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Travel talk: have your say

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Travel always provides a wealth of experiences. Have you ever had an interesting, crazy, amazing or bizarre incident whilst overseas on business? We want to hear about what you've been upto. Have your say with CNN.

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I recently arrived in New York on business and was greeted by very rude US Customs officials. I was then forced to have my picture taken along with fingerprints. The whole process took about an hour. I understand why this must be done. What I do not understand is why this process is not done prior to boarding in order to prevent an attack? I am sorry but this just seems like a false sense of security. Pedro Santos, Lisbon, Portugal

CNN has written that: "In November 2003, Istanbul was hit by a number of suicide bombs. Visitors should check with their consulate for up-to-the-minute travel advice" in an Istanbul overview. I think you have to write the something about Madrid and New York too. Because in Madrid lots of people died in bombs.In New York also during September 11. I want to know why you did this to Turkey? Why don't you write same kind of words about Spain? What's the difference between Spain and Turkey, Istanbul and Madrid? Please let me know. Esra Aksuyek, Istanbul, Turkey

You should be allowed to send and receive text messages from your phone while in- flight. This allows you to stay in contact with work and home. But actual phone calls should only be permitted in cases of emergency, due to the annoying nature of the ring and of loud callers' voices. Liza O'Connor, County Clare, Ireland

The airlines are lacking in customer service, which is another reason they are in such trouble. No other industry -- certainly not mine -- would ever survive with such an attitude. Joel Brazy, Exton, Pennsylvania

Cell phone use in-flight is no different than having to listen to "talk radio" for hours. If cell phones are allowed in-flight, calls should be limited to five minutes. Cindy, Troy, Illinois

When dressing for business do not forget that the darker the color the higher the authority, so women should void pastels. They are causing you to look pale, passive and powerless. Oxford blue shirts are pastels, so keep the jacket on with this shirt, so you do not look anaemic. White and lemon yellow do not behave as pastels and give good contrast with the skin.

As an image consultant who has worked in Washington DC, San Francisco, London, and Brussels I have seen that there is a business look that goes everywhere. For men: a navy blue suit with a white shirt (formal) or Oxford blue and a red or burgundy tie with stripes or small repeating patterns. For women: a fashionable navy blue suit (not a copy of a man's suit, please), or black skirt with a high-fashion jacket in black, deep red, cobalt blue or racing green. Sandy Dumont, Norfolk, Virginia

Mobile phone usage should continue to be banned from flights. You are in tight quarters and most have no idea how to speak quietly into their phone. I cannot imagine that usage would cause anything more than unrest with passengers. Georgette Wait, Wilmington, North Carolina

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