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Travel talk: have your say

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Travel always provides a wealth of experiences. Have you ever had an interesting, crazy, amazing or bizarre incident whilst overseas on business? We want to hear about what you've been upto. Have your say with CNN.

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I was traveling to UK transiting through Cairo. I got a rude awakening when the Immigration officer asked all the black people to submit their passports. I refused and I informed him that my passport was the property of the Government of Uganda. We get to London Heathrow and people's passports were not returned. I spoke to an Immigration officer at Heathrow and demanded to know why passports had not been returned. She was surprised but we managed along the way. This reminds me of one of the worst embassies that we have in Uganda where you are supposed to have enough social ties even at the age of 15. Julie Bageya, Kampala, Uganda

Many people claim they are treated unfairly as visitors to the U.S., but as a visitor to European countries such as Spain, and Ireland I was treated terribly because I was an American. Although I still loved the experience, it was a relief to be back on American soil when I returned. Jessica, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

After flying direct from Toronto to New Dehli on Air Canada I spilled hot tea all over myself. When I asked for a towel I was handed two small wet wipes. On arrival in New Delhi our luggage was left behind in Toronto and we were told it would arrive the next day. The pain of getting back into the airport -- India does not allow people without airline tickets into the airport unless you are flying that day into the airport -- was a lot of hassle. Daljit S., Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Santiago is far the best city compared with other South American capitals. It is the safest. There is less corruption than in any other country. The government and the people are serious. There are clear and stable rules and the economy is one of the most agreeable in Latin America with very good hotels. Nicolas, New Jersey

Shopping overseas has become boring as the same stores extend around the world. I've shopped at Toys R Us in Tokyo, The Disney Store in London UK, and The Gap pretty much everywhere I've been in both Europe and Japan. In general they are all the same. To find a true souvenir -- no plastic trinkets -- and something special takes some work and searching, often in the basements of department stores or down some quieter streets just off the tourist streets. I always try to find gifts that cannot be bought at home and are useful or for ornaments that are truly distinctive of the location it was bought. Dawn, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Anyone who has ever taken the first morning flight out of New York can attest to the cacophony of mobile phones ringing incessantly all the way to Boston!! We should not kid ourselves that this "liberty" would not be equally abused on planes. Unless they put on quiet flights like they do quiet cars on the train - that might work. N.A.K, Rochester, New York

I fly internationally for business all year long. I cannot stand the thought of enduring half of someone's mindless mobile phone conversation in a place where I cannot escape! Steve, Seattle, Washington

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