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Travel talk: have your say

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Travel always provides a wealth of experiences. Have you ever had an interesting, crazy, amazing or bizarre incident whilst overseas on business? We want to hear about what you've been upto. Have your say with CNN.

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I can remember taking my family so see Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and finding it all covered up for restoration. It was disappointing to say the least, especially to my young daughter who was really looking forward to seeing the cathedral. Teresa Bigott, Caracas, Venezuela

I just got back from a trip to the U.S. and I could not believe the incredible rudeness we found at Customs. Immigration was fine but the Customs and security people are the worst I have seen anywhere. No wonder I hear so many Australians say they will not visit the U.S. again. Lee Day, Geelong, Australia

I am a mobile phone user. I use it in the car, in the grocery store and in the airport terminal. The thought of being a captive audience for someone blabbing to their loved ones on the phone or not being able to get away from a story of someone's liposuction conversation -- I say no to cell phones on airplanes. Laura Preshong, Boston, Massachusetts

Only the ill prepared traveler will undergo that kind of surprise of finding a tourist spot closed when they arrive. Most top tourist attraction announce well in advance when, why and for how long they will be closed. So do not complain about the closure. Ask yourself why you do not inform yourself about your travel destination. Ran, a tourguide, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Please, NO in-flight cell phones! Working, reading, or just relaxing during long flights will become impossible. Do you want to see air rage? Wait until a passenger after a couple of alcoholic drinks gets fed up with the passenger in the next seat droning on. If anyone is so important to their organization that they cannot be away from a cell phone for the length of a flight, I believe they are far too important to be on that flight in the first place. H. R. Chafin, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Phone usage on airplanes is just the first step. It will quickly be followed by e-mail and other laptop applications. Airlines would do well to consider the premium that a business traveller would pay to have a mobile office. Robert Beeson, Peoria, Arizona

At some point we will have to sit next to obnoxious and annoying peoples on an airplane. At least talking on a mobile phone would allow us to escape such an environment. As long as phones do not interfere with the air traffic controls or the needs of pilots and flight attendants, then let them ring! It was mobile phones that gave us an inside look on the planes on Sept 11, 2001. We all have the right to carry mobile phones as long as our liberties do not infringe upon the liberties of others. Marcus K. R., London, Ontario Canada

I have no problem with mobile phone use on an airplane as long as the user purchases a license during the flight. You pay extra for a better seat or a better meal. Now you can pay extra for the cost of installation and maintenance of the mobile phone relays on the plane. Paul Chirlin, Cincinnati, Ohio

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