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Is Miller a Zell-out?

From "Wolf Blitzer Reports" staff

Wolf Blitzer Reports

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Democrats want to know what made Georgia Sen. Zell Miller flip?

In 1992, Miller gave the keynote address at the Democratic convention in Madison Square Garden, bashing a president named Bush.

"Americans have seen plants closed down, jobs shipped overseas, and our hopes fade away as our economic condition collapses, and George Bush does not get it," Miller said in 1992.

Twelve years later, Miller gives another keynote address at Madison Square Garden, but this time it's at the Republican convention, and this time Miller is praising a president named Bush.

While Miller may have blasted George Bush the father, he's a strong supporter of George Bush the son.

"I want a man that will take the fight to the terrorists and fight it out on the other side of the world, not wait until they attack us here at home again," Miller says.

Back in Miller's home state this past weekend, angry Democrats held a protest outside his Atlanta office. They accuse him of being a turncoat, but Miller says it's the Democratic Party that's changed.

"The Democratic Party today has gone further and further to the left. It's left me, it's left moderates and it's left a lot of people who want to support a strong commander in chief," Miller says.

Miller follows a long line of conservative Democrats who used to dominate Georgia politics, including the late Sen. Herman Talmadge of Senate Watergate Committee fame and, more recently, former Sen. Sam Nunn.

But nowadays, Georgia conservatives are more likely to call themselves Republicans, and Miller may be the last of his line.

He'll retire from the Senate next year, and although he remains a Democrat, he has not endorsed the Democratic candidate to fill his seat, an African-American Congresswoman named Denise Majette.

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