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Travel talk: have your say

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Travel always provides a wealth of experiences. Have you ever had an interesting, crazy, amazing or bizarre incident whilst overseas on business? We want to hear about what you've been upto. Have your say with CNN.

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People with kids need to realize that their little darlings are not other peoples, and that other travelers should not be treated as extensions of the family group. We are separate from your group, so please keep the kids under control. Paul Culp, Oxford, United Kingdom

The long wait going through customs and immigration checks, especially in the United States -- before and after Sept. 9/11 -- is the worst thing about business travel. Herbert Stolpmann, Auckland, New Zealand

I agree with the comments on CNN's website about U.S. airport security, customs and immigration. LAX has to be the worst airport in the world -- for the rudeness of the staff, and if you are not a U.S. passport holder, the length of the queues, and generally pathetic facilities. I will do anything now to avoid transiting through LAX. Kerrie, Sydney, Australia

I bought a Star Alliance Round the World ticket. I spent a couple of days just making phone calls for changing reservations, but the sales agents ignored my booking and hung up the phone in the middle. Air Canada forced me to pay a charge of $100 for the change in routing. I paid about $3500 for this ticket and used just one third. But they never paid a refund and there is no compensation. I was materially and mentally damaged by such awful business. Miki, Osaka, Japan

I think the metrosexual trend is no more on the rise than it ever was. Some men like good hygiene and keep themselves as highly maintained as women. I believe the metrosexual term has to go. Let us come up with a term that does not have something to do with sex, or sounds like it might mean you are gay. How about "groomadude", or "pedi-curious Pete." Ok, those are pretty bad, but I am not a phrasemaker. Jeff Schlags, Santa Clara, California

I am a metrosexual traveler and yes we travel a lot. We like to see the world. Ronny Benjamin, Marlton, U.S.

Metro, retro, hetero, homo. What does sexuality have to do with travel? As for classifying a new male gender that is not attached to sex, how technosexual! Greg Burseau, Maui, Hawaii

Metrosexual travel behavior is not on the rise. The recently coined term and media attention is however. There have always been straight men with style, so the trend is the discussion. Isaac, San Francisco, California

As a business traveler I have flown on many international airlines. I recently had the pleasure of flying with Air Canada for the very first time. I arrived late for my United Airlines flight from London to New York and was told that the next flight would be the following day. That was not an option as I had a very important appointment early the next day. It was suggested that I fly to New York via Toronto on Air Canada as that was the last North American flight out.

I accepted and was very pleased that I had done so. The ground staff were very friendly and the cabin staff extremely professional. The food was superb along with the in flight movie. Transfer in Toronto was effortless. I found the U.S. immigration in Canada better than in New York. Arrived on time and only two hours later than my original UA flight. Overall Air Canada gets five BIG stars! Mario Cleary, New York

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