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Heartache for slain hostage

From the "Wolf Blitzer Reports" staff

The Hensley family's 1993 Christmas photograph, provided by Jack Hensley's brother, Ty.
Wolf Blitzer Reports

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Wednesday would have been Jack Hensley's 49th birthday. But at his home outside Atlanta, it was a day of grief.

U.S. officials confirmed that a headless body found by Iraqi police was that of Hensley.

He is the second of the three men kidnapped from a home office in Baghdad last week to be beheaded.

Hensley's brother Ty says he was a role model.

"Jack Hensley was a volunteer in a rescue squad. He was my T-ball coach. He put my toys together at Christmas. He was the most incredible father to his 13-year-old daughter, softball coach to her," Ty Hensley says.

He also says it was his brother's love for his family that made him decide to go to work in Iraq.

"He went over so he didn't have to work three jobs in the United States. He wanted to help his family."

Jack Hensley earned good money in Iraq.

But a steady stream of reports that Westerners were being kidnapped and murdered there worried his wife Pati.

"Pati wanted him home," says Ty. "Her nerves couldn't take it anymore."

Friends have set up a fund to help pay for daughter Sara's education.

Ty Hensley says his family's pain will last for generations. He has this message for the terrorists that killed his brother:

"These horrible people have made a tremendous mistake. They had the wrong person. Jack Hensley was a father -- a good father -- he was an incredible husband to his wife Pati. I want these people to know that something like this just hurts the family, individuals. That's where the pain is felt."

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