lot of dog sledding. There's a lot of dog walking, my friend. Not dog sledding."

S.C. from Moncton, New Brunswick, noted:

"I've lived here all my life and never seen a dog sled. Shows how limited his knowledge is of life outside the U.S."

The face-off was also a hot topic for Canadian newspapers with articles in the National Post and the Toronto Sun, among others.

The Sun, noting Parrish's previously outspoken anti-Bush sentiments and her reputation for shooting from the lip, ran this headline:

"Lip Glosses Over Insults -- Parrish a Pussycat on CNN Creampuff Fest."

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